FashionBlogger Spotlight: Bebe of Fated to be Hated

The blogging world never ceases to amaze me. There are so many stylish ladies out there with totally inspiring photo sets, creative outfits, and overall star quality. Every girl has a different style and whether it be girly, modern, eclectic, or clean cut, I am equally smitten with their style as long at they have that special eye for details. On that note, let me introduce you to my latest obsession, Bebe of Fated to be Hated.

With a splash of 90’s Norwegian metal mixed with a bit of bohmeian gypsy, Bebe hits spring trends without skipping a beat. Her own eclectic style always shines through even while skipping playfully throughout different looks and trends.

This photo in particular was my favorite. Bringing me back to 8th grade in 1995, I absolutely had to post it.

Channeling Heathers, a cult classic movie from 1988, as well as Cher Horowitz from Clueless, Bebe effortlessly pulls off what many could not.

With an already impressive resume, Bebe has been featured in Seventeen Magazine and has been shot by known party photographer, The Cobra Snake. She even modeled vintage looks for The Cobra Shop, a store run by the noted photographer. Make sure to check out her blog and get ready to get addicted!

CelebrityValentine’s Day Makeup Inspiration: Dianna Agron

Whether you’ve got a date with your sweetie or dinner with friends, this weekend is the weekend to bust out your peachy pastels and poppin’ pinks to create some lovely Valentine’s Day looks. If you need some inspiration (don’t we all?), look no further than the beautiful Dianna Agron.
This girl is pretty much always gorgeous — even playing a high school cheerleader in Glee — but I was just blown away by the soft romance she debuted here at the premiere of I Am Number Four.
The overwhelming theme here is soft, blooming, and not overdone. To set off her eyes, she’s gone with a smoky gray that blends out to the corners and a shimmery ivory-colored color at the inner corners to really open them up. Polish it off with black liner on the top and bottom and a coat or five of mascara (okay, okay, she’s probaby got some falsies on, but you can go crazy with the mascara and lash curler to get the same idea), and you’re done!
To keep this look soft, Miss Agron kept her lips and cheeks fairy muted. A rosy blush and matching lipstick avoids anything gaudy and creates a very old-fashioned, princessy look. It also looks like she might have a bit of highligher (check out Stephanie‘s recommendations for the best one) on her cheeks to effect a glowing, youthful feel.
 Okay, and I just have to talk about her hair really quickly. I LOVE this look:  it’s out of her face, totally touchable, and insanely beautiful. Could you get a better combination? (I think not.) It looks like she’s poofed the crown a bit and then wrapped the hair into a really twisty bun that is offset by her sweeping front bangs. This is also a great look to show off for guys who are freaked out by tons of hair spray and pins — it looks super low-maintenance.
With a gorgeous Grecian-style dress, a growing career, and her own Valentine (she’s dating I Am Number Four co-star Alex Pettyfer), I’d say Dianna is working on her own little fairytale!
Will you try this romantic look? Too girly for you or are you looking for something soft? (I’m definitely trying the hair!)

MusicLady Gaga’s BORN THIS WAY Single Debut!

Lady Gaga, or otherwise known as Mother Monster, has officially released her new Single, “Born This Way” off her new album of the same name due out May 23rd.

Born This Way (Audio) from Lady Gaga on Vimeo.

Gaga has already picked up some critism for the track sounding too similar to Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

Personally, I love the track, and the message it sends, even if it sounds like Maddona. Both songs have strong messages about being happy with who you are, no matter what, and I think that’s what really counts. So don’t be surprised if you hear me blasting the song on repeat for the next couple days.

Gaga will be preforming the single this Sunday at the 53rd Annual Grammy’s. If you need the song immediately you can purchase the new track over at iTunes right now.

What do you ladies think of the new single? Love it or hate it?

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Mandy of Oracle Fox

Blogger Spotlight is back! With a focus on Valentine’s Day, my favorite day of the week was on a brief hiatus. Now we are back with a blogger so talented and stylish that it was beyond worth the wait. Let me introduce you to Mandy Shadforth of the amazing Oracle Fox. This is a daily read for me and my close friends. It is a magical mix of great photography and spot-on styling. Mandy, hailing from Australia, not only makes flawless wardrobe choices but happens to be an amazing artist. Her range scopes from the super-realistic to mixing mythic images with astrological symbols. Her work is beyond captivating, so make sure to check it out here. Lets take a look at her some of my favorite images from her site.

 Above is one of Mandy’s casual sketches that she posted on her blog. Her paintings are far more elaborate and realistic, but I just loved this super sweet hippie-love-child sketch with the beautiful desert background.

Obsessed with these leggings! The metal beading and sheer fishnet is a total homerun and I wish they were mine!

 You all know I am a serious ring freak. Mandy sports some of the best rings in the blogosphere! I am in love with the large chunks of crystal and silver skulls.

 One of Mandy’s specialties is overlaying photographs with images of animals and nature. My favorite is shown above; the horses and her pose are so perfect together.  I am super-obsessed with this blogger and I know you will fall in love once dive into the magical, mythical world of Oracle Fox!

FashionLaurie’s Loves: Bright and Beautiful

Perhaps you have noticed a theme with our blogs these last few weeks:  bright colors! The simple reason for this is that most of us here are a little too excited about the warm weather spell we’ve had here, and we can’t wait to bust out the cheerful colors of spring and summer.
Luckily, we can feed this obsession with several new arrivals at the warehouse. 
 The La La Love dresses and the Bat Your Lashes dresses are just the easiest things to blow through the warehouse. I am super excited by the insta-glam of these adorable dresses; they’re super comfy, super chic, and they are great for pairing with pretty much any accessory you want. They’d be great for a fun dinner date or a casual spring break dress you can throw on after a day at the beach.
Need some accessory inspiration? How about the Chakra Rainbow Bangle Set, the Rocket Dog Ownit White Summer Hibiscus Linen Dorsay Pumps, or the California Girl Sunglasses? You could rock any (or all) of these lil beauts with any of the above dresses, or just grab your favs  and mix and match them with what you’ve already got in your (Lulus-laden) magic closet!
So there you have it — all things bright and beautiful!
What is your favorite way to wear bright? All over or just one piece at a time? If you have any styling suggestions, I’d love to hear them!