ArtDIY Decorations: Thanksgiving Wreath!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner (eek, next Thursday?!), it’s time to put your Christmas music on hold and get to work on some decorations for THIS holiday. My house is currently barren of any decorations, so as I was hunting around the internet for some fun crafts, I decided that I needed something easy and quick to spice things up in a hurry.
Luckily, my good friend Ashley found this idea from that’s both beautiful and fast. We both tried it, and now I am passing it onto you lovely ladies!
What You Need:
Wreath (crafting stores have premade ones, or you can make your own) 
Felt sheets (depending on how many flowers you want, you’ll need 4-6 sheets, any colors)
Hot glue
Fake berries
What You Do:
Step 1:  Cut spirals out of the felt. You can use the pattern from their website, or you can just cut out a circle and then make your own spiral. They don’t have to be perfect at all, but do make sure you make a little rounded section in the middle. (Tip:  you want to make the spiral strip kindof fat. If you make skinny strips, the roses turn out kind funky.) If you want multi-color roses, attatch a second color onto the second half of the spiral.
Step 2:  Now, starting at the end, roll up the spiral. You can adjust the height as you roll to give the rose shape. Once you’re done rolling, leave out the rounded section and cover the rest of the bottom of the rose in hot glue. Press the rounded bottom into the glue, and you’re done! 
Make as many roses as you like.

Step 3:  Next, glue the roses onto the wreath. You can put them all together, or space them out. I chose to clump them together on the bottom right side.

Step 4: Take your berry branches and rip them apart so you can weave them into the brances of the wreath. Again, you can spread them out across the whole of the wreath, or place them near the roses. My berries were a little finicky, so I ended up glueing some of them down when they tried to fall out. You can also stick in some leaves if you feel so inclined.
Final product! 
All in all, this maybe took me an hour, tops. I also did it while watching really bad movies on Netflix, so that may have slowed me down as well.   
Happy crafting!

FashionThe Holiday Lookbook from Obey

We love Obey. We just do.
When our latest shipment came in, we were showered with hip urban coats, jewelry and some super cute dresses. You know we style them the Lulus way, (cute and girly) but check out some of the stylings from Obey’s own Holiday Lookbook, that debuted at the close of October.
Jackets and sweaters pair with slim fit jeans and leopard print is as hot as ever! Ring in the New Year with vegan leather jackets, and comfy oversized tees, and if you’re interested, you can browse our page of new Obey items!
The Paddington Coat (right) is my favorite new piece. It’s warm, cute and adds just enough color to an outfit.
Favorites, anyone?

ContestsName the Dress Contest #74!

The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: Cranberry Saucy

Winner: Julia D.

GeneralCreative Packaging: Unique Designs for Everyday Items

While it doesn’t take much to convince me to eat a pound or two of pasta, I would be even more eager to chow down if I could buy it in packages that look like this:
 And really, who wouldn’t want a salami cd?
Parents, despair no longer about getting your kids to eat their fruit and drink their milk:
Drink your juice? What a bright idea.
Lady Gaga would get a kick out of this:
Multitasking Wonder:  Work out while you clean up.
 I don’t even know what to say about this one. Haha!
Here’s one way to make sure nobody steals your lunch:
(Pics courtesy of,, and

FashionTrend to Try: Sequin Tap Shorts!

Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of one of my favorite new trends tapping its way into your heart.
With waves of sequin tap shorts passing by my desk this fall, I couldn’t help but take a little interest; I mean, glitter IS addictive. Any hesitation I had was quelled when, for my sister’s bachelorette party, my cousin Angie showed up in some perfect little black tap shorts! Paired with a casual blouse and some sexy black tights, they were a total hit. Check out how some the big names are wearing them!
The glamorous Olivia Palermo in a bold beaded jacket and magnificent sequin shorts. She makes it all look casual with a simple hair-do and a basic white shirt to tie it all together.
Little Miss Selena Gomez rocking tap shorts on the red carpet!
Annabelle of Viva Luxury mixing warm and cool-weather pieces for a between-seasons look that made my jaw drop!
Tap into this hot look here!