FashionA Lulus Photo Shoot by Lucia Pang!

You may remember a while back that I was so excited to feature a young talent straight from Australia! Lucia Pang, only 17 years old, has created a magical spread of photos featuring Lulus items, and I am so excited to share them with you! Take a look below for some fantastic photos and an exclusive interview below!
I love this photo with the adorable “yeah” flag! So cute. 
I love the collegiate vibe of these photos!
Interview with Lucia!
BIOI am seventeen years of age and a fashion, commercial, and portrait photographer based in Sydney, Australia. I started taking pictures when I kind of realized that I needed to start documenting in some way or another. I don’t have the best memory, and there have been many moments when I’ve been too scared to blink because I know I just may let go unintentionally of something that later on, I will miss. Since then, I have developed a larger than life passion for it and it has led me to working with incredible artists from all around the world.

You are such a young talent; how did you get into photography? 

I got into photography about two years ago. It was summer time, I had newly received a camera, and I just thought it would be interesting to start experimenting and photographing my life. I took pictures of my friends, and we would play with styling. It started and built from there, and I’ve quickly grown such a love for it since.
How would you describe your style of photography? 
I always say I shoot “fashion, faces, life and love” because they are the most special to me. To be honest, I still feel like I’m trying to find my style, and it’s definitely been more defined than when I first started, which was then all about experimenting and seeing what I liked and what I don’t like, what worked and what didn’t. Right now though, all I like want to do is capture spontaneity and realness.
What kind of things inspire you?
Strangers on the streets, energy, and new places tend to inspire me the most. I’m very fascinated with human habits, and I get an incredible amount of ideas just being in a different environment. New York is pretty responsible for a lot of ideas in my head, some still in the progress of transferring to photographs!
Lucia, how did you hear about Lulus? 
I’ve heard about Lulus a while back ago while I was hardly into my teenage years from a magazine that listed their personal favourite online stores.
What made you want to work with Lulus specifically? 
One of the things I love about the store is that it’s got so much variety and that allows endless concepts to come into mind. Everything from the clothes and the atmosphere of Lulus stood out to me.
What kind of vibe did you want to capture with this photo shoot?
I wanted to have the vibe that Lulus already has, which is all about youth and having fun. We shot in a house belongs to a friend of a friend one morning and the location, with a wall shelf of books and beautiful furniture, helped significantly to establish the collegiate theme of the photo shoot.
What would be your dream photo shoot?
My dream shoot would be more of documentary style, no makeup, no pressure, just following a few friends running away and having fun during the summer. I’d always love to have a bonfire on the beach or just go on a drive out of town and just photograph every day life and the strangers we meet along the way.
Thanks so much for working with us, Lucia!
Make sure to stop by her site for more pretty pictures and endless inspiration!

ArtDot-to-Dots for Grown-Ups? Yes, Please

Anybody recognize this famous lady?
Watch this video…
How about now?
Allow me to introduce Thomas Pavitte, a New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based graphic designer who makes the world’s most complex dot-to-dot drawings. His first project, the Mona Lisa (above), is composed of 6,239 dots, and took Pavitte 9 hours and 15 minutes to connect. To keep track of all the tiny, numbered circles, he color-coded them to change every 400 dots. Pretty cool. Plus, the smaller and blurrier it gets, the more it really looks like da Vinci’s muse.
Since Mona Lisa, Pavitte has moved on to create several more dot-to-dot creations, this time with a transformation twist. The first 335 dots in his Michael Jackson portrait reveal a young Michael, then (Pavitte recommends changing colors) the remainder of the dots morph into the late King of Pop at the time of his passing. Watch:
Also loving his “Yes You Can”/Obama portrait:
What’s so cool is that anybody can do it! You can actually purchase a print online and experience the dot-connecting magic for yourself!
Dear Santa….

CelebrityRetro Fox: Martha Stewart

This woman needs no introduction. Please make welcome the young (and foxy) Martha Stewart!
This precious little magazine clipping illustrates the young Martha and her “vitality.” What I learned: Martha looks great in orange. What we already knew: “she cooks, too.”
Early days on the farm. I’m digging the bouffant.

MusicArtist to Watch: Saskatchewan

It’s a rare thing when you listen to a song from an obscure band that you’ve never heard of and get blown away, but that’s exactly what Saskatchewan did for me. I discovered them on my tumblr feed and instantly fell in love.
Saskatchewan (pronounced sa-skach-uh-won) hails from Orlando, FL, the city of boy bands. Their melodic and effervescence pop will keep you in a dream world you might never want to get out of.

We caught up with singer Chandler Strang for a little chat.

I’ve seen Saskatchewan classified as “dream pop.” Explain to us what that means to you.

Songs that are ethereal, airy and catchy all at once.
How do you hope to inspire your fans? What do you want fans to get out of your music, especially “Dreamboat”?
I’ve never thought of myself as inspiring to others before. “Dreamboat,” as well as some of our other songs, is about spending time with a person who you care about; connecting with them. If our listeners can make that happen for themselves, then I’m just happy to provide the soundtrack
What would you be doing if you weren’t (or when you’re not) making music?
I’m an accountant, so I’d be doing that. Ha.
Fill in the blank, Saskatchewan is forever grateful for …
… The internet.
You were creating a fund where people could donate for a sweet ride to CMJ … how is that going?
Yes, to get a “SaskatcheVan.” Some people generously donated the first day we set it up, but since then it’s been pretty inactive. We have different incentives that a contributor will get for each price point, the biggest of which is for a $1000 donation we’ll paint a mural of the contributor’s face on the side of the van. I really just want to have a huge face on the side of the van.
Do you have pre- or post-show rituals?
I have a two-beer minimum before playing.
Best show?
Our best show so far was probably our last hometown show opening for our friends Great Deceivers. It was their album release show and the place was packed with good friends. Really good vibes that night.
Of course, then I have to ask … worst show?
We played with a band called Young Empires once. I got there late coming from a funeral which is never a good way to get things started. Everyone was forgetting parts, we couldn’t hear anything on stage – the whole thing was a disaster. I’m just glad there were only a handful of people there to witness it. Ha 
How does fashion inspire you?
Oh man, that’s a tough one. I don’t really consider myself to be very fashionable. I pretty much just wear jeans, boots and animal t-shirts that I got from thrift stores all the time. Gery our drummer is the fashionable one of the group.
What else inspires you? Other artists?
It’s kind of morbid, but my fear of death and the inevitability of dying have been fueling the inspiration for our new material. Michael McDonald is my hero. Everything he does is inspiring to me.
Favorite movie?
“Lord of War,” maybe? I think my favorite movie changes a lot.
Favorite artist?
Not going to lie, I have no certain preference.
Favorite musician/band?
Michael McDonald and The Beach Boys
What’s next for Saskatchewan?
After CMJ [College Music Journal’s Music Marathon] next month we’ll mostly be spending time working on our first full length, set to be released at the beginning of next year.
Want more? Saskatchewan is one of the featured artists on our digital album, which comes free with every order you make at Lulus! Already downloaded their song? Let us know if you love them just as much as we do!


ArtRemarkable Remakes from the Booooooom Photo Project

Some artists have a gift for bringing their subjects to life on canvas. Now, some people over at Booooooom have given us the gift of the “Remake” project, which challenged art lovers all over the world to actually bring works of art to life. LOVE this.
The challenge: take a classic work of art, (Booooooom master Jeff says: “I’m not looking for remakes of contemporary artwork, album covers, or fashion photography”), and “remake” it in a photograph (Jeff also stresses: “This is a PHOTO project! I’m looking for photos only. This means no paintings, drawings, collages. The idea is to put all your creative energy into re-creating and re-staging the image. All the work here happens before you take the photo, rather than afterward. Please refrain from adding special effects and other things to your image on your computer.”).
And, voila! My faith in humanity is restored.

Inspired by a contest in the UK hosted by Adobe, Jeff created a challenge of his own, open to submissions from all over this wonderfully creative planet. Users uploaded their submissions to Booooooom’s Facebook page, and then Jeff posted the majority of them on the site. One lucky winner will walk away with the entire Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection ($899). I’m just glad I don’t have to pick the winner. I was, however, more than happy to select a whole bunch of my personal favorites.

Some contestants chose to recreate some pretty darn close copies of the original artwork (above), while others took the subject and reimagined it in modern, original, or even silly ways (below). Not to be biased, but my favorites definitely have a creative twist to them.

I love the way that Wanda Martin reinterpreted Vermeer’s “Girl reading a letter by an open window” as a woman holding a telephone by an open window (below). Love the simple, modern touch.

Similarly, the way Or Eitan recreated Edward Hopper’s “Automata” in a McDonald’s (above) makes a powerful, yet subtle statement.
However, if I had to choose, I think these two might be my favorites:
Georges Braque’s “Woman with a guitar” recreated by Niklas Enhag:

And Emily Kiel’s remake of “Ohhh…Alright…” by Roy Lichtenstein:

So much cooler than planking….
If you want to see more, and there is a lot more to see, go ahead and check out the rest of the submissions (new ones are popping up all the time), and watch for the winner! Just be ready to spend A LOT of time scrolling through…

(Images courtesy of Booooooom!)