FashionBlogger Spotlight: Julie of Orchid Grey

Happy Wednesday! Time again for my favorite post of the week, Blogger Spotlight! This week I had to give some special attention to Julie from Orchid Grey. I have been a long time reader of Julie’s blog and she has kept me and her many, many readers inspired with daily outfit posts comprised of both vintage and new items. What originally got me into her blog was her tagline, “Big hair, small wallet.” As a girl with hair so big things get lost within it, Julie had me from the very beginning! This month, we were lucky enough to partner up with Julie for an amazing contest with a $100 shopping spree to Lulus. See the end of this post for details!

Check out some of my favorite Orchid Grey looks below! 

This lady-like dress is perfectly paired with a cardigan and strappy sandals. A clear 1960’s umbrella finishes the look with a touch of playfulness.

Obsessed with these 70’s platforms. Julie, you know who to call if you want to pass those beauties on!

I love the look of the patterned skirt with the chocolate brown tights. Great color combinations!

Staying on trend in a midi skirt, Julie adds her own special touch by choosing a vintage floral pattern.

Looking perfect in a Lulus maxi, Julie adds strappy buckled platforms for a polished look. 

I love the bright pop of orange handbag paired with the deep blue patterened skirt. 

Julie has a real eye for color combinations and patterns, and to top it off, her writing is funny and super engaging! One of the many bloggers I hope to meet in person one day, you feel like you have a friend in her just by being a reader! Make sure to hop on over to Orchid Grey to get some inspiration and to say “Hello!”

Want to win $100 dollars to shop your heart out here at Lulus? Visit Orchid Grey for details!

BeautyProtect That Beautiful Skin: How to Choose Your SPF

Excuse me for a moment while I stand on my soap box, but this is something that I feel strongly about because it is something that is completely under your control! That is, protecting you skin from the sun!
A sun “tan” is by definition DAMAGE to your skin! I know, I know what you’re thinking: “But I look healthier, skinnier, prettier, etc., with a tan!” Trust me ladies, as someone who has customized skin care for women, in twenty years you will wish you didn’t spend so much time soaking up those rays! Instead, be proactive and protect that beautiful complexion NOW to prevent wrinkles, sagging, and loss of elasticity LATER in life!
Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting that you lock yourselves indoors all summer long. I’m just suggesting you lather on the sunscreen, not the tanning oil!
Did you know that there are two different kinds of sunscreens that protect you in different ways? Let me break it down for you…
Chemical Sunscreen:
Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the sun’s rays. In general, chemical sunscreens offer more protection from UVA and UVB rays, but may be more irritating for some people’s skin. Chemical sunscreens have ingredients such as Avobenzone and Octinoxate, among other things.
Physical Sunscreen:
Physical sunscreens work by deflecting the sun’s rays. The active ingredients in physical sunscreens protect against UVA and UVB rays as well, but they may not protect you from the full spectrum of UVA rays. Physical sunscreens contain ingredients such as Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.
So, what does all of this mean?
Basically, both work to protect you from the sun’s damaging rays; you just need to find the one that works best for your skin type! If you break out from using a chemical sunscreen, you’re probably allergic, which is not uncommon! How do I know? Trial and error combined with some research! For the longest time I could not figure out why my skin was breaking out. Then, I realized that the makeup I was using contained a chemical sunscreen, and I found out it is not uncommon to be allergic to chemical sunscreens! I have since switched to a physical sunscreen and my skin couldn’t be happier!
I can not tell you enough about how important it is to protect your skin DAILY! Not just when you know you’ll be outside for extended periods of time! The sun’s rays are tricky and can permeate through your car or office window and those cute oversized sunglasses!
Here are some suggestions for you to try:
This is Clinique’s City Block Sheer! The great thing about this physical sunscreen is it has the daily minimum SPF requirement which is 25, and it acts as a makeup primer! So not only will it protect your delicate skin, but it makes your makeup go on smoother and stay on longer! A double whammy!
This is Neutrogena’s Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 30. This chemical sunscreen has gotten rave reviews for its lightweight feel and matte finish!
Still think you can’t live without that glowing tan? Fake it, with a sunless tanner! My favorite are the gradual tanners that you can apply everyday to build just the right amount of color without looking streaky or orange!
So go ahead, have some fun in the sun, just protect yourself!
Will you be protecting your skin this summer? If so, what is your favorite sunscreen?

CelebrityThe Royal Wedding of the Century: Prince William and Princess Kate

On April 29th, 2011, William and Kate made it official by saying their “I Do’s” in front of billions of people around the world. Their fantastically elaborate wedding has been noted as the “Royal Wedding of the Century” and has been the trigger of happiness for the past few months. On this wonderful day, the Queen gave the Royal couple the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I was utterly obsessed with all of the wedding coverage and I am pleased to share a synopsis with all of those who were not able to view at 3am Eastern time. 
As Kate arrived next to him on the aisle, Prince William jokingly remarked to his father-in-law, “Just a small family affair!” With an estimated two billion people watching, this gathering was anything but “small.”
Something different these two did was changed their vows. Instead of saying “to obey”, Kate wanted to say “to love, comfort, honor, and keep.” I love that this adorable couple is putting a modern spin on tradition.
The Dress
 Kate’s gown can be viewed as one of the best-kept fashion secrets of all time. She decided on Sarah Burton, artistic director of Alexander McQueen, and chose a dress with a v-neck and long lace sleeves. Prince William’s office stated, “the dress was made of ivory and white satin gazar. The skirt echoed an opening flower, with white satin gazar arches and a train measuring 2.7 meters (9 feet). The ivory satin bodice, which is padded at the hips and narrowed at the waist, draws on Victorian tradition, a hallmark of McQueen’s designs.” I can hardly wait to see all of the trends this dress will spark for weddings to come.
Kate also wore Queen Elizabeth’s wedding tiara, which was absolutely stunning!
The Carriage
Prince William and his bride left Westminster Abbey in the same open topped horse-drawn carriage used by the Prince and Princess of Wales on their wedding day in 1981.
The Ring
Prince William used the spectacular oval blue 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring when he first popped the question to Middleton. William said giving Kate the ring was his way of ensuring his late mother could be part of the occasion. In front of the world’s press, he said: “It is very special to me. It was my way to make sure my mother did not miss out on today and the excitement that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.”
The Guests
As everyone gathered in front of Westminster Abbey, crowds went into a frenzy over the celebrities that were attending the service. Celebrity guests included Victoria Beckham and her husband David. Elton John also attended with partner, Bernie Taupin. 
The Hats
The invitation asked the lady guests to wear a hat. People showed their adoration for the future Princess by emulating her favorite fashion staple. There were some notable pieces out in the audience, with such elaborate hats that were larger than some people’s heads! If you were not seen with a hat on, it was seen as disrespectful and therefore a fashion faux pas.
The Cake
The wedding cake was designed by Fiona Cairns and was accompanied by a chocolate biscuit cake that William had requested made from a royal family recipe. The garland on the cake matched the architectural garland in the room. The wedding cake was made up of 17 individual fruitcakes, with 12 forming the base. Yum!!
The Kiss
The couple left the abbey hand in hand and rode toward Buckingham Palace, where crowds gathered to watch their first kiss as a married couple. The new couple shared a kiss on the balcony, which was very brief! To respect the demands of the crowd, they locked lips again. Awww..
The Car
William and Kate surprised everyone by driving away from the palace in an Aston Martin with the numberplate JU5T WED. What a perfect ending to a perfect day! 
Oh..and I had to include a picture of the adorable Queen Elizabeth..

A very royal congratulations to the happy couple from all of us here at Lulus!
What did you all think of the royal festivities?
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FashionDebunking fashion Myths-Don’t Fear Stripes are Here!

Wearing stripes can be a scary thing, but it doesn’t have to be! A lot of people tend to shy away from wearing stripes to avoid looking wider. But don’t fret girls, we have some great tips on how to wear those stripes and feel confident while doing it! 
A great way to ease into wearing stripes is to start with solid black and white stripes. Don’t worry whether the stripes are horizontal, vertical, or all over the place! Remember it’s not about what you wear, it’s about HOW YOU WEAR IT!
(1) This simple white striped mini can be dressed up or down! Dress it up with a tucked in solid shirt and some heels or dress it down with some flats and a vibrant solid color shirt. (2) This striped button up can be perfect for an interview with black slacks or can be dressed down for a casual vibe you will love! (3)  Finally, this sizzling striped tube dress is a winner for a night out on the town! 
(1)  (2) (3)
Another great way to start wearing stripes is to start with striped accessories! (1) The Sabrina Fair Hat is great for a hot day on the beach with a simple dress. Keep a look out in the ‘back in stock’ items! (2) Striped accessories like the ‘Rainbow Bracelet’ is great to spice up any outfit of any color! (3) Striped bags may be intimidating but they really go great with solid colored outfits!
(1)(2) (3) 
When you feel ready to make the leap to vibrant and playful stripes, be daring! (1) This colorful striped dress is a simple yet darling look for a summer day. Wear it to a BBQ, over a bathing suit or throw some heels on for a night of dancing. (2) High-waisted shorts are always a great way to show off those legs, especially with heels! With these striped shorts, a simple solid color top is best. (3) This two-toned striped dress is perfect for a summer day on the lake. Throw on a floppy hat and some flats and you’re set! 
(1)(2) (3) 
I hope these ideas get you ready to strut your stuff in stripes! 


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