ContestsName the Dress Contest #39!!! Good Luck!!!

When: This new unnamed and adorable dress needs to be named to be put online tomorrow evening!! (see above picture for this weeks’ dress)!

What: Monday through Tuesday by 5:00 PM PST enter your idea for a name for the dress presented! The winner will be announced tomorrow evening when the product goes up online!! 

Where: Enter to win (as many times as you’d like!!) on our blog by leaving a comment with your name idea below.

PrizeYour name on a dress on and a $50 Gift Card!!!

MusicMonday Music Must: Nanna Øland Fabricius of Oh Land

Are you ready to be entranced?

The other day a wondrous surprise arrived via a Nylon Magazine email featuring an artist that I’d never heard of before. I simply clicked play on the video they had posted and when a woman’s voice rang out I found myself wrapped in a trance that barely broke when the song ended. I immideately googled the name on the video, Oh Land, and found that Nanna Øland Fabricius was the voice and the brain behind this beautiful song. 

The Oh Land tracks sound as if someone mixed Lykke Li with a more mature woman/musician. Nanna Øland Fabricius describes her music; “I think that Oh Land has a unique landscape all on its own.  I strive to make the possibilities endless and to have all the senses collide in to a language on their own.”

“I wanted my new album to strike a balance between the big city and nature,” she explains, “because they’re both pulling me in different directions all the time.  I live and grow in the eye of the storm.” – Nanna Øland Fabricius

For the finale, I thought you should all listen to “Sun of  a Gun” which incorporates some extremely creative set design as well as song composition. 

Oh Land “Sun of a Gun” from Oh Land Music on Vimeo.

FashionLaurie’s Loves: The Beautiful Briny!

 From the very first color in bubbly blue, I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the Beautiful Briny tops.  
I love them for a multitude of reasons, but here are my top three:
1. They’re satiny soft, so I pretty much want to wear them every day.
2. They’re uber long, so they can be worn as as a tunic or will just not ride up on giants like me.
3. They’re so colorful! It’s like wearing a jewerly box on your body without looking gaudy.
Another great thing about these tops is that they can be easily dressed up or down. As you can see from the looks above, our models are wearing them with skirts and shorts — casual and dressy. Either way, they instantly make an outfit looks classy and tailored.
The amazing writer/blogger/stylist extraordinaire Sienna photographed me in my favorite Beautiful Briny color: Blue!
(She also picked out the Zad Krauncha Peacock Feather Earrings you see in the pic. How sweet are these? I had to get a pair.)
In case you need a little musical inspiration while picking out your favorite color (or ordering all four!), here’s a clip from the movie that started it all:

Happy swimming, er, shopping!

FashionKylie Minogue Styled by Dolce & Gabbanna!

Ever wonder what it’s like to be styled by not just one, but TWO brilliant designers?

Kylie Minogue is a seasoned diva who’s reached the stars and is now headed for the outerlying galaxies in her Aphrodite “Les Foiles” world tour this year. Clad head to toe in sparkling, feathered, shining, transparent, and golden numbers designed specially for her by Dolce & Gabbana themselves, Minogue is living out every little girl’s dream. 

Above, lounging about with the world renowned designers and flaunting her new oufit, as well as her lovely stems, this woman really knows how to shine!


It is this golden corset (above) that is the base of almost all of her outfits. What a great stylistic choice made by Dolce & Gabbanna for this tour. Without a doubt Kylie Minogue, has to change outfits many, many times throughout every set. This way, she just throws pieces over her gold corset for dramatic effect. See the video below for a behind the scenes of her fittings.

You can tell from the way she interacts with the costumes, that Kylie Minogue is a true performer, so at ease with her body and its movements.

Anyone going to see her perform for the Aphrodite “Les Foiles” tour?

MusicArtist to Watch: Surrogate

In fall of 2007 I had just started working at a college radio station and fancied myself somewhat of a music connoisseur. I was required by the station to play one local band, and I plucked an album, chose a track and clicked play. That fine day is when my love affair with Surrogate officially began.
This band is the prefect blend indie pop and folk, with a side of quick–witted lyrical genius. With two full-length albums already under their belt, these guys are delivering again with a new EP, titled Diamonds and Pearls. I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of their new EP, and boy, it does not disappoint.
The CD opens with the beautifully melodic “Pearl,” and the tune “Old Life” has quickly become a staple in daily music playlists. Really, the whole EP is excellently crafted and composed and I give it a 9/10. It’s great to see such an amazing band progressively get better and better with age.
 Diamonds and Pearls EP will be released on iTunes this Friday, and let me tell you, this is a must have for your music library. 
Check out more Surrogate on their facebook page and hear some tunes on purevolume.