FashionPull & Bear Spring 2011 Campaign

When I came across the Spring 2011 Campaign for Pull and Bear on Fashion Gone Rogue, I got so excited that I just couldn’t wait to share it!

The soft and ethereal vibe of these pictures is so breathtaking! This Spanish line is being added to my list of favorites! I can’t wait to see what they do next!

I love the use of patterns and stunning natural backgrounds. How perfect is that floral crown?

Lots of lace and soft muted tones, perfect for Spring!

This is such a great shot! I love the barely there makeup with flower petals adorning the face. So conceptual, yet it somehow doesn’t seem over the top.

Make sure to check out this amazing campaign and don’t skip the video! It’s absolutely amazing, like the perfect summer actualized in a short film. It reminds me of summers in Chico, relaxing in the park and swimming in the creek. Enjoy!

GeneralSpring Cleaning: How to Organize Your Closet

The closet is a girl’s ultimate domain where we choose the outfits that will shape the rest of our week. If you don’t see it, you’re not going to wear it! So, it is always a good idea to keep your closet neat and organized so you can maximize your space and get use of all of your items.
Springtime is a perfect time to give your closet a face-lift so you can continue to add more precious items to your collection and clear out some of the things you no longer wear.

Here are some tips that you should repeat every season so your closet remains in tip-top shape all year round:
1. Take everything out so you can dust your shelves and clean the cobwebs in the corners. No one likes dirty garments!
2. Go through all of your clothes to determine what you will donate or give away. Maybe even do a clothing swap with your friends so you can switch up your wardrobe a little bit!
3. Separate items that are out of season. Since it is currently spring, it is time to store some of your thick knits and winter coats that tend to take up a lot of space. Under the bed storage boxes are ideal for storing these clothes.
4. After you have all of your clothes out you should organize them by type of clothing, occasion, hem and sleeve length, and then color. For instance, if you have a bunch of jeans you can organize them by style (pencil, bell bottom, etc.), and then arrange them from light to dark.
5. Once all of your items are grouped into certain categories, you should determine what gets hung up and what does not. Loose knits tend to stretch out once placed on a hanger, so these should be folded. Jeans could also be folded to maximize space if one sees it necessary. Shelf dividers are ideal for this!
6. Use the same hangers on every item. Personally, I love velvet non-slip hangers! When all hangers are identical, it makes it so that every item of clothing is at the same eye-level and no piece gets left out.
 7. Fabric storage bins or hat boxes are great for storing all of those extra things that normally just create clutter.
8. Vertically line handbags by size on a shelf.
9. Closet door shoe racks are awesome because they show every pair! A fellow blogger suggested hanging some scarves on the bottom of the shoe rack so you can pick the perfect one to match your outfit.
10. Another great way to organize your shoes is to have clear shoe boxes, or take a picture of the shoe and place it on the front of the box. This is a very Carrie Bradshaw technique for all of her Manolo Blahnik’s, but it also works for those on a budget.
11. Keep boots in an upright position; put old magazines or newspaper into your boots so they remain upright all year. If your boots are just thrown into a bin they will never be the same again!
This should keep you all busy for a while!

Did I leave anything out? Tell us your favorite organizing techniques!

MusicRun Away with Love and Theft

Whenever spring gets in full swing and the weather warms up for real, I always get the urge to roll down my windows and drive off into the wild blue yonder.
Now, there are myriad songs and playlists one could choose from, but one of my absolute favorites for the past few years is the song “Runaway,” by the band Love and Theft.¬†
Some of you Taylor Swift fans might remember them as the opening act for her 2008 tour (and reportedly, singer Steven Barker Liles was the inspiration for her song “Hey Stephen,” one of her few good mentions!
Band members Stephen Barker Liles, Eric Gunderson and Brian Bandas met in Nashville and formed a really unique, harmonizing sound for a music that is a really interesting blend of country and rock.
Here’s another favorite song of mine:
Why do they write? “Nothing beats country songwriting,” says Stephen. “That’s as real as it gets and that’s why we’re here. We love what it represents and we want to carry it forward.”
Want to hear more? Grab their CD or check out their site!
Hope this gets you through your next long drive, or at least your next long Thursday!
What are your favorite road songs?

FashionWedding Bells: Cute and Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses

Not so far in the distance, wedding bells are ringing. . .
image courtesy of we heart it
First of all, I’d like to say congratulations to all the brides of 2011!
Not only do I send my salutations for the upcoming vows and years of wedded bliss, and for finding that special somebody, but I send my deepest appreciation for all of the knee-deep brides-to-be out there having weekly nightmares about the big day. . . believe me, I know what you’re going through.
With my own wedding day approaching in a mere six weeks, and my sister’s coming this fall, we exchange stories and affirmations that, yes, it is a lot of work!
I hereby extend my hand and offer you to pull up a seat, get comfy, and let me help you with one very vital piece of planning: the bridesmaid dresses. I have the awesome job of looking at, naming and describing products, and often when a piece is so lovingly in my hands, my thought is “this would make a great bridesmaid dress!.” But first, let’s start with some of the tried and true favorites!
Customer’s Picks: Some dresses just have that natural bridesmaid appeal and are requested over and over again for the big day. Check out a few of our most desirable customer picks!!!
The gorgeous Deft Precision One Shoulder Dress has a cutting edge look with its single ruffled shoulder strap, and the Whole Lot of Cherry Blossom has also been a big hit with brides-to-be!
The Midnight Masquerade Dress  comes in a variety of colors including teal and navy blue!

Green: The lovely Feminini-tea Strapless Dress (left) also comes in beige with a purple accent, and the Ring of Kerry Strapless Dress has a longer length skirt and a contemporary edge.

Warmer Tones: The Homegrown Beige Lace Dress (left) and the Meadow Enchantment Dress also have longer skirt lengths, and both come with removable and adjustable shoulder straps for when your maids want to hit the dance floor!
P.S. We may be getting the Meadow Enchantment in purple as well!

Pretty in Pink: The This Magic Moment Dress has a lovely girly feel with all the details, while Raspberry Mousse Blush Pink Dress is beautifully constructed and has a flattering look for most body types.

Prints are In! The BB Dakota Nydia Floral Dress (left) is one of my personal favorites; the tea-dress cut is amazingly flattering and this dress will go with a variety of color combos. Planning a destination wedding? How about something hot and wild like the Tarzan’s Crush Strapless Dress? This popular dress would be just brilliant on the beach or under a palm cabana!

Need more choices? Take a look at our Bridesmaid Dresses category that we update all the time!


InterviewsStarring Rosemary Rey: Fashion Editor for Role A|F|M!


For a while now, I have been itching to do a segment featuring stylists. Well, when the first edition of the Houston-based publication, Role A|F|M, fell into my lap, I was introduced to the artful styling of fashion editor, Rosemary Rey.
Rosemary partnered with Lulus for some of the looks featured in the art, music and (yes!) fashion magazine, but my favorite part of the whole spread (besides the monochrome stag head) is the minimalism that hovers with an air of seriousness. The looks are sophisticated, feminine and deeply attractive with small splashes of color that hide amongst shadows. The styling is moody without being pretentious, and dark without being dreary.
For a brand new publication, Role A|F|M does not disappoint; the images are juicy, and the content is perfectly contemporary. Read what Rosemary has to say about it!
First of all, can you describe the intent of role A|F|M? 
The intent behind role is simple….to bring the latest in local Art | Fashion | & Music to the masses of Houston.  There are a ton of local magazines in Houston but none really focusing on what the creative and talented individuals have to offer.  All we hope to do is bring them and what they are capable of into the limelight.

The first issue of role A|F|M just came out this March, how long has this been in the works?

The first issue was in the works a whopping 6 months! 

What brought on the first spark to create a publication like role A|F|M?

It came to my boyfriend (editor-in-chief) in a dream. I remember he skyrocketed out of bed one morning and described to me in detail the publication….the concept, the content and all the other minute aspects. So we decided to give it a go!

What were the most rewarding and challenging moments in the preparation for the first issue?

The most rewarding moment would have to be creating the magazine in itself, the entire process.  Bringing together so many different and talented and artistic people to work together. It was always an amazing meeting of the minds! And luckily we didn’t face any difficulties in the prep for the first issue!!

How did you get into styling?
My love and total obsession with fashion as an art form and as tool for self expression propelled me into styling……I think it was inevitable.

Describe your fashion/hair/makeup style.
I would describe my fashion style as feminine with an edge…hair is naturally tousled and makeup is minimal.

Are there any current fashion trends that you’
re into?
I’m into everything all the time!!!!!! I think its important to acknowledge trends…try them out….find out what works for you…plus a little trend here and there keeps things interesting…. fashion’s about taking risks and being bold every now and again!

What can we look forward to seeing in the future from role A|F|M?

I’m really excited about Vol. 3 which is our “September Issue.” This issue will focus completely on fashion!!!!!

Where can our viewers find the magazine?

Well unless your in the Houston area you can have a look at 

Do you have a favorite stylist or magazine?
Tell us about it in the comments below!