ArtLauren DiCioccio’s Embroidered Art is SEW Cool


I could try to paraphrase, actually I did, but you just don’t mess with perfection. Artist Lauren DiCioccio says it best in her own words:
My work investigates the physical/tangible beauty of commonplace mass-produced media-objects, most recently: the newspaper, magazines, office papers and writing pads, plastic bags, 35 mm slides. These media are becoming obsolete, replaced by the invisible efficiency of various technologies. In some cases, this transition is a good thing- faster transmission and distribution of information, streamlined systems, openness to user input, less waste. But a hole is left behind by the disappearance of these everyday objects. What will happen when we no longer touch information? When newsprint does not rub off onto our fingertips? When we no longer write longhand?
The tedious handiwork and obsessive care I employ to create my work aims to remind the viewer of these simple but intimate pieces of everyday life and to provoke a pang of nostalgia for the familiar physicality of these objects.

As you can see, the original newspaper is still there, underneath her beautiful embroidery. The same is true for her National Geographics collection:

You really get the nostalgia she’s talking about with her “35mm sewn slides“. I haven’t seen these since third grade!
I know. It’s amazing. But, I can’t help myself; there is more:

Playing cards, money, books, paper products… You wouldn’t believe some of the other fasincating work this young lady has done. Seriously, narrowing down my favorites was a gargantuan challenge.
AND she’s a good samaritan, too. Her “Dear Soldier,” collection gathered volunteers to embroider hand-stitched letters (on her own machine-sewn, lined, fabric “paper”) to members of the armed forces currently deployed in Afghanistan.
(Images courtesy of Lauren DiCioccio and Colossal)

GeneralFabric Favorites

Lovin’ all these new prints and textures!

Any favorites?

FashionInsta-Cute! Chelsea Crew Bolivia

Loving our new Chelsea Crew Bolivia ankle boot!

FashionProfessional Presentation: How to Dress For An Interview

Got an interview swiftly approaching and simply cannot decide on something to wear? I can help.

It can be quite nerve-racking when you are trying to pick out the perfect outfit for a big interview. First impressions are everything and the way you initially present yourself says a lot. I have compiled a number of different outfits for a few various job interviews. This is just a broad guideline, so please feel free to mix and match as you please!
Administrative/ Secretarial

For this look, I think you shouldn’t be too dressy. A skirt would be perfect with a pretty top neatly tucked in. Don’t over accessorize – just a simple silver bracelet or some pearl earrings. Don’t have a flashy purse either, you want to look professional, but also approachable. Add a cute little blazer to match and your look is complete. 
Get the look:
Dress: Sugar Pie Ruffle Red Dress, Blazer: Business Boom Tweed Blazer, Bag: Carry On Mustard Yellow Purse, Shoes: Chinese Laundry New Love Black Pumps, Necklace: Subtle Indulgence Blue Teardrop Necklace
If you are trying to get a job in the education field, I would say it is okay to be a little more dressy in this case. I would suggest a dress, or a skirt, that goes past your knees with a flowy blouse that shows absolutely no cleavage. Match with a beautiful handbag, some simple heels, and some pretty jewelry and you are set.
Get the look:
Skirt: Forever and a Day Black Skirt, Top: Butter Rum Sheer Yellow Top, Shoes: Qupid Nadine 47 Red Burnished Braided Pumps, Tights: Hoodwinked Print Brown Tights, Bag: Obey Victoria Taupe Vegan Leather Handbag, Rings: The Alchemist Oval Gold Ring, Bracelet: Foreign Strands Chain Ring.
Sales and Marketing

With this ensemble, I would suggest an outfit that shows you know what you want. With sales, you have to present yourself well, in addition to performing to the best of your abilities. These two attributes coupled with a positive attitude will be sure to nail you that job. I would suggest a beautiful pencil skirt with some traditional black pumps and a matching black blazer. Match this outfit with a beautiful and bold bag and you will be sure to nail the interview!
Get the look:
Skirt: Final Draft Navy Blue Pencil Skirt, Top: Collective Concepts Golden Dlobe Teal Top, Jacket: Sands of San Sebastian Ivory Crop Jacket, Shoes: Qupid Onyx 43 Dark Taupe Curvy Platform Pumps, Earrings: Clear As Crystal Bronze Earrings, Bag: Madrid Maneuver Red Handbag.
Public Relations

Flashy is the best policy. Maybe I have watched Sex and the City too much with Samantha Jones sporting her best Gucci shoes and Chanel earrings, but I believe it is essential to over accessorize and wear your most expensive heels for this type of interview. The main thing I would advise is not wear too much makeup or perfume, that would just make a lovely look a little tacky. 
Get the look:
Blazer: Be Like Blake Cropped Black Blazer, Jumpsuit: Lake Balaton Rust Orange Jumpsuit, Necklace: Zad Shield Armor Gold Necklace, Shoes: Qupid Neutral 173 Nude Two-Tone Patent Strappy Platform Pumps, Purse: Nine to Five Structured Black Handbag.
Fashion Industry

This is where I would suggest going all out. Wear your best accessories and your amazing heels. You want to create a bold statement with your outfit, giving the impression that the world is yours. The fashion industry is much more liberated than most other industries, where you can reveal your creativity through your outfit. I would suggest a bold nail polish to complete the look!
Get the look:
Dress: Motel Jenna City Scene Black Print Dress, Blazer: BB Dakota Byron Brown Blazer, Shoes: Luichiny Luv Lee Purple Combo Suede Color Block Platform Pumps, Bangles: Metals of Honor Bangle Set, Ring: Ad Hawk Gold Bird Ring, Belt: Fallen Leaf Black Belt, Purse: Moped Chronicles Fringe Blue Leather Purse.
This is an industry that has a very ‘get down to business’ look so you don’t want to be too flashy. I would suggest a pair of pants, a pretty blouse, and some flats. Match with a small handbag and some simple earrings and you are ready. I also suggest wearing your hair back to give a neat and polished look. Bring a sweater as well, since most of those office buildings are freezing. 
Get the look:
Top: Enchanted Spirit Long Sleeve Cream Top, Pants: BB Dakota Hadley Black Pants, Blazer: Christie Brinkley Light Blue Blazer, Shoes: Chelsea Crew Leila Blue and White Spectator Flats, Earrings: Zad New Peacock on the Block Feather Earrings, Necklace: Twig Time Gold Leaf Necklace, Ring: Wingtip Silver Feather Ring, Bag: League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen Green Handbag.
Creative Arts
Similar to the fashion industry, a career in creative arts also has a much more liberating style. Whether you are going to be an art curator, art teacher, or a gallery attendant, you will be sure to rock the interview. I would suggest some three inch heels, nothing too high and overwhelming. A flowy and simple dress with a light blazer and an airy scarf. Adorn some simple earrings and wear your hair in loose curls. Something about even describing this outfit makes me want to go to a museum so I can sport this look! 
Get the look:
Top: Abbey Road Long Sleeve Navy Blue Top, Maxi Skirt: Mink Pink Bad Romance Red Floral Maxi Skirt, Bag: Fair and Square Brown Leather Handbag, Bracelet: Quill Call Feather Friendship Bracelet, Ring: Ozma Green Rhinestone Ring, Necklace: Lift Off Gold Feather Necklace, Shoes: Chelsea Crew Sari Taupe Suede Oxford Wedges.
Enjoy looking classy, ladies
(All outfits compiled by yours truly on

ArtIt’s a Small, Small World (Really, Really Small)

Never has a lab coat looked so much like an artist’s smock. The Nikon International Small World Competition has been “recognizing excellence in photography through the microscope” since 1974, capturing the rarely-seen world that stays invisible to the naked eye.
Curious? According to their site:
A photomicrograph is a technical document that can be of great significance to science or industry. But a good photomicrograph is also an image whose structure, color, composition, and content is an object of beauty, open to several levels of comprehension and appreciation.

Now, call  me shallow, but the close-ups of intestines, cancer cells, and bugs, while fascinating in their own right, kind of gave me the creeps. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t subject you to that. So I went ahead and selected my own personal winners from 2011. Not that an English degree qualifies me as a judge, but hey, ths is just my “level of comprehension and appreciation.”
Some are amazing because of what they are, like a needle and thread, a down feather, a snowflake, or frost crystals (clockwise from top left). This microscopic view of sand from Beijing, however, has to be my favorite (above).
Others look remarkably like abstract art, though I couldn’t begin to tell you what they actually are. Unless, of course, you happen to know what a “graphite-bearing granulite from Kerala ” is…(below).

What really blows my mind is how much some of these photos look like landscape paintings. Scenic hillside, anyone? Oh, no, that’s a “gallium antimonide semiconductor wafer surface after metal peel-off,” actually. Duh.

Sunset, right? No. Try fire agate magnified by ten. Silly me.

I’m always a sucker for a holiday theme…
Also, since this competition has been active since the mid-1970’s, I figured I should pay homage to the winners of 1977, below. You’d think they’d look a lot more low-tech, am I right?

Who knew science could be so pretty?

(Images courtesy of Nikon Small World)