ArtDIY: Paper Flower Key Holder

If you’re anything like me, you lose your keys. Every. Single. Day. No matter how hard I try, they always go missing just seconds before I am running out the door, already five minutes late. In fact, I even have a spare backup key stashed in my makeup drawer for when they’re really MIA.
after many tears,
enough was enough.
It was time to make a permanent resting place for my keys.
Hence, the
Paper Flower Key Holder!
What You Need:
Wire Coathanger
Hot Glue Gun
Book or Magazine Pages
Krylon Clear Coat (or any other kind of clear spray paint)
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
How You Make It:
* Cut out a small circle of cardboard, about an inch around. You can vary the size of the cardboard circle depending on how big you want your flower to be.
* Cut a piece of coat hanger about 10″ long with the wirecutters. If you use one end that’s already bent, that will save you a lot of trouble rebending the wire, but whatever is easier for you.

* Using the picture above for reference, shape the piece of wire to have two loops at each end: a rounded section for the key hook, and a twisted section to glue onto the cardboard circle.

* Glue the twisted section onto the cardboard circle. (You can feel free to use a ton of glue if need be. Nobody is going to see this part, so be as messy as you want – just make it stick!)

* Next, cut out six big flower shapes from your book or magazine. Consider cool pictures from a travel magazine, or pages from your favorite poet. If you don’t want to ruin a good book or your favorite new magazine, hunt down old books at thrift stores or pretty ads from the pages of your mom’s old Marie Claire magazines – be creative! I used a combination of ads from Glamor and Cosmo magazines I had lying around my apartment because I wanted something colorful and inexpensive.

* Stack all six layers on top of each other and rotate them so the petals stand out at different angles.

* Staple them all together in the center with an “X” shape. By stapling one over another, it makes them stronger and prevents the petals from coming detached from the others.

* Pull up all the layers so they stand up in a 3D shape.

* With another page or scraps of a page you’ve already used, make another smaller “flower” shape with thinner strips for the center of the flower. Hot glue it in the middle to cover the staples and create a full center.

* Before gluing the flower onto the cardboard, coat the flower with a layer of clear spray paint and let it dry.

* Add a few more coats of clear spray paint until the whole flower is crisp and strong. (Note:  I used the glossy kind of spraypaint, and it turned out with a really neat finish. Consider experimenting with different finishes for unique looks.)

* Glue the whole flower to the cardboard circle. Because I happened to have glitter glue, I also decorated the “petals” with some squirts of silver glitter just for fun.

* Once the glue is dry, hang the key holder on the wall.

Ta-da! Enjoy no longer hunting for your keys (for a day or two anyway – lets be realistic).  Not only is this a great way to store your keys, it’s also a wonderful homemade present. It’s quick, cute, and quirky, and the fact that it’s homemade is even cooler.
I got the original idea for trying this out from, so check out their own tutorial for more tips and pics! 

GeneralLulus Reads: Short Stories!

There are some times when getting into a long novel just doesn’t work. When I’ve got a busy schedule or if I’m traveling, I always find it nice to carry a book of short stories around with me.
This week I decided to ask our friendly warehouse staff in order to discover some exciting volumes and unearth some old favorites.
  Something New:
Birds of America by Lorrie Moore was recommended by Rene in returns, and while it isn’t brand-brand new (published in 1998) we think you should give it a whirl.

Low and behold, what a busy-bee Mr. James Franco has been publishing his own collection of short stories, Palo Alto, inspired by his hometown.


Something Old:
 I am all about my crinkled old books. My summer reading has been chock full of the quirky musings of Ray Bradbury and the Americana based tales of Eudora Welty.

Something Youthful:
The entire collection of books written by Roald Dahl made it into our selections. Refreshing and fun, these classics are the perfect stories to pass on generation after generation!

Other favorites:
Tales of Eva Luna by Isabel Allende
Gift of the Magi by O. Henry
Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne

And anything by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. or Italo Calvino.

What are your favorite short stories?



ContestsHair Flair: Evelina Barry Does a Lauren Conrad Signature Bun Tutorial

Happy Thursday lovely Lulus ladies! Today I have a really special treat for you!
The amazingly beautiful and talented Evelina Barry is here to share a fabulous new hair tutorial that she’s created specifically for all of you!
Like this look? Here are her instructions:
Lauren Conrad Signature Bun

Lauren Conrad is famous for her chic and elegant hairstyles. I’ve gotten a lot of requests on recreating this bun after wearing it in my back to school styling video. It is very simple and you can dress it up or down by adding hair accessories. Enjoy!

1.    Brush your hair thoroughly to make sure it’s tangle free.
2.    Put your hair in a high ponytail.
3.    Lightly tease the ponytail. This will give volume to your bun as well as tame down those stubborn layers.
4.    Lightly twist your hair and wrap it around the crown of your head. Use bobby pins to pin it down and hide any sticking out strands.
5.    Use hair spray to ensure it will hold for the rest of the day.
6.    Add a headband or any hair accessory that you like.

We’re all finished. Enjoy your quick and elegant Lauren Conrad inspired hairdo!

If you want a little extra help, check out the video for more tips!

Originally from the Eastern European country of Moldova, Evelina moved to the United States right after high school to pursue her passion for art and a degree in interior design. Along the way, she met her husband Daniel and celebrated an incredible fairy-tale themed wedding in Laguna Beach, CA. (Check out her wedding video here. So beautiful!)
“One of the best experiences that happened to me while being in the States,” she says, “was to discover the Youtube beauty community and start sharing my passion for art, beauty, and fashion with the world. I can finally say that I truly love what I do. (I know, we Europeans are cheesy:))” 
Want more tutorials and videos? Check out her YouTube channel and her blog, or find her on Twitter and Facebook!