FashionJames Franco Shoots Agyness Deyn for Elle July 2011

Sometimes, you just see a set of photos that knocks you straight out of your chair. This shoot by James Franco, starring the beautifully androgynous Agyness Deyn, did exactly that. Casually browsing the internet, I came across this gender-bending shoot inspired by James Franco’s catalyst to stardom, James Dean. Capturing a timeless beauty, Franco’s photography is moody and rich in contrast. Always a fan of model Agyness Deyn, I love how these images celebrate her bone structure and stunning presence. Actor, model, filmaker…photographer? What other suprises does James Franco have up his sleeve!? Make sure to pick up July’s issue of Elle for the hard copy of this amazing artwork. I’m literally going to the store now!! Take a look below for the highlights.





 A great shot of the photographer himself, in a pretty awesome outfit, I must say!

What do you think of this shoot? Can Franco make it behind the camera, or should he stick to acting?

FashionHow to Be a Pirate: Fashion Inspiration from Penelope Cruz

 After viewing Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides last weekend, I immediately went home and chucked everything in my closet. 
Okay, not really, but after viewing Penelope Cruz‘s swashbuckling style throughout the film, it really made me want to add some piratical pieces to my wardrobe.
Here are the things I can see that I need to put on my shopping list:
1. Some Serious Attitude
As first mate on the Queen Anne’s Revenge, she had to be scary enough to keep all those mateys in line.
2. A Lot of Black Eyeliner
I’m pretty sure it’s a requirement to pal around with Jack Sparrow.
3. Posse of Pirate Friends
I think this helps add to whole kickin’ look. Pirate hat, check. Leather and feathers, check. Scary dad with a magic sword, check. 
4. A Hat
This girl looks darn good in a hat. The entire movie. Especially when standing next to Johnny Depp.
5. A Head Scarf
This is my absolute favorite look from the movie. Flowy shirt, paisley patterns, rougish hair and scarf. What’s not to love!
6. Johnny Depp (Can you sense a theme here?)
I would totally ride on a boat to a deserted island or wade through the snake-infested jungle if I got to do it with Capt’n Jack. Le sigh….
(Pics from here, here, and here.)
Secretly, I think Penelope Cruz might be a pirate in real life. After all, she filmed this whole crazy movie while she was preggers! For full-body shots, her sister Monica Cruz filled in with her own piratical pizzaz. This gives me hope, because that means I might be able to be a real-life pirate, too.
So, there you go. Hopefully it will inspire you to go out and buy your own sword, or at least go on the hunt for some sweet swashbuckling accessories.

ArtWeekend Inspiration: Dreamy Photos

Weekends in the summertime should be filled with fun and festivities! In my head, summer days have a hazy and warm feeling, filled with bright colors and dreamy lighting. While browsing around online, I came across these gorgeous photos that embody my idea of warm, lazy months. With carnivals, beaches, good food, and travel, these photos are definitely a picture-perfect vision of summer. Take a look below for my favorites from shop owner Happeemonkee on Etsy!

Make sure to stop over to HappeeMonkee on Etsy for more amazing travel, nature, and still-life photography!
What makes a perfect summer day for you?

FashionReykjavik Street Style!

After a beautiful getaway to chilly but warm-hearted Iceland, I couldn’t help but dig into the stylings of the capital city, Reykjavik. On the fringe of European style, yet still influenced by their own rich culture, these Sub-Arctic citizens put plenty of color and life into what was an unusually cold spring.
With the sun skimming just below the horizon for only a few hours each night, the night life became a much livelier (and only slightly dimmer) reflection of the long bustling days in this waterfront city. Reykjavik is infamous for it’s night scene which can include pubs packed full of singing (and well-dressed) Icelanders.

Style highlights included cheery floral prints, sassy and colorful legwear, and light jackets to ward off the brisk nighttime air.

Scarves are also an easy way to fare well when the evening turns a bit chilly. Easier to tote than a jacket, a nice scarf will definitely keep you from getting the cold shoulder!

Adorable footwear was all about, with a huge emphasis on ankle booties. Lace-up, strappy or slip-on; the bootie is not going out anytime soon!

These five adorable Icelanders were outside of Reykjavik’s largest shopping center, the Kringlan. Could they be any cuter????
Have you been overseas lately? What styles trends have you come across? 

FashionLaurie’s Loves: Fourth of July Fashion!

It’s no secret that red is my favorite color, and I’m definitely proud to be an American, so you can understand why the Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. (Plus, I’m strangely a huge sucker for potato salad, and there always seems to be an abundance of the stuff at celebratory barbecues.)
Another great thing about the Fourth of July is that it’s a holiday. Which means parties. Which means dressing up. Luckily, we just got in this super freakin’ cute dress yesterday, which I am totally wearing for this year’s shindigs.
The one thing to really keep in mind when dressing for the Fourth of July is not to go overboard; there are three colors to work with here, and if you try to wear them all at once with a bunch of different pieces, you’re going to end up looking like a walking flag. Which, I guess, is not bad if you’re in a parade, but otherwise, keep it to one or two colors. The point is to look fashionable, not frightening.
Another option to consider is playing with the various shades of blue and red; think coral, vermillion, turquoise, and teal. Or, add in a completely neutral color, like beige or brown, to balance the brights. Both of these ideas stick to the festive flavor, just with a twist. Take a look at these numbers:
Both of theses dresses are super cute, super easy to throw on for a barbecue, and super spirited! What more could you want? How about more options!? Check out some more options red, white, and/or blue dresses! Here are a couple of my other favs:
Now, the only exception to wearing all three colors at once is when it comes to jewelry, bags, and shoes. If you have a sweet pair of red, white, and blue shoes, then by all means, go ahead.  Flag earrings? Flaunt ’em! 
Here are some awesome accessory options from Lulus:
 Found some things you like? Me too! (It’s sooo hard not to buy all of this stuff as I sit here writing about it!) There are only about two weeks left, so order a dress or earrings for you and your sister and combine to save on shipping! (Check out our delivery schedules here.) Order now and you’ll have plenty of time for a trial run before a night out under the fireworks!
What plans do you have to celebrate the 4th?