FashionHow To: Mini Skirts In Winter

Winter is here, which means colder weather and tons of layers. But just because it gets a bit chilly doesn’t mean that you can’t still wear some of your summer and fall favorites. Wearing tights with shorts has been a big trend for a couple years now (gotta love the 90s revival!), but what about wearing your mini skirt in the winter?

Well don’t fret ladies, we got you covered. Below are three amazing looks styled to perfection just for you. So sit back, relax, and let us walk you through these simple and easy styling tips!




Double Up

For a wonderful layered day look, pair a printed skirt with what I like to call the “double up.” This is when you wear a pair of opaque tights with matching thick thigh-highs for extra warmth and a subtle texture!

We put black booties with the double up to help elongate the leg and keep the focus on the mix of the warm knit and printed skirt. Add a bit of sophistication by wearing a button-up under a loose knit crop top!





Comfy Collegiate

This is the perfect combination of comfy chic that is perfect for the college scene. Pairing an oversized shirt over a monochromatic mini is a basic outfit that I still use to this day.  

Pair the mini with a pair of patterned sheer tights to give it a bit of edge. Add a pair of bright contrast thigh-highs, but slouch them over the knees to represent  that “devil may care” attitude that college is all about.   

Match your mini with a pair of simple oxfords wedges to complete the look. All you need is a oversized anorak and you’re ready for the door!






California Dreamin’

Here on the west coast it doesn’t get as cold as other places, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have our winter fashion fun. By matching a pair of chunky knit thigh-highs to the perfect banded mini you can keep yourself looking hot without breaking too much of a winter sweat.  

Paired with a high-low graphic tee and a loose knit cardi, you’ll fit in to Cali’s laid back style in no time.   

Add some kick to the ensemble by adding in some platform lace-up booties with a military twist.  










BeautyThe Power of Concealer: Zombie Boy Goes Under Cover with Dermablend

I’ve never had much luck with concealer.
Usually it smudges off or is a funky color or makes me look like I have weird discolored patches on my skin.
Suddenly, however, I have a whole new appreciation for the stuff.
Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy or Rico, is the newest face for Dermablend, the #1 Dermatologist Recommended brand for coverage. For their newest campaign, Dermablend’s makeup artist covered up his famed tattoos to render him almost unrecognizable. 
Insane, right? You can’t even tell that this has 80% of his body covered. 
Here they are applying the Foundation and Concealer:
And here he is using Dermablend’s Makeup Remover to take it off:
 Watch the video below to see how they did it. This is seriously nuts.
Moving his way up from street vagabond to Lady Gaga’s muse, Dermablend’s makeup model, and Thierry Mugler’s runway sensation, Zombie Boy is certainly kicking butt and taking names, dontcha think?
I kinda feel like I should go invest in some of that concealer. Acne be damned!

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GeneralInterior Design How-to: 7 Fun Wall Decor Ideas

I recently moved and realized how hard it was to fill up the blank wall space in my apartment. After reading multiple magazines for sources of inspiration and careful creativity, I finally found some awesome ways to spruce up my home. You will absolutely love these creative ways to liven up your walls, and they will be sure to keep you busy!
1. Full on Art Walls

Looking at walls full of different pictures in various frames reminds me of being in an antique shop, and I absolutely love the vintage feel it gives any room. Grab all sorts of different frames varying in color, shape, and size and frame anything from photos, newspaper clippings, art, or fashion magazine pages. This brings a sort of liveliness to a room that just can’t be beat. 
2. Actual Book Shelves
I absolutely love the concept of these bookshelves. Just get a shelf hook and place your favorite books on them. These are so cute and extremely simple to execute!
3. Arranging Photos in Specific Ways
Anyone can just hang up pictures in a straight line on a wall. But to me, that can get very boring and calls for a makeover. I love the concept of arranging photos on the wall in anyway you wish. One of my best friends just did this in the shape of a peace sign, and it was amazing!
4. Painting the Walls

If you are a good painter, then feel free to do something a little more complex than the picture that is shown above. However, painting is a skill I lack, so I prefer easy things that are hard to mess up. If you are still weary of painting on your walls, try wall decals. They vary from text to pictures but are extremely easy to use and look just like you painted them on!
5. Buttoning the Walls 

I did this in my grandma’s craft room upon her request. I simply hot-glued vintage buttons on the wall, and it turned out great! It can be time-consuming, and make sure you have a level and a ruler if you want to keep the buttons in an even line!
6. Empty Frames on the Walls

Something I love to collect are vintage picture frames. I realized that I had so many lying around without pictures in them and something needed to be done. Some picture frames are so ornate that they speak for themselves. I love the idea of just putting these up without anything in them because it allows the viewer to fill in the blanks and imagine something themselves. Try painting the frames to match an accent color or use the same color as your wall to just add some texture!
7. Plates on the Walls

As an avid thrifter, I love to collect vintage plates. If you go to Michaels, you can get wire plate hangers that clip on to the plate and allow you to rest it on a hook. I love this interior design idea because it is definitely a conversation starter and adds so much color to a room without painting the walls. 
Now start decorating!
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FashionTrend Alert: Chunky Sweaters with Maxi Skirts

I love maxi skirts. Other than the obvious reasons, want to know why? I can wear them for the majority of the year. When it was warmer out, I would pair my maxi skirt with a cute tank, or an off-the-shoulder tee. Now that it is cool, I can match my maxi skirt with a fabulous chunky sweater and some boots. Basically, this trend makes me a very happy gal. 

Here are a few fabulous Lulus options to get you on board with this trend:
Chunky Sweaters:

Maxi Skirts:

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