BeautyBeauty Trend: Coral Colors

Finally! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming! Spring has sprung and this season’s hottest makeup trend is CORAL COLORS! The gorgeous shades are ranging from soft peachy tones to bold burnt orange colors.
Coral hues are so much fun to wear and an awesome way to fake that glowing tanned look you may have after the start of the sunny season! Check out Mila Kunis’ subtle peachy-coral look at the Golden Globes!
Bobbi Brown has one of the best coral collections for the season. A friend recently gave me a Shimmer Brick as a birthday present and I am obsessed with it!
You can use all the colors blended on your cheeks and use them individually on your eyes for a subtler, sheer eyeshadow look. It has just the perfect amount of shimmer, so you don’t look like you just rolled in glitter; instead you look dewy and radiantly glowing!
Here are some other great coral picks to try out this Spring…

Eyes: Try MAC’s Paint Pot in “Rubenesque” for a soft peachy gold-toned look. For a bolder look layer Urban Decay’s “Jones” or “X” eyeshadow over your favorite primer! 

Lips: Do you want something that has staying power? Try Tarte’s LipSurgance Natural Lip Luster in Joy or Peaceful, both have peachy tones. I am a huge fan of these lip stains, not only because the color is long wearing but because they provide an instant boost of moisture to your lips with natural ingredients like jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E. Plus, they taste like peppermint!

Are you more of a gloss girl? You might like Clinique’s Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour in Guava Good or Mango-thon, both are orange tones perfect for spring and summer! The Lip Smoothies by Clinique are a staple in my purse because they are one of the only lip glosses I have found that does not leave my lips feeling sticky or dried out after it wears off. Instead, my lips feel softer than before I applied it! 

Cheeks: A great coral blush can bring just the right amount of warmth to your face, and give you that freshly flushed look! You have to try CORALista by Benefit, a peachy coral color that is just sheer enough for everyday use, but still gives you a pop of color!

Here is another amazing coral look on Rihanna at the European MTV Music Awards
I just LOVE how the coral eyeshadow makes her green eyes pop! What do you think, will you try this colorful trend this season?

Guest BloggerArt Inspired Fashion by Jen of jenloveskev

Hi everyone! It’s Jen from jenloveskev and I am super excited about this new feature here on the Lulus blog. I get asked all the time where I get my fashion inspiration and my number one answer is from Art. I think it’s fun to look for fashion inspiration in unlikely places. As an art/art history major in college I soaked it up. For this first Fashion from Art post, I chose Joseph Cornell. Joseph Cornell was an American Artist and one of the pioneers of Assemblage art. Assemblage is a three-dimensional composition made from putting together found objects.

This is why I love him so much. I have always been a collector, I LOVE junk. I will find rusty metal on the ground and I pick it up to take home because it looks cool. This has transferred into my style as well. I love mixing patterns, textures and styles. Untitled (The Hotel Eden) is a great example of that. There are different materials and textures all while staying sort of neutral.

I decided this pretty Snickerdoodle Cream Blouse worked great because of the eyelet mixed with the Chiffon fabric and ruffles. It has dimension.

I decided to keep everything neutral in my outfit and add a pop of color with my green socks just like that cute bird.

The added jewelry works so well (especially the necklace) to add a sort of constructed feel to a very feminine outfit.

All in all I think this was a great representation of one of my favorite pieces of art. 

See you next month!

Outfit Details:
What a Waist Taupe Shorts-shop similar styles

Untitled (The Hotel Eden)
c. 1945
15 1/8 x 15 3/4x 4 3/4
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

FashionDebunking Fashion Myths: You CAN Wear White After Labor Day!

We’ve all heard it before:  Don’t wear white after Labor Day.
Or before Memorial Day.
Well, we’re in spring and just a month away from Memorial Day, so it begs the question:  Is it okay to bust out the white skinny jeans or the white cut off fringed jean shorts?
This is one of the biggest fashion myths in history, and if you’re anything like me, you want to know where the rumors started and if they’re really true or not.
Many of you fashion-conscious ladies out there may be wondering who made up this crazy rule anyway, as it does seem rather silly. Was it someone who wasn’t flattered by such a light, bright color? This fashion myth actually dates back to the 20th century. There are a few different explanations as to why this fashion myth came from, but the main reason was to avoid the heat!
During the 20th century, many people were not living in the luxury of air-conditioned buildings, so wearing white was seen as a clever way to stay cool. Once the weather cooled down, right after Labor Day, wearing white would only make you too cold, so people avoided it. The weather typically didn’t heat up again until around Memorial Day, so that is when it was deemed okay to wear white again! Short time period, huh?! 
No matter what you wear, whether fashion myth or not, think about the WAY to wear it versus the TIME to wear it. It’s perfectly okay to start wearing white right now and here are some great ways to do it!
Pair a bell or wide leg pair of white denim with a sheer light tank. To dress it, up wear a pair of thick wedges and keep jewelry simple; think a long necklace, some oversized earrings, or a set of bangles. This look is perfect for a beachfront sunset dinner! 
Everyone loves those tight fitted white skinnies! Even though we are sold out of these white jeggings below, you can still wear a pair of white skinnies with a vibrant top and some stilettos for a night out on the town. OR try this look to punk it up a little! 
A simple white dress always is great for those cool summer nights. Pair it with some cute brown cowboy boots to add some flare! Add these turquoise earrings for a little color, too! 
AND finally….trade the little black dress in for the little white dress! Nothing is better than having a sun-kissed tan to go with that tight fitting white dress! Sparkle it up with the Bamboo Colada gold glitter pumps! Stick with dainty gold earrings with a little color to keep it simple. As for a clutch, add some color to spice up the night! 
Are you ready to rock that white?

GeneralFacebookers Beware the Robobuddies!

You know those little welcome screens that pop up with flashy news stories and celebrity gossip when you sign in to check your email? Well, this morning I was sucked into one headline in particular, and I’m glad I was. So I clicked on “You’ve Got: Hidden Dangers on Facebook,” and it all became clear. Thanks AOL.
I don’t know if the rest of you had this all figured out, but I have been pretty darn confused by the random friend requests on Facebook from what I’ve been calling “fake people.” And I don’t mean phony human beings; we’re talking about people who I’ve never met, heard of, seen, or known, a friend of a friend’s cousin who knows a guy who went to school with this person. Seriously.
Enter Alison Haislip. You may recognize her from G4 or her gig on the brand new TV show “The Voice.” In the video below, she explains that these “people” (who may have used stolen picures of real people and claim to have gone to your high school and live down your street; they don’t!) are really robots created by hackers, who access your personal information, then sell it to the highest bidder. Scary! 

The moral of the story here is: if you’re pretty sure that you don’t know a person who’s sent you a friend request, you probably don’t! You’re better off denying it and risking the hurt feelings. I’m pretty sure most robots can’t process emotions anyways…
Have you ever been robobuddied?

FashionGizia Scarves: They Ain’t Just for Your Grandma

Bad hair day? Too hot to trot? Why not wrap yourself up in a colorful Gizia scarf a la Tayfun Cetinkaya‘s fine and fabulous color-crazed photoshoot. 
Styled by Gizia’s Yelda Meric with hair by Melis Ikkilic, this shoot is one of my absolute favorites. I love the pairing of vibrant clothing with dark lips and nails to make the scarves really pop. Adding a colorful scarf around your head or around your neck is the perfect way to add some color to your probably still-muted late winter wardrobe.
I particularly love this picture above for the vibrancy of the whites, especially in her eye makeup. There is something so incredibly glamorous and simple about this shot. If only I could wear white without spilling something on it!
I think this close-up photo might be my favorite. The colors are so similar, but not quite the same, and her eyes hold a look of intense, exotic beauty. Together, they are an incredibly vibrant tribute to summer and all its glory.
The photo above really reminds me of a glamorous Joan Crawford or Sophia Loren. Movie star magic:  chic, simple, and timelessly glamorous.
 Photos from Behance Network
Feeling inspired? Head on over to Gizia’s website for a real whoa experience, and when you’re done, check out Tayfun’s unique photography. If you can’t quite afford one of these high-end scarves, why not check out one of our lovely Lulus scarves? Bye-bye blowdryers and hours in front of the mirror; hello colorful lipstick and instant glam!
Anybody else suddenly obsessed like me? I want to go out and grab a billion scarves and wear them everyday!