FashionOutfit Inspiration: Clarissa Explains It All

I don’t know about you guys, but Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All was definitely my fashion idol growing up. She had everything I wish I had as a pre-teen: rad clothes, checkerboard room, a tiny caiman named Elvis, and cute boy who climbed into her room. Recently, I have been re-watching episodes and getting inspired by Clarissa’s rad 90’s style. 

With her awesome graphic tees (Keith Haring!), her ability to mix prints with ease, and her affinity for scarfs, Clarissa was the perfect icon of the 1990s. Below is a collage of her best outfits that she wore on the show. 
Some great Clarissa pieces can be found over in our vintage section. Insight, Mink Pink, and Motel are also great brands to look into for 90s-inspired pieces. 
Any other Clarissa fans out there?

Guest BloggerArt Inspired Fashion by Jen of Jenloveskev: Henri Matisse

Hey everyone! It’s Jen again from Jenloveskev. Here we are with the 2nd installment of our Art Inspired Fashion posts. This month I decided to choose a famous French painter because I am going to Paris next month for a week!! I am so excited. One of my favorite painters is Henri Matisse. He used such beautiful bold colors, and every painting is a joy to look at. That is why I chose this Seville Still Life painting; it is so full of life with all the contrasting patterns. 
 I didn’t want to be so literal with my interpretation, but I did look around for a fancy couch in a red room to take pictures. I guess we are in short supply of those in my neck of the woods. Haha!
  Anyway, when I saw this dress I knew it would be perfect. Not only for this painting but for summer as well. I love the floral print and the colors that are used, not to mention how cute the collar is. Isn’t it adorable?
 I swear the color of this dress is the same color of the background of the painting. I see lots of remixing in our future together!!  
Outfit Details:
 Seville Still Life by Henri Matisse 
Hermitage, Saint Petersburg


Any other Matisse fans out there?