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Winning Dress Name: Black Tie Susan 

Winner: Brooke

CelebrityIconatomy: Movie Icon Mashup

Wanna see something cool?
Using facial structure, anatomy, and ideals, Swedish movie enthusiast George Chamoun – who is studying for his B.A. in Jewelry Art – has created some truly awesome photos by blending together photos of stars from the past and the modern day. He named the project “Iconatomy” both to reflect the nature of the the mashup and the inherent basis of icons and anatomy.
Although the stars may bear some resemblance to each other, it is really the end result that blows the mind.
Natalie Portman + Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Portman 
George Clooney + Cary Grant
Cary Clooney
Angelina Jolie + Elizabeth Taylor
 Elizabeth Jolie
Robert Pattinson + James Dean
James Pattinson
Scarlett Johansson + Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Johansson
Want more from this talented Swede? Check out his tumblr!
P.S. I tried to find the originals for all of these, but some of them were elusive! Brownie points if you can track them down!
(Pics and info courtesy of and

BeautyBeauty How-To: DIY Ombré Nails

We already love it for our hair, so why not let our nails in on some ombré love!
I stumbled upon a tutorial on Stylelist, inspired by the nails on the Jen Kao Spring 2012 runway, and just knew I had to give it a try. So, let’s just see how easy it really is!
The Supplies:
Aside from the prep work (emery board, nail polish remover, you know…), you’ll need a base coat, two nail lacquers in the same color family, one light and one dark, and a clear top coat.
Step 1: Trim and file nails into your desired length and shape.  As you can see, I like mine as short as can be! Then apply a base coat.
Step 2: Start with the darker shade (I went with dark purple), and paint from the cuticle base up to the halfway point of your nail. Don’t worry about making a perfect line. Remember, you’re going to smear this at the end, so embrace the sloppy factor.

Step 3: Swipe your lighter shade (I love this greyish lavender from OPI) from the middle to the tip.

Step 4: This is the most important, and fun, part! Before your polish has dried (this is crucial!), brush a layer of clear top coat from cuticle to tip to blend the two shades. Let dry.
Voila! Ombre nails, without an airbrush or a salon.
Feel free to experiment with different color combos; I know I’m already eyeing some of the greens I have in my collection…
(Runway photos courtesy of CND)

FashionLookbook Love: Desert Fox


NewsSite to See: Rookie Magazine by Tavi!

Tavi welcomes you to her new magazine, Rookie.
If you love Tavi Gevinson (doesn’t everyone) then has she got a new treat for you! Tavi debuted her new online magazine last month, so it’s your perfect chance to go check out the quirky articles she and her writers have compiled so far.
The mission is simple: “Rookie is a website for teenage girls. With monthly-themed content, we update three times a day, five days a week, and are happy to offer you millions of bad puns.”
But let me tell you, just like this all-star sophomore’s beloved blog, Style Rookie, she easily wins the hearts and readership of a much broader crowd than just teenage girls. The theme for October is “Secrets” following the appropriately themed September issue, “Beginnings.” It’s worth a look . . . seriously.