ContestsName the Dress Contest #32!

When: This new unnamed and adorable dress needs to be named to be put online tomorrow evening!! (see above picture for this weeks’ dress)!

What: Monday through Tuesday by 5:00 PM PST enter your idea for a name for the dress presented! The winner will be announced tomorrow evening when the product goes up online!! 

Where: Enter to win (as many times as you’d like!!) on our blog by leaving a comment with your name idea below.

PrizeYour name on a dress on and a $50 Gift Card!!!

MusicMonday Music Must: The Black Keys


Need some inspiring tunes for your Monday?

Well, thanks to my sister who sent me these this morning, I’ve got some of The Black Keys to wake you up and put you back on your game. 

First is the hilarious “Next Girl” video featuring a singing dinosaur and an insanely catchy song.

Have fun with this one….

Then we have the heart breaking tale of young love in “Tighten Up”. Don’t worry though, love conquers all, no matter how old you are.

 I hope this cheers up your Monday morning blues as much as it did mine. Have a great week!

MusicFriday Funday Music Videos: “Don’t Look Back” by She & Him

I thought I’d share two fun music videos for your Friday! Here is a new release and an old favorite so watch, listen, dance, laugh, and most of all enjoy your weekend!

The collaboration of M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel in their new She & Him music video “Don’t Look Back” is at once cookie cutter cutesy and hipster funky at the same time. This duo bee-bops around the video as if the 60’s never happened and it’s still a sci-fi fantasy that they’re hoping to live through.  

 Directed by Jeremy Konner and choreographed by Sophie Olson the “Don’t Look Back” video reminds me, in a great kind of way, of Feist’s music video “1 2 3 4″ from 2007.

 So here is for fun Fridays and great weekends!

GeneralLaurie’s Loves: Little Black Dress Valentine


Next week Stephanie is going to be doing a series of some pretty spectacular Valentine’s Day blogs, but this Friday I wanted to present you with a little preview of one of my very favorite romantic looks. While I love red and pink as much as the next girly-girl, I also have a soft spot for the timeless Little Black Dress

Available in myriad styles, the LBD can be sensual, sassy, simple, sexy, or stylish — or any combination of those! There is a style out there for every girl and every occasion, and it’s the perfect backdrop for colorful accessories. If you’re wanting to get some romance in there, throw on some scarlet lipstick or purple nail polish, or tuck a red rose into your hair. Orrrr, you can try one of my favorite romantic combos:  
black and gold.

When I was browsing around through some of our new products, I came upon these fabulous options:  the Qupid Neutral 20 Champagne Glitter Party Platform Pumps, the World of Veils Black Dress, and the Winged Monarch Gold Butterfly Earrings. How gorgeous would this outfit be?


Black and gold is one of my absolute favorite color combinations, because it’s elegant and classy but still leaves room for fun. I mean, really, who doesn’t want amazing sparkle shoes? It’s also a great way to be girly and feminine without freaking your date out with too much pink poof. 

Need some more inspiration? Check out a couple more of my favorite Valentine’s Day LBD accessories!

So what do you think? Is this a look you’ll try, or are you more of a hearts and flowers girl?

ArtMeredith Dittmar: Polymer Clay Like You’ve Never Seen It Before!

Polymer art as a whole is unimpressive. Lumpy pots, plastic-y beads and animal figurines have never appealed to me. The user-friendly nature of polymer clay is definitely fun and kid-friendly, but rarely does the medium ascend into the world of fine art.
“The Polymer Musings of Meredith Dittmar” surely make that leap. This Portland based artist has a background in computer science and country living, and compiles her interests into these breathtaking montages.
“Dittmars human-animal-plant-energy amalgams contain threads of common elements and colors to express deep levels of union across themes of biology, technology, and consciousness.”

Playful and meaningful, her works integrate color and design as much as they do the psyche.
What’s your opinion?
Do you like Dittmar’s work, or does the plastic-y quality of polymer clay downplay her talents?