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Hi Everyone, it’s Jen again! I am back for this month’s Art Inspired Fashion post. I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall season. This month I wanted to pick something that gave off a great fall vibe. I was particularly looking for a painting that had rich colors in it.  I fell in love with this floral painting by Rachel Ruysch.
It has so much depth and life in it. I especially love the pop of coral, peach and mustard colors in the flowers. Rachel Ruysch was a Dutch artist who specialized in still-life paintings of flowers in the 1700′s. 
When I saw this Coral Dress I knew it was the perfect match.
I paired it with this Olive Hurley jacket because I think it creates the perfect balance just like in the painting. Can you imagine painting with such detail? This painting is so beautiful!
Paintings can be such great inspiration to pull from when picking colors for an outfit. I am totally inspired! 
See you next month for the next Art Inspired Fashion post! Happy Halloween. 

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FashionLooks We ♥: Peplum Dresses

Peplums, flounces or basques, whichever way you call them, we are loving the flattering look of a simple peplum waistline. We give thanks to Christian Dior who added a little slice of fabric to his dresses in the forties and fifties (sparking this modern trend) though Christian himself may have been inspired by the ancient Greek Peplos, a style of dress that draped about the waistline creating the illusion of a separate top and bottom.
Moschino was ahead of the game with their fall 2011 looks, which would all make amazing holiday dresses.
Fresh looks in the fall 2012 shows included this gorgeous pink peplum dress by Jason Wu and a classic white piece by Cushnie et Ochs.  
Blake Lively sporting a classic little black peplum dress.
Brighter look by Alexander McQueen and Vera Wang.
Have you had your eye on any peplum dresses?

ContestsName the Dress Contest #72!

The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning dress name: Dose of Vitamin Se-quin (Note: To keep the name easier to search for on our site, it will be named as Vitamin C-Quin)

Winner: Donna

GeneralSite to See: Draw a Stickman!

If you haven’t already received the link to, then now is your chance to go have about three minutes of good wholesome fun!
Created by, Draw a Stickman is “a creative interactive project that demonstrates how animation can be used strictly [sic] with JavaScript on the web and mobile devices. A year project in development, was built with a sharing and viral strategy in mind”. And viral is right, with well over five million hits, this fun little project has hit it big!
Below is a scene from my own stickman, followed by snippets from the Draw a Stickman Gallery.



Try it out and be creative today!

GeneralLast Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

The weekend is almost here, and that means it’s almost time for Halloween parties, costume celebrations, and monster bashes! While many of the girls here at LuLu*s have been carefully planning their costumes over the past few weeks, there are others of us . . . *cough* . . . who put planning to the last minute and then end up frantically digging through our closets in hope of some miraculously awesome costume.

Sound familiar?
Well, despair no longer. I am here to offer you some quick, last minute Halloween costumes that are easy to put together and might even get a few laughs:
Shot in the Dark: Dress all in black and tie a shot glass around your neck. 
Black Mail: Wear all black and put a postage stamp (a big photocopied one or a few real ones) on your chest. 
Seven Seas: Draw the letter C seven times all over your face and arms (use safe ink!).
Quarter Pounder:  Carry a quarter and a hammer. 
Deviled Egg: Wear all white and attach or paint a yellow circle to your stomach. Add horns and a grab a pitchfork.
Refrigerator Magnet:  Paint a shoebox black and attach it to your back. 
Runaway Bride:  White dress and sneakers. A veil is a nice touch, too.

Joan Crawford:  Smear lipstick outside your natural lipline and add a bow and some bling.
Bucaneer:  Attach a dollar to each ear: Buck-an-ear.
Aircraft Carrier:  Carry a toy airplane.
Quarterback:  Tape a quarter or an enlarged copy of one to your back. 
Facebook Page:  Use a piece of cardboard to create a profile page. Cut a hole out where your face should go and then fill out all of the relevant information with a set of colorful sharpies. Make sure to include your interests, phone number, favorite drink, etc. just in case anyone is curious.
Clue Cast: Have each of your friends dress in a single color and go as Miss. Scarlet, Cornell Mustard, Professor Plum, and the rest of the gang.
Bat:  Cut up a cheap black umbrella from the dollar store and attach to a black hoodie. Insta-bat.

If you want even more ideas, head over to and check out their awesome list of Last Minute Quick Costume Ideas. You can also check out College Candy‘s Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Don’t Look Last Minute.
 (Pics courtesy of:, Lauren Conrad’s and Ideas courtesy of above-listed sites.)