FashionInsta-Cute! Our Weekend Manager Karen

Karen, our weekend manager, looking amazingly chic.

FashionFlashback: High School Fashion from 1969

If it’s true that there is nothing new under the sun, then there is no better proof than these photos. While many of the styles featured here look very much like some of the ensembles hoofin’ it down the runways lately, they’re actually the originators from over forty years ago! 
Shot by photographer Arthur Schatz in 1969 for Life Magazine, the scenes pictured below capture a day in the life of typical late sixties high school. Whether these were candid or styled, I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that these girls knew how to rock it! Check it out:
Kind of in love with everything in this picture:  orange socks, flowy white pants and tops, and wowza pink pants.
Orange fringe poncho? Yes please!
Hmm…this style looks suspciously familiar. Maxi dress, flat sandals, and braids. Chic and easy. 
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MusicNew Music: Who is Bon Iver?

Have you heard of Bon Iver yet?

If you are at all interested in Indie, Folk or just plain good mellow music, than you might want to read on.  

Pronounced “bone ee-vare,” this play on the French saying for “have a good winter” was chosen by the band’s frontman and founder Justin Vernon. Vernon created the entire first album For Emma, Forever Ago, while spending a winter in northern Wisconsin alone.

By layering tracks and using words that paired with the melodies he was able to create a rich ethereal effect that simply did not carry through alone in concert. Hence; Bon Iver the band! Their second, self-titled album (first together) debuted June 21st and has been sweeping across the globe ever since.  The music is soft and subtle, yet insanely rich. It’s American Beauty for 2011. 

Take a little taste with this brand new video of Holocene shot in Iceland this summer!

 Are you a fan of Bon Iver, now?

FashionTrend to Try: Colorful Purses!

Fall is coming fast, and this year you can see the sunshine on the horizon. Mod color blocking and bold pattern play are going to be BIG, leaving those dreary greys for another day. Thus, our newest trend to try: Brightly Colored Purses!

Louis Vuitton was rocking the high saturated handbags for their Spring 2011 looks and with the re-emegrence of high-spirited color, it may be time to get one of these juicy new purses and give it a squeeze!
Check out some of our hottest varieties!


Do YOU rock a colorful purse?

GeneralInside Scoop: Starbucks Secret Menu

Tired of the same ol’ boring latte every morning?
Well, word on the internet is that Starbucks has a secret menu of speciality drinks that are anything but blah.
With names like Green Eye, Dirty Chai, and Captain Crunchberry Frappuccino, these drinks have all the excitement and adventure of an undercover operation. 
Take a look at some of these special creations:
  Chocolate Dalmatian
Recipe: Sprinkle java chips and chocolate chips on a White Chocolate Mocha.
Super Cream Frappuccino
Recipe:  Ask for the “super cream” version of your drink. The barista will make your drink half cream, half whatever you ordered.
Triple C
Recipe:  Mix caramel syrup and chocolate mocha syrup into a Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Nom.
And these are just a few. Other crazy concoctions include Chocolate Pumpkin, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Biscotti Frappuccino. Check out  The Daily Meal’s slideshow and’s list for some more secret menu items.
If you REALLY like secrets, check out 24 Secret Restaurant Menus Revealed for a listing of other secret menus at popular chain restaurants. Note:  Because secret menus are not the real menu, it is often hit or miss whether your barista or server will a) even know what you’re talking about when you order one of these crazy names or b) have the ingredients to make them. Moral of the story:  order at your own risk (and then tell us about it!)  

Any of you have a secret concoction of your own?