FashionBehind the Scenes: Foreign Affair Resort Lookbook

By now, I hope you all have seen our new resort lookbook, Foreign Affair featuring our lovely model Mogen.

The essence of this lookbook is all about living free, rocking bold colors and just whipping your hair back and forth. So scroll down and enjoy the behind the scenes video featuring the musical stylings The Drums with Me and the Moon (Clock Opera Remix). 

BeautyHollywood Makeover Comes to Lulus: Be a Celebrity for a Day!

It’s a new year, and many of you out there might be feeling the need for a change. Luckily, has just the solution for you! Before making any drastic changes in real life, you can try out new hair styles and makeup ideas for free! With their Hollywood Makeover tool, you can choose any celebrity hairstyle you want! 
Sienna, Ozzie (CEO’s four-year-old son and warehouse manager), and I decided to take matters into our own hands and try out some looks for ourselves. What do you think? Can we rock ’em?
Sienna as Leighton Meester and Lady Gaga
Laurie as Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker
Ozzie as Eve and Cynthia Nixon
Once you’ve chosen your new ‘do, make sure to play with the makeup options as well. They also have a “complete looks” section where you can instantly wear the hair and makeup as your favorite celeb!
Ready to try it yourself? Simply snap a pic of yourself with your hair pulled back, upload, follow the instructions, and get styling!
Who will you be? 

FashionMonster Fashion Attack: Lady Gaga as Musical Director for the Thierry Mugler Fall 2011 Fashion Show

This monster fashion attack is hot off the press and already taken over the fashion world!

The collaboration of Lady Gaga as musical director for the Thierry Mugler Fall 2011 fashion show that opened Paris’s Menswear Fashion Week has spurred an instant fashion craze. Mugler is now under the creative direction of Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti. This development might just be the most viral one in fashion history and may manage to throw this avant garde brand into the sphere of public knowledge with a new, shortened name, Mugler.

The collaboration for the video and newest collection included Romain Kremer another designer, the photgrapher and filmmaker Mariano Vivanco and a model, named Rico, who is covered in skeletal tattoos. This video reveals Lady Gaga’s mix including one of her songs for her newest album, Born This Way, not yet released.

Watch the video and remember that this line, this brand, is not for the faint of fashion heart. This is a brand created around the bizarre that has historically dealt with the utmost of fashion divas. In a desperate attempt to stay afloat in times where many fashion brands are going under, Formichetti utilized a genius marketing campaign to breathe new life into a the dying art of avant garde fashion. Even if it is a little creepy, I think it did the trick.

Did the Gaga & Formichetti collaboration work its wonders on you or just freak you out?

FashionTrend Alert: Ruffle Shorts & Lace Shorts!

It’s time to shake off the frost, and blow-dry those icicles into submission with a fresh spring look!
Lovely ladies all over are rocking adorable lace and ruffle shorts, and nothing puts a soft floral “Pop” in your look better than sweet blossoming layers!
How to Wear
Early Spring: Layer with tights or leggings, add a nice long sleeve top and finish with a cozy scarf and boots!
Late Spring: Strip it down to bare legs and sandals with a flowing tank top tucked in!
Peachy Keen!
A cooler climate doesn’t stop Canadian-cutie Flying a Kite, from layering those ruffly shorts and topping it off with a warm furry vest.
p.s. She has the cutest photo shoot in these shorts on her blog!
This beautiful beachy look put together by Fashion Toast mixes casual and elegant.
Super-chic California girl, Jenny from the Block, sporting an awesome leopard and lace ensemble for a balmy winter day in the Golden State!
Here are a few styles to get you started, and feel free to leave your own tips on styling ruffly shorts in the comments below!

Art365 Days of Photos: Artist Katja Kemblowski Spends a Year Behind the Lens

Welcome to the world of artist, interior designer, and photographer Katja Kemblowski.
While her heart might be in Greece, where the above pictures were taken, Katja currently resides in Sacramento, California. She studied interior design in college and now devotes her time to capturing life in its beautiful essence.
“Photography and travel are two of my favorite hobbies,” she says. “I love any opportunity to combine them! I balance between wanting to capture memories, seeing things through my lens that I wouldn’t otherwise, and learning to put the camera down and live the experience.”
A spectacular ballroom dancer, choreographer, and teacher herself, Katja is also an avid photographer of the sport. Her favorite photos are ones that capture the movement, grace, and passion that ballroom dancing embodies.
In the style of Julie & Julia, Katja is currently working on a 365 day photo project, where she has begun taking a photo a day for an entire year.
 Check out her progress here:  3hundred6ty5 
She says of her project:
“I started my 365 Project as a creative outlet and to push myself artistically. The rules I set are pretty loose: the photo can be of anything as long as it was taken that day. Although I think I will see running themes and intentional sets, I didn’t want to limit myself on subject matter.  It will be posted on the same day, if possible, but I give myself permission to post in a batch if I go on vacation or don’t have web access.

The most effort I’ve put into a photo so far was to take the first Trivia Night pic with my old Razr phone…I texted it to a friend…who emailed it back to me…then I posted it from my iPod through a series of apps. Haha! I’ve learned since then! Now my Sony camera travels with me!”

Her advice for aspiring artists?
“I encourage everyone to start a daily project, even if it’s not for a full year.  It really makes you develop your craft by making it a constant part of your life. If you need encouragement or feedback (or a daily reminder), get your friends or family involved or join an online community.” 
Want to see more of her work? Check out her website here.
Are you doing any 365 projects of your own? Are you inspired to start one now?