ArtPenmanship Portraits by John Sokol

And I thought learning cursive was a waste of time….
Yep, those are words, and not just any old words, they’re the very words that made these faces famous. Up top, Walt Whitman’s portrait is drawn/written using his classic collection of poetry, Leaves of Grass, while the two writers below, Eudora Welty and Robert Lowell, are composed of their respective works, Powerhouse and History. This is the vision of Ohio artist/writer/overall genius John Sokol, who brings the classics to life like never before.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow as A Psalm of Life
John Keats as Lamia (left) and James Joyce as Ulysses
Grace Paley as Debts
And just in case these faces don’t look terribly familiar, check out some side-by-side comparisons with actual photographs, below. Spittin’ image!
William Faulkner as The Sound and the Fury
Charles Baudelaire as Les Fleurs du Mal
Henrik Ibsen as Hedda Gabler
Anybody else feelin’ the urge to crack open a book??


(Images courtesy of demilked and the artist’s website)

GeneralSite to See: Skull-A-Day

In keeping with the spirited mood of October, I just had to share with you this amazing site that I can’t believe I only just discovered.
Back in 2007, artist Noah Scalin gave himself the personal challenge of creating an image of a skull every day for a year. The result became the site, Skull-A-Day. Now Scalin is up to the fifth version of the site, but here are some of the original 365 skulls.
I URGE you to go see more of the original project here. It is just too cool.

CelebrityWedding Bells: Barbie & Ken Get Married!

You are cordially invited…
…to the wedding of the century.
Les préparatifs ont été longs, le stress a été son paroxysme, l’énervement a parfois pris le dessus, mais ça y est ils l’ont fait ! Ils se sont dit oui !
Like all weddings, preparations were long, stress was at its height, excitement had sometimes taken over, but they did it! They said yes!
Ils sont beaux, ce sont des stars internationales, et ils m’ont fait confiance pour immortaliser ce grand jour, merci.
They are beautiful, they are international stars, and they trusted me to capture this great day, thank you.
If you want to see the rest of the wedding photos, check them out at the very lovely and very talented French photographer Beatrice Guigné‘s page!

BeautyBeauty How To: Lace Nails

Want a fun way of decorating your nails that involves very little polish? Lace nail art is a beauty trend I have been eyeing for months now, and I just had to see how to do it.  
The great thing about this nail art is that you can add many variations to the look. You can mix up the color combinations, lace only one nail, alter the texture, or lace just the tips. This gives your nails a classy yet edgy vibe that will be sure to catch attention. 
Here is how to attain this amazing look:
What You Need:
* Nail color of your choice
* A piece of lace large enough to cover however many nails you are lacing
* Top coat
* Scissors
* Tooth pick
1. Measure the lace and cut it to fit whatever section of the finger nail you are lacing.
2. Apply nail polish as the base coat and let dry.
3. Apply top coat and immediately place the lace on your nail so it dries with the polish.
4. Use a toothpick to arrange the lace, and then press it firmly onto the lace so it is secured on the nail. 
5. Apply three sets of top coat. This is so there is a thick layer of a glossy finish on top of the lace.


(photos courtesy of Pinterest and alllacqueredup)

BeautyLove It or Leave It: The Ultra Low Ponytail

I don’t know about you, but I am often in a quandary when it comes to my hair. Do I wear it all down and flowy and girly, or do I pull it out of my way and not have it stuck to my chapstick all the time? Whenever I leave the house with a rubber band around my wrist, I feel edgy, undecided, and unsure about the future of my ‘do.
A couple of days ago, I clicked onto my daily email and was instantly entranced by the models in the Emilio Pucci Spring 2012 Milan Fashion Week. Instead of the weird slicked-backness that has been going on lately, these beauties were sporting some ultra low ponytails.  Check it out:
Um, gorgeous right? Super romantic and flowy while still pulled back to keep it interesting. The fact that they used scarves instead of regular old rubber bands to hold the hair together added a really cool gypsy vibe to it all.
Here’s what it looked like from the back: 
And the side:
And the front:
Aside from the fact that I’m drooling over that gorgeous red ensemble on the right, I also love the way it almost looks like the models have a lob (long bob) at the front, with a really sexy side part and soft waves.
Of course, if girly and romantic isn’t really your style, you can always do something like this:
Simply straighten your hair, nix the scarf, and add in a little texturizing cream for an urban, edgy take.
Here’s one more idea, à la the lovely Kristen Bell:
With a clear rubber band and some soft curls, she’s parted the front in the middle for a more face-framing look. All you need to DIY is really a comb and a hair holder of some sort. Either braid your hair or throw in a few curls with the curling iron, pick your front part, and then fasten the hair at the back. Ta-da! 
So, have I sold anybody else on this look yet? Or do you think it’s too sloppy?
Vote below!
(Pics courtesy of fashiongonerogue,, and stylebistro.)