Beauty12 Strange and Bizarre Beauty Tips (That Might Actually Work!)

I don’t know about you, but in the midst of all this holiday shopping, my budget for splurging on pricey face creams and fancy beauty treatments is completely nonexistent.
However, it’s also the season where I want to look my best, so something’s gotta give, right? I decided to see if there were any cheap and awesome beauty tips out there, and I was amazed to find a plethora of. . .
Some of these sound pretty awesome, while I have my doubts about others. Are they fact or fable? You decide!

1. Old Coffee Grounds Reduce Cellulite
Mix ¼ to ½ cup coffee grounds with about 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil. Rub into your lumpy bits, and then wrap it all up with plastic wrap and let it cook for ten minutes before you rinse. (Tip:  Use your old grounds from this morning’s pot! Yay recycling!)
2. Hemorroid Cream Reduces Puffy Eyes and Reduces Red Pimples
Gently rub a dab onto puffy or red areas. Good for damage control after a round of sappy movies.  
3. Adding Beer to Your Shampoo Adds Volume and Repairs Hair     
Beer for me, beer for my hair . . . Put 3/4 cup beer in a pot on the stove and boil until you’ve got 1/4 cup left. Once cool, add it to a cup of whatever shampoo you’re already using.


4. Whiten Your Nails with Baking Soda and Lemon
Sprinkle some baking soda on a wedge of lemon and scrub. Ta-da, squeaky clean.

5. Add Chopped Garlic to Your Nail Polish for Long and Strong Nails  
Mince garlic really finely and dump it in a bottle of your nail polish. Let the bottle sit for a few days, allowing the chunks to settle, and then apply as usual (avoiding the chunks).
6. Freeze Your Eyeliner So It Doesn’t Crumble  
Throw it in the freezer 15 minutes or so before you want to apply, and the tip won’t break off or crumble when you apply it.
7. Rub Your Hair with Dryer Sheets to Prevent Frizz and Static
Choose a sweet-smelling dyer sheet and rub it through your hair in the morning before you head out. Stash it in your purse for touch-ups during the day. Avoid the sheets that smell like moldy laundromat.
8. Put Toothpaste on a Zit
Dab it right on top of the infection. Think of an excuse as to why you have minty spots all over your face. Rinse when dry.
9. Brush Perfume through Your Hair
Spritz your favorite perfume directly onto your hair, then brush through for frangrant strands all day long. Practice your hair tossing skills.
10. Blow Dry Your Eyelash Curler
After you’re done blow drying your hair, zap your (metal) eye lash curler for a couple of seconds. Make sure it’s not going to burn off all your eyelashes, then crimp. The heat works the same way curlers do on your hair, and your curled eyelashes will be lovely all day! (P.S. It works even better if you use waterproof mascara!)
11. Shaving Your Face Exfoliates and Makes You Look Younger
Some claim that shaving your face in the shower every day creates a more youthful appearance by exfoliating and smoothing. Also prevents cases of the fuzzy-wuzzies.
12. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel Works As a Primer
When you compare about $7 at the store to Mac’s $40…and I think you’ll agree. Nobody has to know your beauty secret!
* * *
So what do you think about these ideas? Will you try ’em or are they too weird? Do you have any of your own magical tips? 
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BeautyHoliday Hairstyles: 10 Celebrity-Inspired ‘Dos

Alright my lovely ladies, ’tis the season to ditch your old gym ponytail and frizzy clippies, because it’s (drumroll, please) . . .
In the spirit of Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, and whatever else you may be celebrating in these next few weeks, I have compiled a list for you of my top ten favorite fancy celebrity hairstyles.
1. The Sparkly Pin
As you can see here on Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst, this style works for pretty much any style or cut. You can use an old brooch for a retro feel, or just slip in some inexpensive clippies from the drugstore for some quick sparkle. You can even make your own by hot-gluing some rhinestones to your bobbie pins, and ta-da! Instant bling.
2. Curly with a Part
This style works best for hair that’s at least chin-lenth. On the left, Jessica Alba’s tousled curls have a younger beachy vibe, whereas Stacy Keibler’s hair is a bit more polished, with large barrel curls and height at the front.
3. Braid Parade
Okay, so maybe I’m a bit obsessed with Jennifer Morrison, but she’s just so dang cute! AND, she shows off just how versatile braids can be. If you want to wear your hair down, just braid back the front to add a bit of interest. If you want to wear it up, why not go all out and rock it princess style with crown braids?
4. Fun Bun
My bff in grade school used to give me guff all the time for rockin’ the bun, but it looks like I was just ahead of my time! Reese Witherspoon’s soft and smooth bun on the left is perfect for a really classy affair, while Jessical Biel’s messy one on the right keeps things a little more casual without sacrificing one ounce of style.
5. Side Pony
I love love love Hilary Duff’s leather-wrapped braid/pony/creation. It’s so unexpected, and paired with the bright red lips, effects a totally biker-chic ensemble. Selena Gomez’s luscious locks (drool!) are so shiny and awesome, all she had to do was wrap a strand of hair around the rubberband for instant glam. So jealous.

6. Headband 
What could be easier than a headband? Tie hair back in a bun, tease the crown, slip on the band, and you’re done! Olivia Wilde and Charlize Theron prove it’s both simple and lovely.
7. Totally Bangin’
Can Zooey Deschanel do no wrong? Sigh. She has the most epic bangs ever. I want them! And Lea Michelle’s fringe pairs just perfectly with that megawatt smile. If you’ve got ’em, rock ’em.
8. French Twist
The classic French twist is timeless, à la Evan Rachel Wood. If you want to, er, add a twist, try starting just above the ear for a wraparound style. (Here’s a great tutorial if you want help making the perfect twist. Her accent is a bit thick, but the end result is adorable.)
9. Messy Updo
Once you’ve invsted in a billion bobby pins, use either your natural wave or curling iron assistance and simply pin back your hair until it stays. Leave a few romantic tendrils around the front like Leighton Meester and Taylor Swift. (Check out this tutorial if you need some assistance.)
 10. Go Retro
Vintage and retro are definitely in right now. Try some polished waves with a deep side part, like Ashley Greene, or add some victory rolls like Katy Perry. And, while you’re at it, throw some pink dye in there for good measure.
Now get stylin’! If any of you try these looks, I’d love to see a pic!
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MusicArtist to Watch: Ski Lodge

Ski Lodge is the perfect band to be our last featured artist from the Digital Album. I mean, it’s winter and their name is Ski Lodge. Who doesn’t want to think about log cabins, snowmen, hot coco, and ski lifts? Hailing from Brooklyn, this fearsome foursome is coming up in the world of music, being featured at CMJ in October. Without futher ado, come join me for an interview with Andrew Marr. 


So the band name begs the question, are you stoked on skiing or snowboarding? Or have a love of hot toddies at the lodge?
Ha, yeah I like both. Been snowboarding for a while but I’m thinkin about switching back to skiing. I always picture a certain scene when I hear the term “ski lodge.” People hangin around having a good time, by a fire, colorful/florescent one piece ski suits, bad sweaters… probably some hot toddies!
How do you hope to inspire your fans? What do you want fans to get out of your music, especially “I Would Die To Be?”
Umm, I guess if I inspire someone at all then that’s a win for me ha! I really just want the music to be something that makes fans happy or gives them something to relate to when they aren’t so happy… With this song specifically, I guess I just wanted it to express a level of frustration toward someone you like want to be with but things aren’t going the way you’d like them to. I think most fans would be able to relate to that.
What would you be doing if you weren’t (or when you’re not) making music?
When I’m not making music I like to eat/cook, watch movies, run, and play golf. If you’re asking what I’d be doing for a career, I’d probably choose being a chef or a pro golfer(even though I’m not that good at golf).
Fill in the blank, Ski Lodge is forever grateful for …
Bill Murray.
(Who doesn’t love them some Bill Murray? This picture doesn’t really have anything to do with Ski Lodge, it’s just awesome)
I know you guys are slated to play College Music Journal’s Music Marathon in October. Do you tour often?
Well “Ski Lodge” has only been around officially for about 4 months, so we just played our first 2 shows as a band at Cake Shop NYC this past month. We plan to try and do a bunch of touring once CMJ is over.
What have you learned about yourself in your musical evolution?
That I am very good at starting things but not always good at finishing them!
Do you have pre- or post-show rituals?
Nah I don’t think so. Recently I’ve been drinking lots of coffee before shows in order to get as anxious as possible, does that count?
Best show?
I’d have to say one of these recent shows at Cake Shop here in New York. I mean if I’m talking about “Ski Lodge shows” then I only have 2 experiences to go off of haha. But even counting shows from the past with other bands and stuff, these recent ones were really exciting, there was a sort of buzz surrounding them, at least from my point of view. And we had great audiences for both of them. That’s really what makes a show for me, it all depends on how the audience reacts to the music and if they are like dancing and stuff. 
Of course, then I need to ask … any disaster shows?
The closest thing to a disaster that I’ve experienced happened to me with my band down in Florida. Our bassist fell off the face of the earth the day before we were supposed to play our first show as a band. He decided to resurface, totally wasted (with none of his equipment), as we were doing a sound check. Then I think he got kicked out of the venue for bringing in his own bottle of whiskey. So we played without a bass player ha.. I guess it wasn’t a disaster per se, but definitely interesting and awkward.
How does fashion inspire you?
I think fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself. Fashion has inspired lyrics of mine in some instances… I’ve always appreciated certain trends and I feel like things are always better when people are dressed fashionably, not like totally crazy, but just enough to bring a certain vibe to a place. Does that make sense??
What else inspires you? Other artists?
There’s so much that inspires me! Other music is probably the main thing. There’s awesome music coming out every week, it’s so hard to keep up with. But the fact that bands and artists keep putting out great music helps me believe that I can also continue to make music that is somewhat authentic and fresh.
Favorite movie?
I don’t really have just one favorite. I love “Eyes Wide Shut” and “The Big Lebowski” to name a couple.

Favorite artist?
Always been a fan of Salvador Dali. I wish I was familiar with more artists than I am, that’s something I plan to do.
Favorite musician/band?
This changes so often. Right now it’s Beirut, maybe? It’s kind of just whatever album I’ve been listening to the most. Currently I’ve been loving Beirut’s “The Rip Tide.”
What’s next for Ski Lodge?
I think we will try and do some sort of touring for a little while, probably not long because I’m anxious to start recording the full length. So that’s the next big thing I guess – a full length record! 

FashionHeadphones Go High Fashion

I blaze through earbuds like they’re disposable, so I tend toward the cheapest cheapies Target has to offer, but little did I know, I’ve been missing out on the hottest new accesorizing opportunity! As most of the Lulus crew can attest to, there is at least one headphone/earbud on/in at all times on any given workday. So if anybody can justify a headphone splurge, well, here we are!

Heapdhones, earphones, earbuds… whichever tickles your fancy, they’ve all gone through a high end, designer makeover, and some of the results are just plain silly. Take these 18 carat gold, diamond-encrusted (118 of them!) ear accessories from Belgian jeweller Casa Gi (below). These sparkly stunners carry a mere £3,499 price tag, which means roughly $5,430 here in the good ol’ US of A!

Oh, what, you thought that sounded like a lot for diamond earbuds? (Me too!) Well, DEOS offers similarly extravagant earbuds for a mere $60,000 to $4,500! (That’s them pictured at the very top, and below). To be fair, they also offer the same designs with Swarovski crystals ($110 to $200) and aluminum (as low as $20) for those of us who would rather have “diamonds” and lots of shoes. The different crystal pattterns are pretty cute too.

Now, I did say designer, and I meant it. Big names like Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Tam, and Juicy Couture (below, clockwise from top left) have all released their very own lines of luxury listening gear. With price tags ranging from $25 to $199.95, they’re actually more attainable than you might think! (I kind of love how the Juicy ones double as ear muffs. It gets cold in here!).
But, because I’m still a little more fascinated by what is completely out of my price range, check out Molami, the “high-heeled earphone brand.” Ranging from about $200-$450, Molami headphonesare designed from a fashion standpoint, worn as a selected accessory and tailored for the contemporary individual” and include stingray or napa leather ear buds, napa leather headphones, and even offer this sleek, hand-washed silk and chiffon headband option (below), that really just looks like you’re rockin’ a fancy hair accessory. Another cool fact: they’re the only headphone brand designed to frame and enhance the features of the feminine face. Fancy!

And here I am with my sad little purple plastic earbuds…

FashionLulus at the Two Point Oh! LA Snow Ball

Recently here at Lulus, we had the opportunity to sponsor an event with the fabulous, Two Point Oh! LA at their annual Holiday Snow Ball! This glam event brings together Los Angles area fashion bloggers and brands for a night of networking, celebrating and fashion!

Held at the Palihouse in West Hollywood, the 2nd Annual Snow Ball was a glam and festive night! So many amazing, fashionable bloggers attended. Holiday outfit inspiration was everywhere!

Lulus rack of glittering dresses, faux-fur coats and holiday heels, all available to be won by spinning our famous prize wheel!

One of our favorite fashion bloggers, Sarah of Pandora’s Box, having fun with friends!

Just us Lulus ladies!

Spin to win!!

So excited to spin the wheel!

The lovely Kelsi, of Two Point Oh! LA holding up a fabulous Lulus dress!

Everyone wins something! Whether it be a gift card, a coupon or an item, everyone got some Lulus love to take home with them!

Showing off some Lulus  Matiko’s and Jeffrey Campbell’s! On the left we have Matiko Madison Booties and on the right we have the Jeffrey Campbell Forget Platforms
More lovely ladies having a blast!
 Thanks again to Two Point Oh! LA for having us at such a fun and memorable event! We loved meeting you all!
Until our next event,
(photography by Marla Verdugo) 
Check out a video recap of the event!