CelebrityFashion Icon: Grace Kelly

I have long been entranced by the elegance and beauty of the gorgeous Grace Kelly, but I’ve never known much about her or her life. I decided to do a little research and find out a little more about this immortal fashion icon. Hopefully you will be as intrigued as me!
Grace Patricia Kelly was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on November 12, 1929, to a wealthy family. After graduating high school in 1947, she moved to New York to pursue her acting ambitions. For several years, she worked as a model until she made her first Broadway debut in 1949. Her first film came in 1951’s Fourteen Hours.
Playing against such stars as Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, James Steward, Cary Grant, and Frank Sinatra, she made a name for herself as Alfred Hitchcock’s muse in such films as Dial M for Murder, To Catch a Thief, and Rear Window. It was her role in the 1954’s The Country Girl with Bing Crosby, however, that won her an Academy Award for Best Actress.
At the 1955 Cannes Film Festival, she met Prince Rainier III of Monacco, whom she married in 1956. Her dress, made by Helen Rose, is one of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time. It was also a partial inspiration for Kate Middleton’s dress!
Crafted of silk taffeta, silk net, and 100-year-old Belgium lace, it was the most expensive dress Rose had ever designed. Watch part of their wedding coverage below!

After marrying, she left Hollywood forever, instead focusing on her role as Her Serene Highness, Princess of Monaco. 

Posing for the cover of Life Magazine in 1955.
 Although she left Hollywood forever, she retained her stylish elegance and grace no matter where she went. As Princess of Monaco, she helped draw increased tourism to the country and was herself a gracious leader in the country. She had three children, Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, and Princess Stéphanie, all of whom are still alive today. Princess Grace herself died on 14 September 1982 in a tragic accident, in which her car went off the side of a cliff road in Monaco. 
Family portrait in 1973.
Her timeless sense of style and character, however, is one that will live on forever.  “I think it is important to see the person first and the clothes afterwards,” she once said, and that attitude is most definitely reflected in the clothing she wore and accessories she paired with them. After all, it is definitely the woman you see first when looking at pictures of her, and then her clothes.

We as a society will always be obsessed with royality and stardom, but Grace Kelly is one who stands over the decades out not only for those qualities, but also for timeless embodiment inner beauty and joy.
Grace seems like a rather fitting name, don’t you think?

GeneralA Day In The Life At Lulus: Silly Stripes!

It is finally Friday and you know how much we love our themed Fridays! Since stripes are all the rage right now, we wanted everyone to sport some stripes and have some fun. Just about everyone participated and the warehouse was definitely full of stripe fever.

Brittany (left) is one of the fashionable buyers for our site, and looks effortlessly gorgeous posing by the front of our warehouse in the Manhattan Chic Wide Leg Pants. On the right, I grabbed a bunch of the girls to pose for a picture in front of the breakroom. We are the packers and processors that put together all of your packages with care and love!

Karen, our fastest shoe packer, is showing off her favorite new flats, while Katie, our weekend manager, is looking oh-so adorable in her grey and coral stripes.

I love this picture of Simbala and Ekiti! They took a break from packing to pose for a picture and they look beyond adorable! Leslie (right) is processing some of your orders, and doesn’t she look great with her body art and stripes?

Renee and Sarah process your returns and exchanges, and in the middle is Kellen, our web operations manager. They look so cute in their stripes, I just HAD to put them in the blog this week!

Check out the lovely ladies in the customer service department. These fine women are geared up to provide you with the outstanding level of customer service that Lulus strives for!

Happy Friday to everyone from all of us here at Lulus!

FashionTrend Alert: Southwest Prints

Last week when I took home my sixth or seventh Southwestern Print Dress, I thought to myself, Sienna, maybe you should share your love with all of the lovely Lulus fashionistas out there? Surely some of these trend savvy gals are into the prints!
Well, I’m not going to force anyone into loving the bold colors and geometric patterns that come along with these fresh, tribal styles, but take a look, and perhaps you’ll see something you like!
As part of their Fall 2011 collection, Proenza Schouler rocked the southwest prints on tapered-leg pants, warm knit sweaters and cute tube dresses. And Rodarte (bottom right) was feeling the sheer geometry of it all as well with this boldly patterned jumper.

images from Style.com

Out of these six items, I manage to already own three of them (all three dresses), and they are my absolute favorites right now! I wore the Tulle Phoenix Heat Dress to Easter AND a wedding, and I wear the Agave Girl Dress and the Obey Navajo Tank Dress to work all the time; they are soooo comfortable!
Do you rock the Southwest prints?

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Coury of Fancy Tree House

We are back for another Blogger Spotlight! This week I wanted to highlight the beautiful Coury of Fancy Treehouse! Coury is an expert at creating soft and girly vintage looks! Based out of LA, this California girl is always looking perfect in pastels and nudes, some of her favorite shades. Whenever I need a bit of colorful inspiration, I head straight to Coury’s page for a dose of cheerful fashion fun! Take a look at some of my favorites below!

Perfect 60’s style jacket tops off a jodhpur pant and desert boots!

Taking one of our best selling dresses, the Whole Lot of Citron Going On, in an unexpected direction, Coury paired the bright dress with a rad striped tee!

I love the bright fuschia clutch with the vintage camel-colored skirt! Coury always inpires me to mix unexpected colors together!

Awesome summer combination of a green printed skirt and a lemon yellow top!

This picture reminds me of something a young Brigitte Bardot would wear! I love the exaggerated collar of the top and the pale blue skirt!

Perfect ethnic print clutch gives the light-colored outfit a pop of color!

 Always the accessory freak, this photo obviously made the cut! I love the natural braided look of the bracelets paired with the glam clutch and rhinestone accents!

Have you checked out Cory’s blog before? Make sure to head over to Fancy Treehouse and say hello! You will be endlessly inspired by her amazing ensembles!


BeautyBe Bronze: Ditch the Black Eyeliner This Summer

During the winter, I have a pretty healthy relationship with my black eyeliner. It’s sultry, smokey, and makes me look far more awake than I pretend to be. When it starts to warm up, however, and I’m wearing more tank tops and lighter clothing, the really dark eyeliner starts to appear like more of a black eye than an artistic statement.
What’s a girl to do, then, when she still wants to look polished and put-together? Luckily, I had a revelation. It actually all started off as an accident, as I was hunting around in my drawer for a basic go-to brown eyeliner one frumpy Friday.
Instead of finding my trusty blah brown, my hand magically wrapped around the Styli-Style bronze eyeliner I had completely forgotten buying. In a hurry, I swiped it on and headed out the door, only to look in the mirror a few hours later and be amazed at the great combination of earthy and exotic.
Now, here’s my favorite combination/how-to. 
Step 1. Define brows. I think this is actually really important in creating this look. Once your face is framed, it sets the stage for a balanced look and also allows you to wear less makeup!
Step 2. Line upper and lower lids in the bronze eyeliner, making sure to go all the way to the corner of the eye. If you’re brave, line your waterline as well. I personally like flicking up the top liner just a little bit, just to open up the eyes a little and create shape.
Step 3. Sweep on some matte, non-shiny brown eyeshadow all over lid. You want this to be a nice rich brown with no shine, because otherwise you’re going to look like a chocolate robot if you go metallicy everywhere.
Step 4. Add just a touch of cream or ivory highlighter beneath brow.
Step 5. Add mascara and curl eyelashes.
I love how the metallic sheen of the liner really brightens up the eyes and adds some fun and vivacity to your look, while the brown eyeliner keeps it neutral and earth-bound at the same time. You can use really any bronze eyeliner you like; just make sure to get a pencil that is creamy because you want one that can blend easily.
Anna Kendrick rocked this look earlier this year:
(Anna’s pics from Glamor.com)
She looks fresh-faced and classy, with just a hint of elegant playfulness. I actually love how her blue eyes pair with the bronze — it’s a stunning combo — but luckily this look works great with any eyecolor. I actually love the pairing of the eyeliner with the gold earrings as well; it really ties her whole look together without looking gaudy.
What do you guys think? Will you try ditch the black this summer and go boldly bronze? If you have any other bronze eye tips, please share them below!