BeautyHow To: Fix a Broken Compact

How many times have you dropped your favorite eyeshadowblushbronzer, or powder?

If you happen to be as klutzy as I am, then the answer is too many times to count! Well, no need to be heartbroken that your makeup is in pieces; you can fix it, and it is really simple! The best part is there are no fancy tools required! When I learned this trick I was so thrilled, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. However, I am kindof scared of heights, so I will just share it with you here instead!

Here is a video from one of my favorite beauty gurus and professional makeup artist, Kandee Johnson, that shows you step-by-step how to do it! WARNING: You might just fall in love with Kandee’s heartwarming personality and end up watching all of her videos on YouTube like I have!

Just so you know, you can fix any size or shape compact. All you need is to find a pressing tool that can get into the corners if, for example, it is square. I hope this trick is useful to you and hopefully, you never have to throw away another broken compact again!

If you want more tips from Kandee, check out her YouTube Channel or her site!
What do you think? Will you try to fix any broken make-up?

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Kendi of Kendi Everyday

For this week’s blogger spotlight, I wanted to shine the attention on the lovely Kendi from the popular blog Kendi Everyday. You may have heard me mention her before or have seen some pictures of her featured on this blog. I, of course, am a huge fan, and if you haven’t heard of her before, allow me to introduce you to her awesome outfits and super silly sense of humor. 

Kendi is a master at color mixing, and as you can see above, she is not afraid to add splashes of vibrant tones to each outfit. 

Ladylike skirts and perfectly-hued blouses are finished with accentuating accessories such as a striped belt or a platform sandal. I love how Kendi takes simple pieces in great colors, then adds sweet accessories such as a beautiful leather belt or a handbag with floral detailing. 

This army green vest gives the perfect military touch and pairs with the chunky jewelry and nude heels just right. 

Anyone who knows me knows my affinity for a good flare, and Kendi is rocking these with some serious style! I love how she made the look casual and so chic with the striped sweater, then added a funky twist by throwing in a floral pattern. She always manages to look so crisp yet easygoing. 

If you are as impressed with Kendi’s color-saturated and playful wardrobe as I am, make sure to check out her blog and show some love! 

FashionBunny Appropriate: The Perfect Easter Dress

With Easter right around the corner, egg hunts and egg painting are on everyone’s minds. In order to enjoy the holiday’s festivities a girl must find her perfect outfit!
With all of the bunnies and beautiful pastels all around, Easter has to be one of my favorite holidays. So naturally I like to don the prettiest of pastels so my outfit is in tune with the season. I went around the Lulus warehouse to find you guys the ideal Easter appropriate attire for this year. 
Here are some cuties that I fell for:
What are you going to wear this Easter?

GeneralInterior Design How To: White Wall Makeover

I’m a very recent Chico transplant, so all of my free time lately has been devoted to unpacking boxes and trying to tackle the decor of my beloved new apartment. I have a pretty promising blank canvas, but there is one little wrench in my decorating system: my boyfriend.
Everyone warns you about moving in with your significant other: “Oh, he leaves his dirty socks on the floor!” Or: “The dirty dishes just sit in the sink and he never touches them!” But nobody warned me of this: he wants to help decorate. I thought that all men were just happy with television and a comfy chair, but my boyfriend made a very sincere request to be included in the process. It was kind of sweet, but then I realized what his help meant: no pink, no purple, no flowers, but a definite affinity for frat house chic (well, minus the chic…).
Hurdle #1: He works at a brewery, but instead of stocking the fridge, he wants to stock the walls with free beer posters. Once I stopped laughing and adamantly shaking my head, I got to thinking; it is his home too, so maybe I could hear him out and turn his tacky contributions into an eclectic collection of quirky wall art.
So my search began. I started checking out different framing ideas, which led me to a treasure trove of inspiration for creative wall decor.

These gorgeous displays manage to mix a variety of subjects on one wall without looking disjointed, but rather lend a classy vintage vibe to the room. In addition to the funky frames themselves, matting can add a lot of character to a piece, either with differing sizes, colors, or patterns.

Framed shopping bags prove that wall art can be made of any found objects just lying around your house. This one gives me hope that maybe even a beer poster can look artsy if given the right framework. Plus, you can afford to fill more shopping bags with the money you save on art!
Spacing is key to how your wall decor comes together. Have fun playing with different arrangements and don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes, shapes, and colors on the same wall. It also helps to break up your newly framed artwork with other wall-friendly decor, like shelves, hooks, candles, sconces, clocks, mirrors, metal wall art…. the list goes on!

And hey, why should your feet have all the fun?!? Shoes as wall art is a clever DO for storage as well!
Who says the frames can’t step out and be the star of their own show!
So my empty white walls will taunt me no longer! What do you think? Is it possible to turn cheap and tacky into chic and classy?

GeneralDon’t Try This at School: Funniest Test Answers

So it’s Tuesday, and the rest of the week is still looming ahead of us. To keep your spirits up and fortify you for, well, at least the next half hour, I thought I’d post something that had me laughing for at least thirty minutes straight. 
Below are copies of school tests and papers answered and written by actual students. Instead of completing the assignment or exam as required, however, these students decided to give their own unique versions of the answers.
Hope this cheered you up!
Note:  Lulus does not recommend drawing elephants on your tests, even if you are the world’s greatest artist! It pays to study! 
  Want to see more funny test exams? Check out and