ArtThe Photography of Annie Leibovitz

You’ve all seen the work of Annie Leibovitz, whether you knew it or not. 
One of the most prolific and well-known photographers of our time, Leibovitz shoots regularly for Vogue, and has been working for Vanity Fair since 1980 creating only the most exciting and richly developed covers and spreads!
As a young woman in Berkeley in the 70’s, Leibovitz signed on to work for the budding Rolling Stone magazine, and within three years graduated to chief photographer.
annie leibovitz
Going on tour with The Rolling Stones or to an interview with John Lennon to take pictures and cover shots was commonplace, and Leibovitz grew into a style all her own. See below an early picture of the infamous dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov.
annie leibovitz
The most amazing thing about the work of Annie Leibovitz is that she has an uncanny talent for telling you something intimate about someone.
Beyond just a simple snapshot, Leibovitz would study her subjects for hours or days in order to get a shot that was honest and revealing.
Look at this perfect shot of Cate Blanchett on a bicycle. The lighting, the way her hair is blowing and the expression on her face all come together for that split second!
Part of an Alice in Wonderland shoot for Vogue.
Look at all of these Hollywood starlets in one room! It’s no accident that we see a sort of backstage scene exposing the rolling Hollywood hills and perhaps, a window into a little part of these women’s lives that we don’t ever see.
Part of an amazing retrospective photo shoot of Johnny Depp for Vanity Fair, many of the pics taken by Leibovitz herself!
Total eye candy!
An elaborate Vogue take on The Wizard of Oz featuring Keira Knightley, the Penn State Marching Band and artist Kara Walker!
. . . and who could forget this fantastic shoot with Lady Gaga and Lily Cole in a Hansel and Gretel-inspired scene.
Photos by Annie Leibovitz

BeautyStyle Trend: Ombré Hair

Ombré hair…does it really need an introduction? This style has come to the forefront of hair trends in the past couple months, and I won’t lie, I love it. I even succumbed to this trend myself.

Rocked by Erin Wasson for years, and delivered to us with a more edgy style by Alexa Chung and blogger Rumi Neely, this is the it hair trend of the season. This low maintenance, effortlessness of this hair stye works with basically any texture or tone and it’s highly economical to boot.

Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Lily Alridge, Rachel Bilson, and Sarah Jessica Parker have been seen rocking the brown-blonde version of this trend, however the more colorful version of the trend can be seen by platinum blondes transitioning to a variety of colors.

What do you think of the ombré trend? Would you try it, or do you think it looks like bad outgrowth? And for giggles, here is a picture of me with my ombre hair.

FashionTrend to Try: How to Wear Maxi Skirts

After a few years of short hemlines ruling the streets a new fresh take has emerged. With a flowing, long maxi and your choice of top this trend is definitely one to try. Let’s take a look at some inspirational photos and how these stylish ladies choose to make the trend their own.

Using an all black color pallete this gothic inspired look stands out because of the lacy skirt and the layered necklaces. Image from thrifted on Chictopia.

I love the vintage inspired long lace maxi dress shown here. With platforms, simple hair and makeup, this look is a perfect spring transition. Image from meat market on Chictopia.

These two lovelies decided on a skeer maxi with beautiful animal prints or pleats. I love the floppy hat paired with the animal print shown first on Carolina of Fashion Squad. In a navi sheer maxi, Rhiannon of Liebemarlene, pairs a striped crop top for the ultimate in effortless style. Both of these ladies always look flawless!

In the above photo, from Vanessa Jackman, is one of my favorite examples of the maxi trend done right. This photo went viral so fast and for good reason. Taken during Paris Fashion Week this beauty has combined an oversized grey sweater with a perfect black maxi and platform boots. From the hair to the sunnies and the red lipstick this photo always stands out in my mind as styling at its finest.

Finally we have this stunning example from The Haute Pursuit on Chictopia. I love the leopard panel on this maxi paired with a crop top and oversized sweater. You can never go wrong with animal prints!

Wanna try the trend yourself? Here are some fabulous maxi options for your consideration.

Here we have the Enchanted Evening Black Lace Maxi Skirt and the Extra Toppings Brown Maxi Skirt. I love the sheer black lace which allows you to layer! The perfect taupey-brown of the second skirt makes it super easy to match with whatever strikes your fancy.

Will you be trying this trend?

ContestsName the Dress Contest #30!

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GeneralCalling All Country Fans: Country Strong Will Knock Your Socks Off

Calling all country music fans!
Saturday night was cold and chilly, so in efforts to stay indoors where it was warm I went out with my friends for a girls’ movie night. After buying eighty pounds of candy at CVS, we headed over to the theater to watch Country Strong.
 In case you haven’t heard of the movie or seen any trailers, here’s a little info blurb from IMDB: “A drama centered on a rising country-music songwriter (Hedlund) who sparks with a fallen star (Paltrow). Together, they mount his ascent and her comeback, which leads to romantic complications involving her husband/manager (McGraw) and a beauty queen-turned-singer (Meester).”
Starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Leighton Meester, Garrett Hedlund, and Tim McGraw, this film actually really surprised me for its dark, realistic plot and incredible music. It’s a great cast with a great soundtrack, so even if you aren’t a big country fan, I’d definitely still recommend this movie.
Leighton Meester surprised me the most on this film, because while I’ve heard a couple of her songs on the radio or online, I wasn’t overly impressed. Given free reign to belt it out without the hindrance of electronic manipulation, however, she was amazing! and every part the gorgeous and talented country star (love the huge curls!).
Here’s a video of her song “Words I Couldn’t Say”:

Gwyneth  Paltrow played probably the deepest role of the movie, as recovering alcoholic and country superstar Kelly Canter.
As this song below clearly indicates, she is definitely not just a pretty face or a talented actor. I’d buy her album!

You  might already know Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn from Tron:  Legacy or as Patroclus in Troy. You might not have known, however, that he is also a mcyummy cowboy who can sing like nobody’s business.
 Here’s one of the songs he sang on the movie, “Chances Are.”

And then, just because they are so cute, I couldn’t resist posting a clip of the duet between Meester and Hedlund.
Here is their song “Give Into Me.” 

As you can tell, I loved this movie, and it’s already been nominated for a Golden Globe. So are you ready to be wowed? Will you go see it?