Art365 Days of Photos: Artist Katja Kemblowski Spends a Year Behind the Lens

Welcome to the world of artist, interior designer, and photographer Katja Kemblowski.
While her heart might be in Greece, where the above pictures were taken, Katja currently resides in Sacramento, California. She studied interior design in college and now devotes her time to capturing life in its beautiful essence.
“Photography and travel are two of my favorite hobbies,” she says. “I love any opportunity to combine them! I balance between wanting to capture memories, seeing things through my lens that I wouldn’t otherwise, and learning to put the camera down and live the experience.”
A spectacular ballroom dancer, choreographer, and teacher herself, Katja is also an avid photographer of the sport. Her favorite photos are ones that capture the movement, grace, and passion that ballroom dancing embodies.
In the style of Julie & Julia, Katja is currently working on a 365 day photo project, where she has begun taking a photo a day for an entire year.
 Check out her progress here:  3hundred6ty5 
She says of her project:
“I started my 365 Project as a creative outlet and to push myself artistically. The rules I set are pretty loose: the photo can be of anything as long as it was taken that day. Although I think I will see running themes and intentional sets, I didn’t want to limit myself on subject matter.  It will be posted on the same day, if possible, but I give myself permission to post in a batch if I go on vacation or don’t have web access.

The most effort I’ve put into a photo so far was to take the first Trivia Night pic with my old Razr phone…I texted it to a friend…who emailed it back to me…then I posted it from my iPod through a series of apps. Haha! I’ve learned since then! Now my Sony camera travels with me!”

Her advice for aspiring artists?
“I encourage everyone to start a daily project, even if it’s not for a full year.  It really makes you develop your craft by making it a constant part of your life. If you need encouragement or feedback (or a daily reminder), get your friends or family involved or join an online community.” 
Want to see more of her work? Check out her website here.
Are you doing any 365 projects of your own? Are you inspired to start one now?

MusicBest Coast’s Newest Music Video: Crazy For You

Oooooooomg this is sooooo cute!

I know how annoying it is when girls “ooo” and “ahhh” over animals but seriously, this IS adorable. Plus there’s good music by none other than Best Coast so check it out!

This video was premiered exclusively on Cheezburger for everyone to watch!

I’m so glad I found this video, it just made my day and maybe even my week!


FashionHow to Pack for a LuLu*s Chic Vacation: The Ultimate Getaway

With spring break quickly approaching, it is a good idea to start getting your vacation attire ready so you look amazing on your much-deserved holiday. I have gathered a few things together from LuLu*s that will get you bitten with the travel bug and inspire you to start planning your getaway!
The following outfits are arranged by typical vacation activities:

1. Sightseeing – Pairing a solid top with cute patterned shorts allows for you to freely move around town while looking adorable. The Route 66 Floral Pink Shorts are perfect for peering at tourist attractions. Adding a lightweight sweater or jacket, such as the Savannah Sachet Blush Pink Jacket, makes you prepared for any weather while you are out and about. Another similar option that is ideal for your trip is the Crème Fraiche White Top paired with the Machu Picchu Taupe and Black Shorts. Comfortable shoes are essential when traveling and I would choose some flat sandals to complete your outfit, such as the Steve Madden Paiigge Bone Lace-Up Sandals. Also, do not forget your cute California Girl Sunglasses paired with a classy over the shoulder bag such as the Melie Bianco Leah Beige Vegan Purse!

2. Beachin’ it Up – Choose a cute swimsuit and cover-up if it fancies you to splash in the waves. For those of us who like to lie out on a towel and read on the beach, the Sunlit Fields Floral Maxi Dress is ideal for casual lounging under your umbrella. I actually prefer a loose top with some jean shorts over my suit so I don’t get sunburned and the Billabong Striped Freedom Top is absolutely precious! To complete this beach-inspired look, put on the adorable Bamboo Bloom 29 Bronze and Coral Jeweled Thong Sandals.

3. Dining Out – After a day of sightseeing and spending time at the beach, you deserve a meal at a tasteful restaurant. It is always a cute idea to wear fun prints while you are on vacation. The Little Fantastic Fox Ivory Dress dress is perfect when paired with a light cardigan and cute heels for any formal or informal meal out. Also, the Mocha Sprinkles Polka Dot Crop Top matched with the Damsels in the Dark Black Maxi Skirt is ideal for any classy dining experience.

4. A Night Out On the Town – One of the most important things to remember when packing for a trip is to bring things that can be easily mix and matched. Going out in a skirt and a pretty top always makes for a cute ensemble, where you can re-wear parts of the outfit on another day with something new. I suggest the whimsical A-Boat a Girl Sheer Pink Top and the versatile Side of Sly Grey Skirt. Or, if you simply cannot go out without wearing a dress to the club, the Square Enough White and Black Dress is perfect when paired with a cute little belt and sexy heels. 
5. Returning Home – Whether you are flying or driving back from your retreat, it is always nice to be in something cozy.  Being comfortable on your way home allows you to unwind on your journey back to the real world. A nice oversized top with some simple pants is a perfect way to top off your vacation wardrobe and the Warm Whispers Tan Sweater Top or the Tahoe Temptress Taupe Sweater Top are great options for this comfy look.  
So start packing those bags and buy your tickets to paradise so you can show off these cute, trendy looks! What is your ultimate favorite vacation attire? 

FashionFashion Collaboration: The Alien Invasion of Lily Donaldson

An invasion of alien beauty bombarded my fashion world last week when this fashion editorial came to me through Fashion Gone Rogue. Don’t fear, this is a peaceful invasion of a stoic super model, Lily Donaldson, caught by photographer Sølve Sundsbø. 


It’s almost as if she’s on another planet with her serene poses and calm reassuring attitude. 

An updo can look old and tried but here it looks new and modern. The reflection of the light off of Donaldson’s hair and the contrast of the shadows in the folds of the garment create highlight every detail in the clothing and on the model.

Here Lily Donaldson looks like a sand mermaid, apparently a new type of creature that sparkles while basking in the sun of the dunes. 

Oh how I love this shot! I know the pants are bizarre, but they utilized them to pose her in JUST the right way! 

Sundsbø captured these wonderful silhouettes of brilliantly constructed garments, styled to perfection by George Cortina, for November 2008 Vogue Nippon.

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Denni of ChicMuse

Time for Blogger Spotlight! This week while clicking around the blog rolls I came across Denni of ChicMuse. I instantly fell in love with her sophisticated style and impeccable attention to detail. Currently based out of Tokyo, this hugely popular blogger has pages upon pages of beautiful pictures to give you endless inspiration. Let’s take a peek at some of my favorite looks just to give you a hint of how special this blog is.

Gorgeous Miu Miu shoes!

Denni featured in an American Apparel Ad campaign.

 I love the play of the black shorts and white maxi against a backdrop of overcast clouds.

 Most insanely beautiful vintage 1970’s Yves Saint Laurent cape!  This photo is an absolute vision paired with the YSL Mohawk pumps.

 The great thing about Denni is that she features amazing high end clothing styled perfectly and comes across as the sweetest, best-friend-you-haven’t-met! Always cheerful and down to earth this girl writes a blog that is a real pleasure to visit regularly! Make sure to check her out! You will be enamored, I promise!