ArtPushing Paper to New Heights: The Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave

Pretty dresses, huh?

Yeah, they’re made of PAPER… I swear!
Isabelle de Borchgrave is a Belgian artist who wears many hats, from painting to wallpaper to tablescapes and beyond, but my favorite is her fabulous collection of intricately folded, pleated, and painted paper dresses. Her recent exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, called “Pulp Fashion: The Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave”, showcased her incredible talent for costume design via paper, with a walk through the history of fashion, from the Renaissance through the era of Christian Dior and Coco Chanel (though, I suppose if you want to see her Chanels as much as I do, you have to buy the book).

Marie Claire de Croy and Child, after Van Dyck’s painting ; Neapolitan Woman, after Stanzione’s c. 1635 portrait
De Borchgrave has a gift for breathing new life into historic paintings through re-creation, like the two works above, inspired by art currently on display at the Legion of Honor. Her “I Medici” and “White Dresses” collections (below) are perfect models of her expertise.

De Borchgrave, a great admirer of fashion from every era, has devoted an entire collection to the work of famed Spanish fashion designer Mariano Fortuny, all displayed beneath a delicate tent created with, what else, paper.

The World of Mariano Fortuny
And if you’re not already blown away, she’s also recreated looks made famous by Marie Antoinette, Billie Holiday, Jackie Kennedy, and the fashion houses of Worth, Dior, and Lanvin, plus window displays for designers like Hermès. WOW.

Billie Holiday ; Jackie Kennedy’s Wedding Dress

Dior Display Window ; Lanvin

Hermès window display
I might add that she’s also made ballet costumes, Turkish kaftans, shoes, furniture, vases, men’s and children’s clothing… you name it. Plus her interior decorating skills are totally worth marveling over [she even did a collection of hand-painted, paper party décor for Target (sold out, of course)].
Check it all out at her website; it’ll blow your mind.

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CelebrityMila Kunis: On the Rise

You probably know her from That Seventies Show. You might remember her from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And you’ve definitely heard about her in Black Swan.
 But did you know that Mila Kunis, née Milena Markovna Kunis, was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine? Luck of the draw allowed her family to move to the United States when she was seven, and she entered second grade not knowing a word of English.
She began acting when she was nine when her father enrolled her in acting lessons at Beverly Hills Studios, and she quickly landed rolls in commercials and ads for Barbie, Lisa Frank, Payless, and Guess. After a few minor rolls in shows like Days of Our Lives and Seventh Heaven, she auditioned for and won the roll of Jackie Burkhart in That Seventies Show.
Because producers required she be eighteen to get the rolll, then-14-year old Mila truthfully told them that she would be 18 on her birthday … she just didn’t say which birthday. Her big breakthrough came with Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and she’s been walking the red carpet ever since.
With appearances in magazines like W, Vanity Fair, and Cosmo, Mila ranked #22 on the 2010 Maxim Magazine Hot 100 list and #17 on the 2010 FHM Hot 100 list. Even hotties have a nerd side though; she’s the voice of Meg Griffin in Family Guy, and is a self-proclaimed nerd who likes to play World of Warcraft. 
She says: “I am such a nerd. I’m not one of those girls that goes, ‘Ha, ha, hee, hee. I’m a nerd.’ No, no, no–my brain mentality is the same as a 12-year-old little boy. The video games that I play, the things that I like to watch–I’m a Trekkie. I’m so happy the nerds are finally winning.”
And if being hot and funny wasn’t enough, she’s also got a heart of gold: just recently, she accepted an invitation to the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, North Carolina. While stationed in Musa Qala, Afghanistan, Sgt. Scott Moore of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marine filmed a YouTube invitation asking Mila to the ball, suggesting she take a second to think about it and then get back to him.
Watch it for yourself:
 After being shown the video by co-star Justin Timberlake, Mila accepted! Lucky man!
Her next movie, Friends with Benefits, comes out July 22, and for your Mila and JT (yum!) viewing pleasure, I’ve presented you with the trailer below:
For someone as gorgeous and talented as she is, it’s nice to know this beautiful lady has a normal, genuine side. “My goal in life,” she says, “is to enjoy what I do, and never to look back and say I wish I would have done that . . . and to become someone great in life!” Sounds like a plan to me!
(Quotes & info from
Any other Mila fans out there? Who’s going to see her new flick?

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FashionAshley Smith for Muse Magazine’s Moon Safari

Ashley Smith is the rising star in the world of fashion, posing for Vogue magazines around the globe, Elle, Diesel, Free People, and many more. Extraordinary photographer, Chad Pitman, chose Smith for his Moon Safari shoot for MUSE MAGAZINE. I am absolutely in love with the photos from this shoot. Makeup artist, Darlene Jacobs, did such an amazing job and truly captured the natural essence within Smith.
(photos courtesy of