BeautyStep Right Up: Braid Bars

The next time you get a case of the frizzies or an especially bad hair day, skip the boring old rubber bands and ponytail and head on over to the nearest braid bar for an awesome updo. 
Where once you could stop in for a quick blow out or a pedicure, hair salons in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and other cities are now beginning to offer both walk-in and call-ahead Braid Bars, where from about $15 to $50 and a half hour of your time, you can receive an awesome braided hairstyle of your choice. John Barrett’s braid bar in NYC’s Bergdorf Goodman’s started off the trend with a little haute hairstyling, but these salons are now popping up everywhere.
In case you need a little inspiration, places like the Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood offers its clients a “menu” of styles to choose from:
Or, you can ask your stylist to concoct an updo of your own design.
 With a stylist’s touch, these awesome celebrity-inspired braids can stay in place for a whole weekend! 
Somehow, I feel like my childhood slumberparties could have made millions…

FashionTrend to Try: Color Block Shoes!

 Color blocking is taking it to the streets . . . literally.
If you’re a shoe lover, then you’ve probably had your eye on some of the hottest new color combos out there. It seems that all the major fashion houses have reached for the spice rack, giving their fierce footwear bold dashes of brights, neutrals and, yes, glitter!
The gilded masterpieces below (aka: my biggest crush) are from Miu Miu, followed by savory designs from Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Fendi and DKNY.

Any color block shoes in YOUR future?

ArtToothpick-ture Perfect Artwork

How much do you love your city?
Scott Weaver has 100,000 toothpicks and 34 years worth of love for San Francisco. This 9′ X 7′ X 30″ kinetic sculpture includes touching personal tributes, like a heart in the center of the Palace of Fine Arts made from toothpicks thrown at his wedding, and strategically placed birthdates of loved ones on clocks all over the “city”.
Oh, and did I mention “kinetic”? As in, “movement”. Watch the video below to see the touring ping pong balls “Rolling Through the Bay” on various routes. As if it wasn’t cool enough already!

So this amazing feat of craftmsmanship got me thinking… I wonder what else people have made out of toothpicks…

Steven J Backman‘s collection includes a working remote control boat, and a large variety of toothpick portraits.
Or, how about a ship? Maybe the Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal, Masjid al-Haram, or St. Peter’s Square… Stan Munro‘s tackled them all!

Including a mammoth “Toothpick City” of his own, including over fifty(!) landmark sculptures from all over the world:

Munro is currently working on “Toothpick City II“, and the photos are amazing!!
So I guess this what happens when you pick your brain instead of your teeth…

(Images courtesy of Colossal, EPICr, & Landmarks of SF)

MusicLulus Presents: The Digital Album!

Here at Lulus we have three major loves: fashion, our customers, and music. Because we love you guys so very, very much, we decided to mix all three of those things together to make one amazing deal. May we present our first Digital Album!
Here’s the scoop: we compiled eight ah-mazing up-and-coming bands for you to download and to complement your badass fashion self in your new Lulus duds. So when you order from us you get this Digital Album sampler card FREE! We hand picked all the artists on the album to complement our wardrobe and yours. Check out each artist on the sampler below. 
There’s more: each week on the blog, we will be featuring interviews and more from each artist on the album so you can learn more about these amazing musicians and songs. And just remember ladies, in the end this is all for you guys. Without you, we would be nothing, and we just want to say we’ll love you until infinity. Hope you enjoy our gift to you!

BeautyNicki Minaj for O.P.I.

If there is one celebrity out there who knows color, it’s Nicki Minaj. This flamboyant pop princess is never seen in anything duller than candy pink lipstick and highlighter-stricken hair, so O.P.I releasing a series of nail color based on Miss Minaj was an obvious choice, right?
Like a kid in a candy store, we are being treated to six fantastic new colors with all the flair of Nicki, and using her song titles to boot. The sad part, though . . . they won’t be released until January 2012. (Boohoo!)
Well, we’ll just have to wait, and perhaps settle for a turkey or reindeer-inspired manicure in the meantime.