FashionMood Board: Studio 54

With the awesome seventies revival going on right now, I decided it was time to do a little research on Studio 54, a Manhattan nightclub that was, at its peak in the late seventies, the most famous disco in the world. 
Graced by celebrities like Bianca Jagger, Liza Minnelli, Cher, Truman Capote, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Brooke Shields, Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, and Debbie Harry, it was the ultimate place to see and be seen. If disco were ever to have a last hurrah, this was the place to do it.

Want more? Check out the awesome slideshow from Life Magazine and then watch the movie with Ryan Phillipe and Salma Hayek!

ContestsName the Dress Contest #64!

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Winner: Arianah

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Liz of Late Afternoon

Welcome to another round of Blogger Spotlight! Liz of Late Afternoon is one of my favorote spots to head over to when I am in need of some fashion inspiration! Mixing flowing skirts and tailored separates is just one of her many talents, in addition to always having fantastic hair and makeup to accompany her many fabulous outfits. Take a look below for some of my favorite photos of Liz!
 I love this pairing of neautrals and a denim top! So chic and simple with perfect proportions.

Tailored and sleek red pants demand your full attention while a black and white striped top provide a graphic element to offset the bright hue!
I love this playful ensemble Liz wore to Disney Land. It is almost Fairy-esque and topped off with super fun sequined mouse ears this outfit is definitely smile-worthy.
 Great example of layering and use of color and pattern.
 Worn at this weeks Magic Convention, Liz stands out in playful polka dots and a girly-cute skirt!
My personal favorite of this group of photos, this vintage inspired pattern is perfectly played up with a bright turquoise clutch and amazing peach sunglasses. 
Amazing stripes and a boater hat are perfect for a day at the marina!
Make sure to check out Liz’s blog, Late Afternoon, for more beautifully inspiring outfit posts!

ArtOff the Wall: Art by Shawn Smith

Do not adjust your screen; you are seeing this just right. Why, it’s just the work of Shawn Smith, the Texas based sculptor!
Using everyday imagery trapped inside a pixelated view, Smith works as a human 3-D modeling system. By meticulously putting together small blocks of ink-stained wood, the fragmented images are full of movement and a computerized sense of life.

  The close-up on “Schrodinger’s Hat” (2009) is absolutely incredible. At only 22″ tall, you can imagine how tiny these little blocks are!
This fox is one of my favorite pieces by Smith; the wide range of tones are so perfectly placed that the image seems to flatten into 2D.
A close-up of “Everett” (2008) reveals a network of color that is bewildering, but absolutely wonderful.

ArtTattoos: Inspirational Body Art

From the bronze age to the 20th century, tattoos and piercings have been a form of self-expression for centuries. Their meaning and impact varies from culture to culture; and by their very nature, they are a timeless art. Each individual tattoo or piercing sets you apart from every one else in the world and lets you show your creativity and express your emotions and ideals.

The source of inspiration for this blog were the many examples of body art floating about the Lulus warehouse. I simply had to show them off!
Check some of our employees’ tats below: 
  Anna, Packer
“My feather tattoo represents my heritage and background. I am part Aztec Indian, and this tattoo represents a part of who I am and reminds me where I came from.”
Anissa, Processor
“The tattoo on my ankle is the Chinese symbol for strength. It represents the strength I was forced to develop when I was a teen mother and preparing myself for all of the responsibilities associated with that role. It reminds me of how strong I was during a time when I was very overwhelmed with how fast life was approaching me and how that courage was worth everything.”
Nikki, Shoe Inventory Specialist
Nikki wanted to focus on two of her tattoos for this blog. The first is the series of roses on her left arm. “Three has been a very symbolic number in my life. In a way, the number symbolizes me being a strong woman and how I became the person I am today. I chose red because it symbolizes power and that color brings the whole tattoo together of representing my powerful self.”

The second tattoo Nikki wanted to share was a large one on the left side of her torso. “This is my mom’s senior portrait. She will forever be part of me and she has played an important role in my journey of life and discovering who I am. The quote below my mom is from ‘The Great Gatsby,’ and it basically symbolizes being who you are, never being ashamed of where you come from and the importance of self-worth.”
Kellen, Operations Manager  
“The words on my right wrist say ‘Caller 10.’ It is a song by Punchline and is about how fate leads you to your soul mate and how important it is to never lose sight of this. I found my soul mate, and my husband has this album cover tattooed on him. These tattoos represent the meaning of love and the beauty associated with my marriage.” Aww :)
Liz, Shipper
“Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is my favorite author. His writings have changed my life in many profound ways, so I got this tattoo to symbolize how much his writings have influenced my life. It is dedicated to my favorite author.”   
Matt, Receiving Manager
“The tattoo on my left arm is of two eagles and a tree. The two eagles represent strength and courage and the tree represents creation. I love nature and all things pure, so I thought it would be great to get a tattoo that brings together all of the sides of my personality.”

Holly, Customer Service
“On the left side of my torso, I have a large dragon fly. When I was younger, I was very sick and my mother gave me a dragonfly necklace to keep me strong. Since then, every time something catastrophic happens to me that I survive from, I get a dragon fly tattooed on me. I currently have four.”
Stephanie, Blogger Relations
“I wanted to talk about a tattoo on my left arm that represents a very meaningful relationship in my life. My best friend’s last name is Fox, and I got a picture of a fox to represent the important role this friend has had in my life. She is not only a best friend, she is a sister to me.”
Cara, Blog Coordinator & Stylist
 “I choose the tattoo behind my ear because it’s one of my most meaningful tattoos and it represents someone who has changed my life for the better. I got it as a friendship tattoo – she got a fox because that is my last name, and I chose a crown because her name means ‘crowned.’ I couldn’t ever imagine her not in my life, as she is truly part of my family.”
 What great stories! For those of you who want some self-expression of your own, you can always consider the less permanent approach of henna and realistic temporary tats.
Do any of you have any tattoos?