FashionBlogger Spotlight: Hope Adela of Pink Champagne

Yesterday, when I came across Hope Adela from Pink Champagne, I knew instantly that she would be my Blogger Spotlight for this week. As I looked through her pictures and daily outfits, I couldn’t help but smile and be delighted by how much fun she has with fashion.

Playing with patterns and textures, Hope Adela seems to embody a different fairytale or adventure in every outfit. In her “About Me” section on her site, Hope has written, “I believe that fashion is a creative and unique form of art, and try to incorporate that theory into every aspect of my life.” Take a look for yourself to find out what she means in my favorite looks shown below

With a definite affinity for turbans, headbands, and hats, Hope Adela is fearless with her accessories. In the first photo, my absolute favorite, she seems to be an old world gypsy, finished with an adorned turban and long gloves. In the second photo she takes color for a spin and embodies a Frida-esque look complete with bangles and a cheerful polka dot blouse.

Tulle and feathers for a romantic woodland look.

 What do all three of the photos above have in common? Oh, just one of the most iconic prints of all time: leopard! With animal print accents and a full swinging 60’s coat, Hope Adela adds flair in a way that most would stumble over. Excess and drama are clearly her strong suit, with all of these looks appearing effortless and fun – the mark of true style. 

Some of us shine in simplicity and minimalism, others in full regalia with cloaks and capes, lame and leather, not an accessory left behind! Whatever your style, being true to your inner voice is what sets you apart from others and makes you special. I for one commend those who take fashion as a way to express themselves and their dreams, and Ms. Hope Adela is a perfect example! Make sure to check out her blog for more inspirational and fun fashion!

BeautyHow To: Make Your Own Eye Makeup Remover

Hi everyone! I’m Samantha, a new marketing intern here at Lulus, and cute clothing is just one of the many things that excite me! Makeup is another hobby of mine, and having worked at a makeup counter, I have learned tons of do-it-yourself tricks that save me a lot of time and money. Let me share one of my favorites with you: how to make your own (natural) eye makeup remover!
This is incredibly simple and one of the best money-saving beauty tricks I have ever learned; plus, the olive oil you use is a natural conditioner for your lashes!
Step 1:
  Gather the supplies. You will need a small bottle with a cap; you can most likely find this in the cosmetics department of any drug store. (Usually, they are in the bins with all of the travel size shampoos and soaps). Next, pick up some witch hazel and some extra virgin olive oil. If you just have regular olive oil in your cabinet at home that will work fine too!


 Step 2:
Time to mix! Create a 50/50 mixture of olive oil and witch hazel and fill up your empty bottle! Shake it up and voila! You have an all-natural (not to mention inexpensive) eye makeup remover!
One more quick tip:
Just dip the end of a Q-tip in the mixture to wipe away any smudges or mistakes you might make while doing your makeup! 

Happy removing!

Do you have any beauty tricks of your own? Please share in the comments below!

FashionTrend Alert: 70s Fringe Fashion

As you may have noticed, many of this season’s current trends have been channeling fashion from previous eras. Mixing a touch of the past with a modern spin, these looks have proven to be simply irresistible! One of this spring’s biggest trends is fringe, a flapper-inspired look that carried on into the 70s and isn’t going anywhere soon.
From clothing to accessories, fringe can be seen everywhere! Make sure to not pass up this retro-inspired trend.
I love this trend not only because it is soft and feminine, but fringe also gives everything a bohemian 70’s edge that is ever-so-sought-after this spring. 
Are you ready to don this stylish spring 2011 fashion trend? Here is some help to jump-start your collection:
In case you need any more convincing, take it from the queen of fashion herself: Cher would be sure to approve this spring fashion trend! 

Enjoy, my little hippie-chic fashionistas!

FashionAnother “Dazzling” Spread from Vogue Italia

Less is more. . . right?

Well, leave it to the incredible wiles of Dolce & Gabbana and the artistry of the world renowned photographer, Steven Meisel, to show us very emphatically that More is More!
In this March cover shoot for Vogue Italia entitled “Dazzling,” stunning hues and bold combinations are romantically dimmed with low-lighting and rich Rococo decor. Frenzied patterns are accentuated with tall strappy shoes, pom-poms and colorful light bulbs arranged into antler-like headdresses. (Now that was a bright idea).
The models are a crisp meld of glowing beauty and geeky-chic, leading us even farther into the world of layering. See the rest of “Dazzling” if you dare!

Did you find Waldo? Just kidding, but seriously, the amount of detail in these pictures is wonderfully engaging. What is it that sticks out most to you?

FashionModel Alert: The Sultry Style of Bambi Northwood-Blyth


Bambi Northwood-Blyth, a twenty-year-old model from Australia, has become quite a sensation in the fashion world. After being signed to Elite in 2010, this young beauty’s career has quickly taken off. Walking in shows such as Diesel, Rag and Bone, and Chanel, she has fast become one of fashion’s freshest new faces. 

Featured in magazines such as Harpers Bazaar (above) and in Look Books such as Style Stalker’s Desert Fox (below), Bambi has gotten quite the attention! With trademark eyebrows and full lips this model truly has a unique look. 

I love this playful shot, shown above! All of the colors in the background and her expression make for a really fun picture!

What do you think of Bambi’s look? Who would you say is your favorite model?