CelebrityZombies Rule!

It seems the whole world has been bit by a zombie these days. Somehow, the zombie has become downright loveable and we see the genre spread across movies, television and games. It’s not even that uncommon to come upon somebody dressed like a zombie in your hometown.
But I’m here to tell you the real story. Besides being overrun by vampires and werewolves, Hollywood has also become increasingly overrun by zombies. Let me give it to you straight.
Christopher Walken has not been caught up in the aging process so much as he has been taking on unique characteristics of the undead. Sylvester Stallone, too, has obviously been transformed into a zombie as his heavy use of pancake make-up could have only been applied by a mortician.
Is that Courtney Love with no make-up on or is she really part of the vast majority of walking dead in Hollywood? And Britney, the poor girl, little did we know what she was REALLY going through.
Cory Kennedy looks like she could use late night snack, and Maria Shriver, well I really have to give it to her, she’s the most well-spoken zombie person out there.  
Have you seen any zombies in YOUR hometown?

ArtPucker Up: Natalie Irish Paints with Her Lips

Kiss those paintbrushes goodbye. Literally.
When it comes to creating incredibly awesome works of art, child prodigy Natalie Irish swaps all the typical tools of the trade for something a little more interesting:  
her lips.

 Kinda makes you wonder how many tubes of lipstick she has to go through!
 Check out a day in the life of Natalie’s unique painting style:
When she’s tired of pouting, Natalie often reverts to other body parts, like her thumbprints:
Pretty cool huh? Kinda makes me want to dig out those old tubes of lipstick or start finger painting myself!
To see more of Natalie’s work, check out her website or find her on Facebook!
(Pics courtesy of mentalblox.com and natalieirish.com.) 

FashionNew York Fashion Week Highlights!

Since there were so many amazing shows and details at the recent New York Fashion Week, I decided to do a recap of my favorite moments! Take a journey with me throughout the high points of Spring 2012!

Jason Wu showed a fantastic collection full of pretty pinks, black and white florals, and sweet yellows and blues. These gorgeous fabrics made up classically shaped dresses, fierce feminine short-shorts, and flowy dresses. Overall, a very girlie yet sophisticated collection with a flirty and cheerful vibe!

Marc by Marc Jacobs featured playful primaries, patriotic hues, and sporty-yet-sexy pieces. Always of fan of Jacobs, I was really pleased with this collection seeing lots of possibilities in the separates!


So pretty and artistic, Rodarte really rolled out some elaborate pieces for Spring 2012. With layers of sheer florals and structured separates, this collection, in rich goldens and icy blues, stood out as one of the most visually compelling of the group.

What really had me staring was the smokey and dramatic navy eye makeup. Navy and gold are such a perfect combo and I simply could not stop thinking about emulating it.

Jill Stuart featured vibrant reds paired with neutral camel in feminine silhouettes. Scalloped edges, patterns, and color blocking reminiscent of palm fronds, this was a girlie and classic collection for sure! They all look easily wearable and sweet.
One of the best details of the Jill Stuart show was the awesome chunky gold heels! I fell in love with these and if I am lucky I hope to find a similar pair at a lower pricepoint. Seriously unforgettable.

Amazing patterns and details all around at Spring 2012 Proenza Schouler. Robin’s egg blue, bright yellows, and vibrant prints were the backbone of this collection. 
I especially loved the tiny handbags similar to a camera bag, with great tortoise details.
Theyskens’ Theory was my absolute favorite! With amazing slouchy pants, perfect sequins, and tailored casual pieces, it was by far the most wearable and versatile collection in my opinion. I would gladly style up the entire lot.
DVF, queen of jersey and wrap dresses, came through with a rad collection of separates! Her always beautiful color combos were expecially refreshing this season!

Umm, I know what I am saving my money for! Check out that amazing DVF clutch. I can imagine how soft that leather is and what a design!
That wraps up my favorite Spring 2012 looks from New York Fashion Week! What were some of your favorite details?!
(all images from Elle.com)

GeneralDwelling Gawker: Interior Design Paradise

Any interior design lovers out there? Obsessed with Extreme Home Makeover? Architectural Digest subscribers? How about avid internet time wasters?
Then please allow me to introduce you to dwellinggawker, the wondrous place of all things home and design-inspired.
Dwelling Gawker is basically a compilation of blog posts, websites, and articles submitted by design and architecture bloggers from all over the world. The site is updated daily, and you can search by category, tags, and popularity.
For example, you might want to look up bunk beds,
   alcove beds,
ship-shape rooms 
or houses with a view.
Once you see a photo you like, you can click on it and be taken to the original post for the picture, where you can find tips, tricks, and other instructions for finding or creating a similar look in your own space. You can even submit photos for contribution to the gallery!
Now, I have to warn you. Once you start browsing, it’s almost impossible to stop, so make sure you carve out a few hours in your day to feed the addiction. 
(Psssst. Want to gawk some more? Check out the rest of gawkerverse, including craftgawker, foodgawker, and weddinggawker.)

ArtDIY: Multifunctional Picture Frame

My inspiration: 


I’m always on the lookout for cool interior design ideas, so when I stumbled upon Emmas Designblogg and saw this totally cute (and easy)Try this at home! Project, well, I just had to “try it at home” for myself.
I added a few creative twists of my own, so feel free to embrace the nature of the DIY and get adventurous with your design choices. I love the key hanger/potted plant idea, but I already have a chalkboard/key holder thingamajig by my door, so I turned my project into a fancy schmancy jewelry organizer, because nobody likes to untangle necklaces when you’re rushing out the door!

What you’ll need: 
– Picture Frame (they have the perfect, unfinished wood frames at Michael’s)
– Wood Moulding (for the panes; and a saw to cut to size)
– Chalkboard Paint (and newspaper or something underneath to keep the mess at bay)
– Hooks (Screw-in, so yeah, you’ll need a drill too)

– Wood Glue 

– And Chalk!

And here we go!
1. First things first, cut the wood moulding to fit inside the frame. You want it to be centered and criss-crossed for a window pane look. Glue into place with the wood glue and let dry.
2. Spray two coats of the chalkboard paint all over. Let dry.
3. Grab your electric drill and drill evenly spaced holes across the top and center pane, or wherever you’d like your hooks to go.
4. Then screw the hooks into place, and, done!
Just hang it up or lean it against the wall on your dresser and let your lovely jewels bring it to life!

 That’s it! How easy was that??? And you can do it all for less than $20.00!