FashionFashion Votebook: Grunge vs. Mod

Here we are kicking off the first episode of Fashion Votebook, where YOU decide the winners!
Emma Balfour vs. Twiggy
These are the professionals, ladies. These skinny blondes battle it out swapping combat boots for slender slingbacks and monochromatic layers for a cutesy minidress.
Kim Gordon vs. Mary Quant
You can think of Kim Gordon as the Great Aunt of grunge with Manic Panic hair, oversized vest and baby tee. On the right we have Mary Quant, the mother of the mini skirt AND hot pants!
Claire Danes vs. Jean Shrimpton
Can the cute star of My So Called Life overcome with her grungy plaid and mismatched layers, or will the pristine look of Jean Shrimpton’s pressed gingham plaid win over?
Winona Ryder vs. Peggy Lipton
The ultimate nineties brunette, Winona, had it all; the look, the career, Johnny Depp – but can she rival the crisp, tailored look of Mod Squad star, Peggy Lipton?
So who wins?
Mod or Grunge?

FashionLulus Brunch during New York Fashion Week!

In every account I read, New York Fashion Week is described as a crazy whirlwind filled with fun and parties, running from show to show and barely stopping in fear of missing a fabulous event! This year, Lulus was lucky enough to make it out to Fashion Week to participate in and throw some events of our own! One of the exciting ideas we had was to throw a brunch for our favorite bloggers to meet new friends and say hello to some familiar faces as well!
We all met at the beautiful Crosby Hotel in SoHo! With a yummy spread of eggs, bacon, french toast and more, we all filled our plates and started chatting!
Keiko Lynn was kind enough to join us and even to humor me with a chat about her adorable dog, whom I absolutely adore almost as much as I adore Keiko!
The beautiful Julie of Orchid Grey enjoying the food!
Cristina of Trop Rogue and Natalie of Natalie Off Duty taking beautiful pics as usual!
The adorable Ashley of Fancy Fine. This girl is always so silly and sweet!
I was so excited to meet Tieka of Selectiive Potential (left) in person! We have worked together for a bit and she is so sweet! Punky of Punky Style (right) is always so much fun to work and hang out with!
We even had time to do some street style photos with the girls! Take a look below for some faves!
Four lovely ladies all lined up! Left to right, Dylana of Color Me Nana, Bonnie of Flashes of Style, Natalie of Natalie Off Duty and Cristina of Trop Rogue!
I love this picture of Natalie! Perfect model pose.
The best hair and amazing creepers on Cristina!
Bonnie always has a super sweet and feminine style!
Dylana looking awesome in a hi-low hem dress and oxfords!
The beautiful Emily of It Girl Rag Doll looking so sweet in vintage and curls!
Ashley in ice blue vintage!
Keiko Lynn always has the best color combos! In love with the olive green and fuchsia!
Tieka, Jen of Jen Loves Kev, Julie, Jessie of The Concrete Catwalk, Melissa of Shoestring Magazine, and Punky all hanging out together making up the most stylish group I saw all weekend! Amy and Melissa also make up the infamous Swapaholics who we worked together with on our Swap back in June!
Julie looking so cute in her Lulus dress!
Tieka in a perfect wide belt and floral shoes!
Jen has a perfect combo of hot pink and animal print! Super cute!
Thanks so much to the lovely ladies who joined us for a relaxing morning before another hectic day at Fashion Week! It was a blast and we were so happy to have you!
Stay tuned for another blog about out event that night, coming soon!

FashionDiamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend: Lara Stone as Elizabeth Taylor

Although the elegant Elizabeth may have left us earlier this year, her memory is timeless. In this stunning editorial for the Heroes Issue of V Magazine, actress Lara Stone pays homage to the beautiful screen siren.
With a pink-hued wig and rivers of glittering diamonds, these gorgeous photos (shot by the world-famous photographer Mario Testino) capture all the glamor and grace Dame Taylor would have wanted.
“I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance; you can only admire it.”

(Pics courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue and Jessica Daily.)

FashionFashion Faux Pas That No Longer Apply

Okay, so we all grew up thinking that mom knew best when she was dressing us. When we started to grow up and think for ourselves, however, we realized that many of her old-school fashion rules were simply outdated. Fashion is becoming much more laid-back, allowing for more variation and experimentation. Some of the fashion rules that grandma and mom adhered to simply need to be reconsidered and given another chance in the 21st century. 
These are the “Fashion Rules” that have been tossed out the window:
1. Don’t Wear White after Labor Day. 

I simply cannot comply with this rule since white is such a striking and crisp color. White compliments almost any outfit. As the years go on, this rule is continuously broken – look at all the winter whites that have appeared on recent runways. So go ahead and wear your white heels with that adorable navy blue dress, or pair that white body-con with your best white coat this winter. The only time I would advise not to wear white is to a wedding . . . unless you are the bride!
2. Don’t Mix Black with Navy or Browns.
I break this rule on a daily basis, but for others this is going to be a hard rule to shake. If you aren’t ready to dive head first into this style, don’t worry; I have a way to ease you in. Break up the black and the browns or blues with neutral colors. For the blue + black combo, I tend to separate them with a grey accent piece, while the black + brown combo is easily broken up with a beige. See? I’ve got you covered.  
3. Stay Away from Mixing Metals. 
I see no reason why we can’t layer different metals against one another, especially during fall when various shades of browns and oranges are being worn. Why not also compliment different shades of metals? The defiance to this out-dated rule has allowed for more personal expression and adds a little something special to your style. 
4. Always Match Your Purse to Your Shoes. 

This is such a boring rule when there are so many different purse patterns and colors that can make an outfit stand out above the rest. Take note from any street style guru or blogger babe who mixes and matches prints and patterns with ease. Even adding a patterned purse or a bright, bold clutch to a minimalistic look can bring your whole outfit together. Why limit yourself when there are so many amazing purse options out there?
5. Don’t Wear Socks with Shoes. 

Okay, we all know that Birkenstocks with socks is a major fashion no-no, but heels and socks? Yes, please. This look is major perfection and continues to give ladies liberation in their style choices. Wear some adorable peep-toes with a solid-colored pair of tights. How could you not love socks with a pair of cute ankle-strap heels or the perfect wedge? It adds such a girly appeal to any look. 
6. Avoid the Canadian Tuxedo.
This is still easily able to go very very wrong, but worn the right way this look can knock your socks off! Trick of the trade: it’s easier to wear if one of your denims is at least two shades darker than the other. The farther apart the denim shades are, the easier this look is to pull off. I’ll let you guys in on another little secret:  my Canadian tuxedo of choice is on a well dressed man. Yum.

7. Don’t Wear Leather or Suede During Summer.
Not being able to wear my fringed vegan leather bag with a cute pair of shorts and my favorite Rolling Stones tee during summer? Are you crazy?? I also love to wear leather sandals and some tall suede boots with shorts when it is warm out. Honestly, I’m ignoring this one.

Of course there are many other fashion faux pas that still exist (awkard turtle necks, VPL, “cliff hangers,” and long sleeves under summer dresses are a few of my peeves), but now you know these are the seven rules you are allowed to break. Basically, just wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! You don’t have to follow any old-fashioned rules any longer: we are a new generation, ladies! 

 (Photos courtesy of Tumblr and Pinterest)

GeneralLulus Reads: The Help

Okay, I haven’t seen the movie yet, and I think I’m going to wait.
I just finished Kathryn Stockett’s The Help a week ago, and honestly, I don’t want to spoil it. Maybe you’ve read it. If not, then read on.
Narrated by the main characters Abilene, Miss Skeeter and Minny, The Help is a tale of life in Jackson, Mississippi in the early 1960’s. Miss Skeeter, an awkward young white woman who aspires to be a writer, secretly approaches Abilene in hopes of finding out what happened to the maid who raised her. Eventually they collaborate on a secret book about what it’s like to be a maid in Jackson. In a world full of ladies’ league meetings, civil rights marches, and southern hospitality, the women of The Help find each other amongst the waves of social turmoil, and their stories continue to intertwine and bump around behind closed doors until the hopeful ending.
One of my favorite tricks by Kathryn Stockett is her ability to press small historical facts between the otherwise fictional lives. At one moment you’ll be riding in an old farm truck with Miss Skeeter; the next you’ll be listening to Bob Dylan for the first time. As far off as this suppressed southern lifestyle seems, Stockett’s notes at the end of The Help reveal how much her own life really did inform her characters.
I was caught by this book from the very beginning and finished it in a matter of days. The Help entertains, entices and offers you a place at the circle of unlikely friends. As for the movie . . . I think I’ll wait until it comes out on Netflix.