FashionAdorable Alert: Let’s Get Ready to Ruffle

Attention: If you do not have something ruffly in your closet, then you must act fast! This weekend my grandmother let me go through some of her vintage clothing that she wore when she was my age, and if she weren’t so itty bitty, then maybe I would be able to fit in some of them! Ruffles have been in fashion since before our grandmothers were little girls, and this is not going to change any time soon. 

Ruffles can be considered a staple of vintage wear, and they have an ultimate girly appeal that cannot be beat. Since I am already obsessed with florals, pastels, and other items in this category, ruffles are right up my alley!

I went around the Lulus warehouse and found some of my ruffle favorites:

Photos coutesy of NewYorkCouture
How do you wear your ruffles?

ContestsName the Dress Contest #51!

The contest has ended. Stay tuned again next week for another Name the Dress Contest!

Winner: Kim

Winning Name: Gardenia of Eden Dress

MusicUrban Decay’s New Roller Girl Palette

Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands and has been for years! When you are looking for top quality shadows that are pigmented in beautiful shades, Urban Decay is one of the best options! Always coming out with the perfect new palettes and gift sets, they really got my attention with the new set Roller Girl! Always the fan of 70’s nostalgia, I found Roller Girl to be perfectly packaged and filled with the best selection of goodies! Take a look below for some pics and more info!

Packed with four sultry and sweet shades, this palette will be able to take you from day to night easily. “Suspect” is a great shade to use all over the eyelid. Use “Darkhorse” in the crease and “Verve” on the brow bone to give some shimmer and highlight. “Woodstock” is your wild card in this group! Use it in the outer corner of the eye to create a pop of color! You can use a small amount or really layer it on for impact!

Complete with a perfect brown 24/7 Eye Pencil in “Whiskey” and a shimmering pink Lip Junkie Lipgloss! This is the perfect palette to toss in your purse or beachbag for quick touch ups before a night on the town or after a day of fun in the sun! Make sure to head over to Urban Decay for this palette and more!

What is your favorite Urban Decay product?

BeautyHair Flair: How to Make Your Own Beachy Waves

With the weather beginning to really warm up, the last thing most of us want to do is spend hours with a curling iron or blow dryer. That’s time well spent at the beach or river instead!
However, I know that we do still want to look cute, even though we don’t want to work for it. While most people would scoff and say, “wishful thinking!” we girls are lucky enough to have a few tricks up our sleeves. During the summer, we can look just as cute with beachy waves as we can with barrel curls — and spend half the time doing it!

Now, there are several really great products out there for giving your hair that sexy, beachy vibe, but if you’d rather spend your money on cute dresses and shoes, then why not try these super simple steps to create your own ocean waves at home.

 How to Make Your Own Beach Hair Spray:
1. Buy a plastic bottle with a spray nozzle.
2. Fill with water almost to the top.
3. Add a few tablespoons of sea salt (not table salt — that will just make your hair look gross).
4. Add three small squirts of your favorite hair gel.
5. A little bit of conditioner or coconut or olive oil to fight off the drying power of the salt.
6. Shake all together, and then spray all over hair. If your hair is dry, spritz until really damp. If wet, just make sure it’s all coated well.
Now, the thing with beach hair is that you don’t want it to look too polished or perfectly in place, so it’s important to give it that kind-of gritty texture. You can do that by simply scrunching your hair if you already have natural wave. If you want more waviness, you can also braid your hair or twist it up in a bun until it dries. Then simply shake out your hair and ta-da!

(Side note: If you can’t help buying cute shoes, dress, AND hair products, check out Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray Fekkai ‘Beachcomber’ Leave-In Conditioner, or C.O. Bigelow Kusco Murphy Beach Hair, recommendations courtesy of
So who is ready to give up the curling iron? Are you girls going to give beach waves a whirl?

ArtPerfect Prints by Kitschy Kitschy Cool on Etsy!

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your living space or even your office at work, a print by Kitschy Kitschy Cool is the way to go! With vintage-inspired images mixed with a modern twist, these prints will create a sunny and cute mood in any room of the house! Kitschy Kitschy Cool has super low prices that allow everyone to make their home more beautiful with affordable art! Check out some of my favorites below!

Bird in the Hand Vintage Illustration

Make sure to check out the shop for more fabulous prints! 
What kind of prints do you have on your walls already?