GeneralCrazy and Cute Cake Molds!

Recently I stumbled across this adorable and innovative cake pan called the Cakewich. Maybe you’ve seen it.

Pop in your cake batter, slice and suddenly you have a confectionary version of the old PBJ, deviled ham, salami and cheese . . . whatever you can come up with! Stuff it with savory lookalikes and get your faux pain on!
After this miraculous discovery, I went on a search for the most innovative and quirky cake molds out there. Below are a few of my favorites!

This octopus cake pan from Williams-Sonoma would be so fun to decorate; look how they’ve used the little candies on the tentacles!

Skulls are always cool, and one of these skull cake molds would be great for a Dia de los Muertos-inspired treat!

There seem to be several versions of the Gigantic Donut Cake Pan floating around out there . . . lucky for us.
What’s the coolest cake YOU’VE ever made?

FashionFallen Angel: Model Emma Xie for South China Morning Post

Photographed by world-renowned Paul de Luna for the South China Morning Post‘s Style Magazine, this dark, ethereal shoot take place in Paris to a symphony of rich rose petals, soft sunlight, and dark shadows.
The combination of sheer nude mesh over sultry lingerie forms a stark contrast to the heavenly gold eyeshadow and halo of romantic roses.

I love this shot on the banks of the Seine. If there is any better way to capture Paris’ untameable sense of  dark noir and romantic nostalgia, I don’t know what it is.
(Pics courtesy of

ArtDIY: Things to do with Old Wine Corks

Ever wonder what to do with all of those wine corks? Being a wine enthusiast myself, I thought there had to be a better way than just tossing the old corks out. I did a little research and found out a bunch of awesome things we could all do with them! Corks are derived from the Cork Oak Tree. Corks can be reused for so many projects, so why waste them? 
-18” wreath
-Hot glue gun
-Florist’s wire
-Fabric for a bow
*Glue corks to wreath, staggering them as you go. Continue all the way around wreath. Tie a bow around the florist’s wire and attach to the wreath.
-Empty vase
-Glass candle holder
-Candle for center
*Clean your empty vase well.
*Place candle into your glass candle holder.
*Place candle in the center of the vase.
*Proceed to fill corks in all the way around, leaving some space at the top.

  Cork Curtains:
-Heavy string
-Small wooden beam
*Use the needle to string the corks. Alternate between beads and corks for a beautiful arrangement.
*Hammer nails into wooden beam 1/2 inch apart, leaving nail head sticking out halfway.
*Wrap excess string at end of bead chain around the protruding nail and tie off. 
*Hammer the nail the rest of the way in.
*Repeat until finished!
Bulletin Board:
-Any kind of base board (matte, foam board, etc.)
-Hot glue
-Push pins
*Simply hot glue the corks onto whatever base you choose.
*Let dry before hanging on wall.
*Use push pins to hang up little notes!
 Place Card Holder:
-Razor blade
*Flatten one edge of the cork by sanding it down
*Use a razor blade to cut an even and thin notch through the rounded side of the cork
*Add a name tag and you’re done!
 Cork Ornaments:
-Paper clip
-Ornament holder
*Cut a paper clip in half and shove both ends into the cork
*Use an ornament holder to hang on tree
-Hot glue
*Arrange corks however you see fit
*Glue together as you place them next to each other
*Put a decorative bow around arrangement and glue, securing ribbon.

-Long necklace
-Jewels or gemstones
-Small rings
*Cut cork into think slices
*Paint the corks, glue on jewels, it is up to you!
*Fasten corks by drilling a small hole in each end of the cork. Bring together with rings
*Break the old necklace in half and attach each end to the small loops
Check out this AWESOME cork window display I saw in an Anthropologie window that inspired this blog:
(photos courtesy of pinterest and nikki in stiches)

News1-2-3-4, Paris Declares a Post-it War!

 I’m staring at a colorful block of Post-its right this very moment, wondering,”Why didn’t I think of that?”
You may not have heard on the news, but there is a war raging in Paris, and it’s spreading across Europe as we speak. The weapon of choice: Post-it notes, with a hearty helping of serious creativity.
 It all began with video game developer Ubisoft, then the battle quickly caught on between neighboring office buildings, and the rest is history.

Most of the subjects of choice revolve around video games (starting with Mario and friends) and cartoons, though a few brave souls have expanded the selection of characters to include some unexpected faces. All you fashionistas out there ought to appreciate this particular homage to designers Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, and Sonia Rykiel (below).

Other popular characters: Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Tetris, and my personal favorite, Angry Birds.

Though, the pièce de résistance has to be this multi-story masterpiece:

There are loads more pictures to see online, so check out Post-It War (updated daily!), though I had the best luck sifting through the facebook page.
 So now, I’m looking out the giant windows here at Lulus, and I’m considering my own, harmless little declaration of war… 

BeautyFall 2011 Makeup Trends

With 2012’s New York Fashion Week currently underway, I couldn’t help but take a peek back at last season’s fashion show and see what we might expect for this fall’s newest makeup trends. Many of the makeup trends seen on last season’s runway helped pave the way for the entire year’s greatest looks, from neutrals to ravishing red lips and bold eyes. We couldn’t get enough new ideas last year, and I can hardly wait to see what beauty trends await us this year!
Beauty Trends from 2011 NY Fashion Week:
1. Thick, dark eyebrows
2. Shades of red
3. Colorful, smoky eyes
4. Natural & neutral
5. Metallics
5. Defined eyeliner
Backstage Beauty at NYFW 2012:

Now that you are all caught up on which beauty trends you will need to be sporting for fall, I thought I would give you a sneak peaek of the backstage make-up going on right now in New York for NYFW. 
Stay tuned for more 2012 NYFW updates. Let the beauty trends unfold! Need to see updates as they happen? Go here!
(photos courtesy of tumblr and