ContestsMeet the Golden Ticket Winner!

This December we created a Golden Ticket worth an $1000 shopping spree and packed it up into one random order. Last week, HopeEllen Philpot of Greenville, South Carolina came forward as the winner!!!!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is HopeEllen Philpot, I’m 19 and I live in Greenville, South Carolina. I am currently a sophomore at Clemson University, studying Health Science. I am a Tri Delta at Clemson and I work at a clothing store called Pink Bee located in Downtown Greenville. I am the third oldest child in a family of seven children and we all have double names (ex: Kirby-Annah, PollyRose, and ElizaPearl) so we’re pretty Southern. I love to run, play soccer and tennis, and paint. I love clothes and I love love LOOOOVE Lulus!!!
What was your reaction when you found the Golden Ticket in your package?
When I found the Golden Ticket my first reaction was that it wasn’t real. I wasn’t even aware that the contest was going on so I thought there must have been some catch to it. The ticket said that a customer service representative would be contacting me shortly, and when my phone began to ring and the area code for Chico, CA came up, I knew that it wasn’t a dream; it was a dream come true. Ha-ha! After telling my 4 other sisters, though, it was a knock down drag out for who would be allowed to share in my winnings . . . not so sure about that ha-ha-ha.
What items on are you thinking about ordering with your winnings?
I’m a huge fan of Lulus cute tops with the cutout designs in the back and I also loooove all of the cute dresses, so I think that’s where most of my money will go. All of Lulus accessories are really versatile too, so I might use some of the money to update the accessory portion of my wardrobe! I’m so excited and thankful to be the winner of the Golden Ticket, now I just have to bring myself to making decisions on how to spend it because everything’s so cute!!! 
Thanks HopeEllen and enjoy your Shopping Spree!!
Have YOU ever won a contest with us? Tell us about it in the comments below!

FashionModel Pick of the Week: Utterly Irresistible Strapless Ivory Dress

Here at we love to let you in behind-the-scenes. This week I decided to talk to our lovely model, Alyssa, to find out her favorite new item. Naturally, Alyssa picked the Utterly Irresistible Strapless Dress. Besides the fact that the lace design is flattering and not over-the-top, Alyssa loves the snug fit and the strapless silhouette. Lookin’ good Alyssa!

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Marla Verdugo

This week I wanted to spotlight a very talented young artist, Marla Verdugo! Marla, a stylist/makeup artist/hair stylist/photographer extraordinaire is basically a one-woman show! Creating beautiful images is like second nature to her. There is so much mood and emotion behind her photos, and I couldn’t wait to share her work with you!
Recently, Marla photographed an event we attended in Los Angeles, and I was able to catch up with her to give you guys some background, fun FAQs, and even some tips on styling and photography! Take a look below for some of her beautiful work and an exclusive interview.
I love the pose and editing in this photo!
The heavy metal jewelry plays perfect off of her blunt bangs and dark eyes.
Interview with Marla Verdugo
Intro to yourself: 
I’m a California girl who can’t sit still. I’ve lived up and down the coast. Currently I live in Hollywood but miss the San Francisco life. Been doing makeup and pinup-vintage inspired photography for a few years. But I like to try things that intrigue me…like styling and fashion photography. You can also find me doing other things like; obsessing over Lindsay Lohan, thrifting, finding odd treasures on the street, stalking my friends, driving getaway cars, blogging, watching The Simpsons and making messes in the kitchen…and cracking jokes that only crickets respond to. 😉
How did you get into fashion photography?:
I first started with vintage/pinup-inspired photography…(my main love)…but after years of doing makeup on several fashion shoots, I decided to to test out my skills in shooting fashion. So I’ve been dabbling in it ever since–I love it! And I learn things everyday.
Tips for the photographer just starting out:
Seize the day. Go for your dream! Don’t let anyone discourage you. Take a class at a community college. Ask friends to model for you.Find what genre appeals to you, research different photographers…but develop your own style. 😉
Favorite beauty products:
Lipbalm: love Kiehl’s and Cherry Chapstick
Primers!!! They do wonders for your makeup.
Sunscreen: everyone should use it.
Kevin Murphy and Sunsilk: they’re on totally different ends of the spectrum, but I find they are both carry amazing hair products.
What are your “go-to’s” when styling?:
Honestly…I am very random. 
1. I love textures…in dresses, pants…
2. But generally, I would have to say vintage. No matter if I’m styling for a different era or present day looks—I love to thrown in vintage. It keeps the world going and it keeps me going. Makes me happy.
Why is fashion important to you?:
Fashion is another way to express yourself, fashion is beautiful. We all have different styles…and we may not like them all and some may not like our style, but what it comes down to…is what makes us feel good. Fashion is like we are…changing, evolving, reinventing, and also going back to our roots.
Make sure to keep up with Marla on her blog and her own personal website! Happy New Years! xoxo

CelebrityLady Gaga: A Look Back on 2011

With the New Year close at hand, I thought we’d take a look back on 2011 using one of the most common motifs to orbit the sun: the mug of Lady Gaga.
From Vogue to Vanity Fair, Bazaar to Visionaire, the honorable Lady Gaga managed to grace a whopping 36 magazine covers in 2011. With her shocking facial prosthetics and bold antics (like claiming they were real) there seemed to be no one we would have rather seen staring us down in the grocery aisle, or rolled up in our dimly lit mailboxes. But I ask you, do you think you saw all 36?


For the grand finale this 7 foot tall copy of Visionaire, with a limited print of 2500 copies, sums up the impact of Gaga-Mania; larger than life indeed. 

ArtOld School Heroes: The Art of Fab Ciraolo

Ok, I seriously have to share with you this young Chilean artist I just found out about; Fab Ciraolo. Even though he is not a sculptor, this Pop Art illust-rordinare (Ok I just made that up) is able to weld juicy characters from the past with a 1980’s-slash-2000’s sense of fashion. And all within a floating stellar abyss. ooooh . . .
Perhaps you remember some of Ciraolo’s Old School Heroes like Jem, She-Ra and Chetara. NO? That’s Ok, the combinations of zippy patterns, washed-out colors and subtle modern details are eye candy for us all. 
The Process:
Did you have fun?