GeneralA New Superhero in Town: Introducing the Cupcake Crusader

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s the Cupcake Crusader!
There’s a new superhero in town, and she’s baking the world a better place…one cupcake at a time.
Also known as Tia on her days off, the Cupcake Crusader is a one-woman deliverer of sweet treats to hungry, sugar-crazed dessert lovers everywhere. Or at least in Chico, California. Filling an old-fashioned bakery truck with all kinds of delicious cupcakes, she drives around to various spots throughout town to sell her wares and impart joy to the world.
As soon as I heard about this miraculous mobile cupcake truck, I just had to find out more about the woman behind it. With cupcake names like “The Red Tornado” and “Veggie Hitman,” I knew there was a story behind it all.
When did you start baking?
I started the business last October but I’ve been baking for a while. I got really into it in high school and thought about going to culinary school but decided not to and went to SF State instead. It’s kinda funny I decided not to be a pastry chef because I thought it would be too competitive so I went on to get a Masters in Library Science where there are NO jobs, so, so much for playing it “safe.”
Why do you like baking?
I love the creativity of baking, being able to put together new flavors, or create a theme around the cupcakes, that’s what I enjoy most.
Where do you get inspiration for new flavors?
I do a lot of internet searching. I haven’t yet come up with a flavor combination that ISN’T on the internet already.  Mostly I pick flavors that I would want to eat and that might intrigue people. I like to make sure I have the staples but I like to play around with flavor combos for my weekly specials.
Why only cupcakes?
Cupcakes are the perfect single portion dessert. They are so versatile and perfect for selling out of a truck. Also, I’m not a professionally trained baker and decorating a cake scares me, cupcakes are easy.
What is your personal favorite flavor?
My personal favorite is the key lime. I’m not a big frosting person so the lime glaze is a perfect alternative.

Any secret baking tips that everyone should know?
Yes! It’s all in the eggs! I try to use farm fresh eggs from farmer’s markets when possible, they make the cake much more fluffy and give the vanilla cakes a rich buttery color because the yolks are so dark. Also, number one advice is not to over mix the batter once the eggs are added otherwise the cakes wont rise as much and wont be as fluffy. 
Any advice for aspiring bakers?
One of the best things I did was figure out the science of the baking ingredients. They each have a purpose and baking is a precise process. Once you know their function, such as what is for leavening, or what is for flavor, or what is for consistency, etc. then you can start to play around and be creative with the flavors. 
Why a cupcake truck instead of a store?
I like the mobile aspect of the truck, I can go anywhere that people want cupcakes, it’s a different concept for Chico and I’m just happy people have embraced it! I love the accessibility of the truck and using social media is really engaging for my business and the customers.
Is this a full-time job? Can you support yourself on this, or is it just a fun hobby?
This is my full-time job and I am solely supporting myself with the truck right now.  Business has steadily picked up since October so I’m hoping it stays that way.

What are your other hobbies?
Oh my, I’ve been so busy lately I can’t even remember a time when I had hobbies.  I love anything with animals, this past year I raised ducklings for the first time ever. I bought a mating pair and hatched their eggs to give to my mom and stepdad for their new farm. 
You have some pretty awesome names for your cupcakes; where do you come up with them?
I’m not sure, I just draw from comic book heroes and villains I have heard of, and my mom came up with some of them.
How many cupcakes do you bake a day?
I bake 8-10 dozen a day except for Thursday Night Market I triple that amount.
How many cupcakes do you sell a day?
I’ve been selling out everyday. I just recently increased how many I was baking because I was selling out too fast.
Do you ever get tired of baking?
I do, I’m not going to lie, ha! It can be tedious which is why the weekly specials are so “special” they help break up the monotony! I can’t even remember the last day I didn’t bake something, but since I am a new business, I guess that’s a good thing!

I think so too!!
 If you’re now craving a cupcake too, then check out her site for the schedule of where she’ll be. Check out her facebook if you want a hint of what special flavors she’ll be baking each day! Do you have a lot of friends? A party or graduation? She makes special deliveries for all your entertaining needs!! (All the girls here at the warehouse are dying for a visit!)
Fellow Chicoans, you know where I’ll be on my lunch break. If you’re not in Chico, then it’s time to make a special trip to our lovely town for a cupcake and a dress from Lulus!!!

ArtHanging Happiness: Mobiles by Starcraft

  Etsy is one of my favorite online market places for art and unique crafts, and this week while browsing I came across a talented seller creating colorful and cheery mobiles! The Starcraft, a shop dedicated to paper art, is cranking out some serious mood-boosting mobiles that caught my eye immediately. Im always drawn in by bright colors, and these hanging works of art are so vibrant I just had to share them with you. Take a look below for some of my favorites.
In showers of starry delight, the vela multi, shown above, have bright bursting colors that will fill up your home and create a conversation piece. 
 The streamlined antila multi reminds me of a string of shooting stars.
 Shown above, in curly-cues of sweet pink and red is the mingling meteors mobile. This beauty is available in colors of your choice to customize your swirling home galaxy!
I love anything rainbow and this sweet cluster of stars and spheres is the perfect colorful component to a drab white wall. The ursa minor multi with spheres might just be my newest addition to my home. 
What do you think of these beautiful mobiles?

InterviewsLulus Featured Fan: Miraya!

We absolutely love our Facebook and Twitter fans! Each one of you is important to us and we enjoy chatting on 
Facebook or tweeting with all of you. So, we wanted to feature some of our lovely fans and get to know them a bit better. If you’d like to be a featured fan, just get on our “radar” by being active on our blog and 
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Some of you still have the last snow flurries lingering before the weather turns to warmer days. Today, we are featuring the cutest snow bunny, Miraya! We have some pics of her in a Lulus dress and and interview. She is a 
Facebook fan who is an active participant in all the fun on our page.   

Where are you from?

I currently live in Michigan but I’m originally from sunny Florida.

How did you hear about

I actually stumbled upon when I was surfing the web. I immediately fell in love with the clothes and ran to Facebook to Like the page.

What are your favorite activities?

Favorite activities? Yikes! That’s a tough question to ask. Let’s see, I love art, music and fashion. My main passion is art, especially digital art and traditional art –some of my art can be seen on my personal site at My second love is creating jewelry and sewing costumes for the Renaissance Festival. In fact, with a lot of encouragement from friends I have recently taken on the venture of selling some of my pieces online and will hopefully be opening an online store this coming month which is both exciting and daunting! I enjoy metal working and have recently worked with glass fusing. In short, I love trying new things and learning new things. Yeah, I guess you can say my list is pretty broad and endless so I’ll zip this up by saying I also enjoy gaming online and reading comic books. I suppose at the end of the day I’m a self professed Geek! However being a Geek does NOT mean you sacrifice being fashionable — the trick is to always make Geek look chic.

What does your closet look like?

Ahh, my closet. I am one of those lucky girls with a walk in closet. My closet is color coordinated by seasons and lengths. I basically have rows of shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, dresses and each section has to be color coordinated into a rainbow. My shoes are all tidy in plastic boxes for easy access and my belts are hung neatly on hooks. I have a vintage jewelry box my mother gave me as a child where I store my endless array of goodies. I also have some vintage boxes I use to store scarves and gloves and the such for winter. In the corner I have a tall stack of hat boxes where I keep all my fun hats for the spring and summer! I’m very fortunate to have the space and I love it because it defines my style and what I’m about. I’m an artist and I love clothes and I’m able to combine both passions in one lovely place.

What would you want to see more of in our blog?

I think you guys are doing a fine job thus far. Your articles are engaging, your staff is full of fantastic talent and your store is amazing. If I had to pick something though I guess I would suggest more tips –maybe make up tips!? I love make up and tips on application or the latest color trends seem to have some real potential.

What are your favorite Lulus products?

Oh Gosh, well first off let me say I LOVE the Look Books! Those are a great source of inspiration! As far as a favorite product goes – I can’t pick just one! I love the shoes and the clothes and the accessories – I love some of the vintage stuff you guys have! SO CUTE! <3.

What would you like to see more of on

I think I’d like to see a bit more of Career wear. Why should our fashion sense suffer at the office, right? :)

What is the most inspiring quote or motto you’ve heard?

My favorite quote is “Little minds are subdued by misfortune, but great minds rise above them” – by author Washington Irvin. I think everyone has potential, given the chance. One thing I’ve learned in life is that, yes — life is a challenge but as long as we give it OUR best and as long as we do everything we can to never give up, everything else will fall into place.

We enjoyed our interview with Miraya! We can’t wait to see YOU as our next featured fan! So, be sure to say hello to us on 
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