FashionIntroducing Everly Clothing: Founders & Designers Adriana and Fabiana Tell All!

Here at Lulus, we do our best to bring all of you the most unique clothing we can find from companies that share similar goals of affordability, wearability, and individuality. One such company, Everly Clothing, is not only one of my top favorite Lulus brands, but it is also a name with a real heart behind it.
When I contacted founders – and sisters! – Adriana and Fabiana, they were thrilled to do an interview. They even threw in some never-seen-before pictures from their Fall LookBook, as well as photos from around the office. Read on for their spin on the fashion, food, and staying friends through it all!
everly clothing
Where did the name Everly originate?
Adri & Fabe: In the beginning stages of starting our clothing line and coming up with a name and muses, we realized we wanted to create a girl who would ultimately be our ever changing muse. We researched tons of books and magazines, and when we both heard the name Everly, we knew we wanted our girl to be called Everly.
There are a lot of aspiring designers out there. How did you make Everly Clothing a success?
Adri & Fabe: Honestly, we really believe with all of our hearts that Everly has been successful so far because of love. This might sound cheesy, but working together as sisters and best friends – everything we create together has been pieces we absolutely love.  When launching our line we really ran with the idea to do what we love and hoped everything else would fall into place.
Any words of wisdom for starting your own business?
Adri & Fabe: Be ready to work hard and there is no job too small for the boss. Your energy will flow through the company so always be positive in all that you do.
What your favorite part of running Everly? The hardest part?
Adri:  My most favorite part about running Everly is working with Fabe.  Everyday I really feel inspired to do my best and feel challenged to bring something to the table. I also love seeing our entire team from design to production to sales come together to make Everly come to life. The hardest part is definitely finding the right people to work with and dealing with so many different people and personalities in all aspects of the business.
What’s it like to work together as sisters?
Adri & Fabe: We realized we are fortunate because it’s not everyone who can work with their siblings. Before being partners we were best friends and really spent every waking moment together since we were kids. We had the same group of friends in high school and we shared rooms for more than 10 years where we would stay up late chit chatting about life, boys (and more boys). We rarely fight and when we do, it lasts for about 10 minutes and then we forget the reason we were even mad in the first place. The best thing about working together is that we can be completely honest with each other without any barriers. We have a deep understanding that anything that is said —  is said with good intentions and is never meant to harm the other person.  It’s been a great journey so far and we are thankful for each other – through good times and bad.
(Everly Mood Board)
Your website bio says that you love travel art, music, photography, food, and vintage. How do you incorporate all of this into your dresses and clothing?
Fabe: We take inspiration from everything we see and do. We might take a color from a photo we both love or a lace idea from a beautiful vintage dress we snagged at a thrift store or flea market.  Seeing a beautiful photograph might inspire us at the beginning of the season and might be what the entire collection focuses on for that one season.
Do you actually design every item, or do you have a big creative team?
Adri & Fabe: Here’s how it works:  Fabe is our designer for Everly and we actually design every single item. On a daily basis we are e-mailing and texting each other what is inspiring us at the moment and Fabe uses all that inspiration to create a look. Once the sample is made, Adri wears the sample and both of us will stand in front of the mirror commenting on what we love or what can be changed about the garment. It’s like playing dress up everyday, but in real life.
(Everly Clothing Patterns)
Best moment so far in this business?
Adri & Fabe: The best moment so far in our business has been watching it grow and we absolutely love receiving e-mails from people saying they love Everly and want more of it.  Connecting with the girls who wear Everly through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has been amazing.
What’s your favorite food/comfort food/standby for chilling out or distressing?
Adri: Hands down tomato basil soup with a grilled cheese.
Fabe: Shabu shabu (Japenese hotpot) or homemade chicken soup.
If we looked in your closet right now, what would we find?
Adri:  A lot of black. I love black. You would also find tons of all types of dresses and lots of vintage goodies found at flea markets.
Fabe: Button down tops of all colors and lots of coats.  You would also find a rack of blazers and a lot of gold vintage jewelry.
If you had to pick three items of makeup to live with the rest of your life, what would they be?
Chanel Moisturizing Bronzing Powder. I got this as a birthday gift from my oldest sister and learned how to use bronzer through Bergdorf Goodman’s Twitter (@bergdorfs).  Their Twitter girl gave a step by step picture tutorial, and I noticed it did make a big difference! (who knew Twitter would teach me how to put on makeup?!).
Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. Fabe introduced me to this and I have loved it since the first time she let me borrow hers. It’s like colorful lotion that will hide all your blemishes.
Chanel Teint Innocence.The salesgirl at the Chanel counter swore by this foundation and told me all her model friends gave themselves touch ups during the day with it. I totally fell for it and now can’t live without it. (That salesgirl deserves a promotion!)
Laura Mercier’s Undercover Pot was introduced to me by a friend and who swore by it. She promised me it would cover anything at anytime. I gave it a try, and it’s become my go to source for hiding anything.
Chanel’s Automatic Liquid Eyeliner has never failed me with smudging – even after a good cry.
Nars’ blush in Mata Hari never fails to bring me to life!! No matter day or night, it always give me rosy cheeks that don’t make me look tired.
(Everly Threads)
What do you splurge on when it comes to completing your look?
Adri: Facials. My facialist once told me that having great skin is the best accessory a girl can have.
Fabe:  A nice chunky necklace.
Are there any current fashion trends that you’re really into? Any that you don’t like so much?
Adri: I am obsessed with all the bright legwear I’ve been seeing around and am loving the cutouts and high-low anything.
Fabe: Right now I am loving chevron prints and colored lace. Fur vests are a must this season.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten when it comes to fashion?
Adri & Fabe: LESS IS MORE.
A little note: We are so excited for the next chapter, and we feel so grateful everyday to be working together and to be a part of the Lulus community.  We’re in the process of giving our blog a facelift and can’t wait to share our stories and experiences in running our business and life at Everly. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter for upcoming events.
XOXO, Adri and Fabe

ArtHalloween Craft Idea: Firefly Glow Jars

If any of you are Pinterest freaks like me, you might have seen this picture making its way around many boards. Pretty sweet right?
I thought so, too. Soooo…I decided to make some for myself!
Check it out:
What You Need
  • Glass Jars (Either save your old pickle jars or pick up some cheapies at a thift store)
  • Glow Paint, as many colors as you want (Find it at a craft store or any place that sells craft supplies)
  • Small Paintbrushes
  • Whisk 
  • Glitter
  • Small Spray Bottle
  • Water
How You Do It:
  • Make sure your jars are clean (Spaghetti sauce smears don’t look so hot when lit up)
  • Assemble your supplies
  • Pour Paint into small bowls (ones you don’t care if they might … *cough* … be glowing for many years to come.)
  • Dip your paintbrush into the paint and try to coat the bristles evenly. If you have big ol’ globs on the end, the paint doesnt splatter so much as plop into the bottom of the jar.
  • Hold brush about halfway down and insert the other half into the jar. Tap the brush back and forth against the inner rim to splatter the paint. Turn the jar as you splatter so it covers all the sides.
  • Continue tapping the brushes with the various colors of paint until you get the desired coverage and colors.
  • Once you’re all done, allow the paint to dry. Then set your jars under the light for a while so they can absorb as much as possible.
Sadly, I do not have a cool enough camera to capture the results of this awesome glow jars, but suffice it to say that my guy was so impressed with the glow effect that he tried to sneak a couple of the jars home with him. The end result was actually very similar to the picture at the top, albeit with a more ghoulish green glow.
As you can see from my final results, my own splatter effects were a little different than the top picture. To achieve a smaller spatter, you might try using a small wire whisk, or even a spray bottle with water (I tried the spray bottle without water, and it instantly clogged.) I also thought that throwing some glitter in there might be kinda cool.
No matter what color or method you use, you’re definitely going to have an awesome glow effect with very little effort. If you’re really into decorating for Halloween, then these jars would be great for lining a walkway or illuminating a haunted doorway.
Gonna try this for yourself? Post your results below! I’d love to see what you gals come up with!


CelebrityRising Star: Saoirse Ronan

I finally rented Hanna last night, and this girl blew me away. So, of course, I immediately googled her to find out who she is, where she came from, and what’s next for this star on the rise. If she looks familiar, you may recognize her from breakout roles in the The Lovely Bones and Atonement, among a host of other lesser known titles. Though I’d be willing to bet that we’ll be seeing her name in lights a lot more often in the days to come.

Her name is Saoirse Ronan (pronounced “Sairsha,” “Sersha,” or even “Seersha”; according to her, all three are acceptable), and she is a seventeen-year-old, Irish actress who’s already got one Oscar nomination (Atonement) under her belt.
The more I learned, the more I liked about this stunning, yet down-to-earth young lady. Not to mention, I’m on board to follow the beginnings of what promises to be a highly fashionable style evolution. Just look how far she’s already come since her first Academy Awards appearance at the ripe old age of thirteen:

I’m also loving her adorable casual style. So Lulus!

Gorgeous, am I right? Catch her in The Way Back (already in my Netflix queue) and Violet & Daisy, both on DVD, and keep an eye out for The Host, out next year.
(Images courtesy of Access Saoirse & Just Jared)

ArtLEGOs Make a Home Sweet Home for Le-Ghosts

Can’t you just imagine the tiny LEGO ghosts who must wander these halls?

I’ve seen some cool uses for LEGOs, but this just blows my mind. And since ’tis the season for spooks, how perfect are these scary-movie-ready, Halloween-happpy, LEGO masterpieces by MOC enthusiast, Mike Doyle. (New thing I learned today: MOC is an acronym for “my own creation,” which refers to any Lego creation designed and built without instructions.
Absolutely stunning to look at, yes, but the fact that they are composed purely of LEGOs, (no glue, no paint, just plastic toy bricks), makes these creepy little houses the coolest thing around, and a feat of artistic ingenuity. Whether it’s a mud-stricken manor (above), a freakish fallen tree, or a weather-worn abode, Doyle’s creations are startlingly realistic and more than worthy of a few “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s.”

I know you’re curious (I was), so here are a couple stats for the “Three Story Victorian with Tree”:
5′ X 3′ X 2′ (that’s almost as tall as me!)
 50-60,000 pieces used
 Approximately 450 hours to build
Check out the close-ups below to really appreciate the intricacies.

I love the detail on the burnt out window to the left. On the right, you can see how he used droid arms and levers to create the weeds, branches, and grass; my geek senses tell me these fancy pieces have something to do with LEGO Star Wars…

Doyle’s first “Abandoned House” of the series (above), and according to his site, his first ever MOC. Wow.
If you mosey on down to his site, you can check out in-depth play-by-plays for all of the buildings, plus tons of information about what inspired this project, and loads more pictures. Also, his sister site, reMOCable, is too cool to miss.

(Images courtesy of Mike Doyle’s Snap & thanks to BitRebels)

FashionKirsty Mitchell: Wonderland

I’ll admit it. I wish that Narnia existed. Once I think I saw a Hobbit. Sometimes I believe in vampires.
And sometimes . . . sometimes . . .I think there might just be a little magic left in this world. 
What do you think?
View the rest of this absolutely stunning shoot, entitled “Wonderland,” by photographer Kirsty Mitchell on her website or Facebook. Created in memory of her mother, an English teacher with a great love for books and imagination, these series are a truly personal testament of love and beauty. Read more about the making of it in her interview
(Pics courtesy of and