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FashionHow To: Style Your Fall Scarves

Finally, temperatures are dropping, leaves are turning, and scarves are busting their way out of my closet like bats out of hell. I’ve been anxiously counting the numbers as they drop off of my thermometer, all because I am a layer addict, and scarves are my drug of choice.
Now, that being said, I’m no expert at tying/wrapping/whatever-you-wanna-call-it-ing them. Several family members have asked me how to wear them properly, to which I reply: “Uh, I dunno. You just, like, wrap it and swirl and tug, and yeah…”. So, to satisfy not only my own curiosity, I went searching and found the best tutorial ever from Who What Wear, and recreated it here, with a few extra notes and tips for a flawless execution.

There are five styles to choose from: The Classic, The Boho, The Prep, The Modern, and The City. Yes, some of them are quite similar, but playing around with some subtle switch-ups keeps the boredom at bay.
Up first: The Classic
Step 1:
(a) Drape the scarf around your neck, and…
(b) loop so one side is longer. (How much longer? Enough to wrap back around your neck twice, because, guess what comes next…).
Step 2: Loop the long side around your neck once more.

Step 3: Take both ends (they’ll be uneven) and tie them in a knot. Then tuck the longer side in the fold, letting the shorter end peek out a bit at the bottom. Done!

Now, The Boho:
Step 1:
(a) Drape the scarf evenly across your shoulders, then…
(b) loop around your neck so both sides are even.

Step 2: Tie a knot with the loose the ends, leaving about 6″ to dangle.

Step 3: Pull the circle/loop over the knot, and let the ends dangle out the bottom. Voila!

(this one is great because you can even do it with shorter scarves)

How about… The Prep:
(Hint: Steps 1 & 2 are the same as the Classic, but for the sake of continuity….)
Step 1:
(a) Drape the scarf around your neck, and…
(b) loop so one side is longer.
Step 2: Loop the long side around your neck once more.

Step 3:
(a) Grab the end of that (longer) side and…
(b) pull it through the (outer) circle around the neck.

Step 4: Tie both ends together with a loose knot. Le Fin!

Or maybe you feel like, say, The Modern 
(or what I call the “Homemade Infinity Scarf”)
Step 1: Wrap the scarf around the neck evenly.
Step 2: Tie the ends together (at the tips) in a double knot.

Step 3: Twist, and…
Step 4: Back over the head. Tada!

Best for last? It’s The City!:
(Guess what. Once again, steps 1 & 2 are the same as The Classic, but for the sake of continuity….)
Step 1:
(a) Drape the scarf around your neck and…
(b) loop so one side is longer.
Step 2: Loop the long side around your neck once more.

Step 3: Tug on the longer side until the shorter tip is hidden.

Step 4: Take the tip of the long side and tuck it into the top of the opposite side (behind the neck). That’s it!

How easy was that! So get experimenting, and remember, the perfect scarf styling lends itself to some serious tugging, pulling and fluffing, so feel free to fuss!
And don’t forget to check the fabulous selection of scarves here at Lulus!


GeneralNew Leo Movie Alert: J. Edgar

Ever since Titanic, I made a vow to see every Leonardo DiCaprio movie that was released. J. Edgar, Leo’s new film highlights the rise and transformation of the FBI leader, J. Edgar Hoover.  The movie gives the audience a view of the man who loved secrecy and rule-bending for the good of his country. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know much about the guy until I saw this film and I had mixed emotions.


Hoover began his career with good intentions and devoted himself to chasing down criminals and punishing them appropriately. As his fame developed, however, he became more secretive and paranoid. DiCaprio amazingly executes his role, which spanned from Hoover in his twenties until the age of 77. DiCaprio underwent many hours of makeup to look the part of Hoover in his old age. It is weird to see Leo look so old and is it odd I still find him attractive? Anyways, Leo makes this movie worth seeing alone.


I am a sucker for any period piece film and what I enjoyed most about this movie was the costumes. I loved all of the fedoras and pea coats and saw myself become distracted from the plot as a result of my fashion curiosity. Since the movie covers such a large time span, one really gets an idea of the way fashion transformed as much as Hoover. 

Overall, I’d give the movie a 3.5 out of five. The costumes were great and anything with Leo will be an okay film in my book. 

(photos courtesy of movieweb)

ArtNapkin Folding Idea: Thanksgiving Turkey!



What You Need: 
Cloth Napkins 
Flat Space
Nimble Fingers 

How to Do It:
First, watch this video:

 If they went too fast, here are the steps:
Step 1. Fold the napkin in half vertically. Have the open edges point to the right. 
Step 2. Starting at the bottom, fold the napkin up an inch. 
Step 3. Then fold it under an inch. Continue making accordion pleats until you have about 2″ left at the top. 
Step 4. Now fold the napkin in half, with the pleats on the outside. Make sure all the open edges face to the right.

Step 5. Tuck the top right corners into the bottom left corners. Make sure they’re snug.
Step 6. Open the napkin to the left, stand it upon the little balancer you’ve just made, and arrange the pleats.  

To finish, set the napkin on a plate, and place a gourd at the front. If you’re feeling especially creative, add two cloves for eyes and a stem or cornhusk for a beak. Add a few feathers at the back if you’re feeling REALLY creative, and ta-da! 

Note:  In the video, they iron the napkin every five seconds. While this does result in the crispest results possible, it’s also time-consuming and kindof a pain. My suggestion:  starch and iron your napkins ahead of time, and you’ll get similar results.
If you want more napkin folding ideas, check out the Better Homes and Gardens YouTube Channel and their video section on their site. They seriously have everything- pumpkins butterflies, bunnies, snowflakes, trees, roses, leaves – you name it.
(Steps from Rookie Mom 101. Pics courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens and Social Couture.)