FashionLaurie’s Loves: Feather Flair

If any of you have been keeping up with the recent additions to our site (accessories in particular), you might notice that we have developed a major feather obsession. Feathers seem to be everywhere this spring, adding a little bohemian flair to outfits found on hipsters, prepsters, hippies, and artists alike. I was going to claim that even I, traditionally not much of a bird lover, might soon be convinced to jump on this bandwagon, but it seems I have already been enchanted unawares; I realize, as I write this, that I am in fact wearing a red feather necklace. Hmmm…
So, for the rest of you who have already wisely embraced this free-spirited fashion, I have presented for you below some of my favorite Lulus picks.
Both of these tops are really fun because they’re comfy and loose and can pretty much be paired with any bottom or over any dress. The Brandy Melville top is a personal favorite simply for the cozy/chic factor.
If you love earrings, then Lulus is the place to go. There are seriously buckets and buckets of different styles of feather earrings in myriad colors and styles. Browse through our earring section and take your pick!
These two hair accessories are two of my absolute favorite feather items. Both Sienna and I were wearing this headband around the warehouse yesterday, somehow drawn to it for no explainable reason! Perhaps it appealed to our artistic spirits!
Are you all ready to weather the feathers now? What styles are your favorites?

FashionDo or Don’t? Wearing White to a Wedding

I can’t say I stayed up late to watch the royal wedding a couple weeks ago, but I can say that I watched my fair share (okay, the whole thing) of the world famous nuptials days later when it took over virtually every channel on my television (not that I’m complaining; I’m a sucker for pretty dresses). Two weeks later, I’m sure you’re all just royal wedding’d out, so I’ll keep it brief: Kate’s little sister, Pippa, looked awesome. Which leads me to the question: what the heck is the deal with wearing white to someone else’s wedding?


It has always been my understanding that guests should avoid the color out of respect for the bride. It’s her day, and we’re not trying to compete with her, right? But Pippa’s slinky number had me wondering if the rules had changed, so I did a little old fashioned research to find out where the official wedding-wear etiquette stands.




Now, to be fair, Pippa was a member of the bridal party, not a guest. I’m sure Kate had some, or all, say in what her little sister was wearing, not to mention she could have worn an electric green monkey suit down the aisle and Kate still would have been the star. However, the outpouring of post-wedding press surrounding Pippa Middleton had me wondering if this is precisely the type of show-stealing that makes white a dangerous choice for non-brides.



 Maybe it’s a British thing? True! I managed to dig up some history for you: In the U.K., bridesmaids have traditionally dressed in a way similar to the bride to act as decoys and confuse evil spirits, thus protecting her. (Also why we wear veils). AHA! (where i read this…)


That settles that. But since the bridal party rarely has any choice in what they’re wearing anyways, let’s get back to guest’s attire. Is white still off-limits? Pretty much… 



There are some who say to avoid the color, and its whole family of shades, altogether. “Female guests should not wear white—it’s really, really not polite to take away from the bride on her special day by wearing her color. Try to avoid off-white and ivory, too, if at all possible. It’s not as if you don’t own or can’t buy something another color, right?” – The Knot, via

But what about white patterns or white tops with non-white skirts or blazers? Wear at your own risk. The general consensus seems to be: nothing even close to bridal-looking, nothing predominantly white or in the white family, and just for the heck of it, nothing too attention-grabbing or revealing. The aim is to let the bride shine on her special day, so don’t wear anything that runs the risk of stealing her thunder, especially WHITE.



So ladies, it’s all about respect for that special girl on her big day. Use your best judgment, and if you have to question it… leave it in the closet. Plus, with so many vibrant and beautiful colors out there, take advantage of this chance to embrace a new hue! And if you choose to rebel, just be prepared to field the stink eye from granny….


Am I being too old school? Is white alright??


  P.S.: Black tie, black tie optional, cocktail attire… Need a little more help with wedding-wear etiquette? CLICK HERE!

DIYDIY: How to Make a Denim Vest

Old clothes collecting dust in your closet can always be an inspiration for something new. Everyone probably has that treasured old-school denim jacket they never wear but can’t seem to toss. Well…turn the old denim jacket into a new edgy denim vest! I recently cut my denim jacket down to a denim vest and I absolutely LOVE wearing it over dresses and tops!
1. Take the denim jacket and cut the sleeves off directly at the seems of the shoulder to create the rigid vest look. I prefer to leave the denim frayed after the sleeves have been cut for a true look of cut denim.
2. Although this look is already perfect to throw over a dress or top, you don’t have to stop here!! You can bleach the newly cut vest for a more distressed look! It is always a good idea to practice the bleaching process with unwanted denim items to get the hang of how you want to bleach your vest.
3. The first step is to tightly roll the vest up and rubber-band it like shown above.
4. Use a ratio of 1/4 bleach and 3/4 water in a plastic tub depending on how much bleach you want to use. Wear gloves and place the rolled up vest in the tub of bleach and water and begin mixing it around. 
If you want to go with a light bleach look, put the 1/4 bleach 3/4 water ratio into a spray bottle and spray the rolled up vest. Make sure you are doing this outside where nothing else is getting bleach on it and use gloves. *FYI: if using black denim, the bleach tends to look like a rusty orange color. 
If you don’t want a random pattern for your vest, you can lay the vest flat and use a paintbrush to apply the bleach to create patterns like flowers. Put newspaper in the middle of the vest so the bleach does not leak through to the other side. Again, make sure to use gloves!
After bleach has been applied, make sure to rinse your vest within five minutes! Doing this outside is easier so you can use a garden hose. Because you must rinse within five minutes, make sure you know what kind of patterns or amount of bleaching you want to do so you can get it done quick!
5. The final step is to machine wash the vest alone. Do not machine dry the vest; instead, lay it out to dry. After the wash and dry, you’re done and can rock the vest like a pro!

 Have you ever made your own denim vest? If not, will you try to make one now?

BeautyCharmed, I’m Sure: Beauty Inspiration from the House of Halliwell

When I worked the graveyard shift at a hotel in San Diego a couple of years ago, I used to come home every morning and force myself to stay up so I could catch the two back-to-back episodes of Charmed. Now, I know my TV viewing choices are often a bit dated, but Netflix has seriously opened my eyes to a whole new world of wonderful shows that feed my addiction. Thanks to that wonderful little link on my Wii, I have been reintroduced to Charmed once again; and I couldn’t resist doing a little shout out to one of my favorite shows!
If any of you aren’t familiar with this show, it’s about the three Halliwell sisters who discover that they are descendants in a line of female witches. Each of the sisters has her own special power, and the basic premise of the show is them using those powers to fight bad guys. Not rocket science by any means, but very entertaining nonetheless.
Airing from 1998-2006, the three main actresses of the show are Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, and Holly Marie Combs, although Shannen Doherty was also a main star from 1998-2001.
 Okay, okay, enough backstory. What I really want to focus on here is some of the trademark gorgeousness these girls have going throughout the entire series. I am tres jealous.
Please observe:  flawless skin, luscious locks, defined eyes, and perfect pouts.
Of course, they are witches so they get to play up their intense sides sometimes, but in general, they always play girls next door with a hint of innocence and personal style to accent their magical DNA.
I know they’re styled and photoshopped in many of these pictures, so many of the looks here are enhanced. However, I think there is an underlying sense of confidence and class that underlies each actress, which is especially evident if you watch the show. While each girl has her own style and they all continuously change up their looks, there is a consistent state of chic and tailored. It’s never overdone or in your face; simply classy, elegant, and stylish.
Even if you are not a magic genre fan, I definitely recommend checking out this show for the wonderful styling, makeup and wardrobes. Maybe you’ll find some new inspiration! 
So, have I convinced you yet? Any other Charmed fans out there?

FashionVintage Spotlight: A Retro Kind of Summer

With vintage inspired designs so hot for this spring and summer I thought it would be nice to examine some of the original designs and appreciate some of our vintage selections! With 60’s mod dresses, 70’s prints, ponchos and more, Lulus has you covered for your Summer of Love!

This perfect 60’s Pendleton Camel Shift Dress is a classic sixties dress and the color will go great with anything. Lately I have loved seeing cool neutrals paired with electric brights and this is the perfect shift to start with!

This summer you will find me in dresses similiar to the Bali-High Boho Dress, shown above. Pretty paisley print and perfect puff sleeves make this a go-to choice when the temperature heats up!

For the transistion from spring to summer reach for the Gilligan’s Sassy Sister sweater to stay warm. I love the sienna color and the v-neck collar! So easy to pair with denim!

For cool summer nights throw the Boho Aztec Fringe Poncho in your bag and hit the road! Perfect with cut-off denim shorts and moccasins; you will get tons of wear out of this vintage poncho!

What vintage will you be wearing this summer?