FashionLulus Christmas Card: It’s Holiday Sweater Season!

On the first day of December, my Lulus gave to me…. a hideous holiday sweater party!

What better way to ring in the holiday season than a day full of the ugliest Christmas sweaters we here at Lulus can conjure? Well, clearly nothing, since that’s just what we did. Oh, and I did make this lovely hand-clicked collage of celebrities spreading the cheer as well (ugliness intended). So bust out the eggnog and let’s deck the halls already!

Val (Head of Graphics), Brittany (Buyer), and Katie (Assistant Manager of Web Operations) looking Christmas card ready in their ravishing red ensembles.

Liz (Marketing Assistant) and Sienna (Writer/Blogger) are looking surprisingly stylish as they spread some serious cheer in their (actually pretty cute) off-the-shoulder holiday attire.

Okay, so Danielle (Graphics Assistant) and Kellen (Web Operations Manager) take the “ugly” out of Christmas sweaters and just look freakin’ adorable, am I right? 

Nothing says “comfort and joy” like sharing a cup of hot cocoa in classy Christmas mugs with my pal Briana (Processor).

Cara (Stylist/Blog Manager) and Sara (Packer) shall brighten the Lulus family mantle for many Christmases to come with this merry portait.

Wishing you all a holly jolly holiday season!
Love, Lulus

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Mara of M Loves M


For this weeks blogger spotlight I wanted to focus on one of the sweetest girls around, Mara from M Loves M! With adorable style and a super sweet personality to match, reading Mara’s blog is like chatting with an old friend! Recipes, outfit inspiration and tons of great accessories and hair ideas, Mara’s blog is always a great read. Take a look below for some of my favorite shots by this lovely blogger!


The combo of sweet, retro-inspired curls and a striped and pleated skirt is absolute perfection!

I love the 70’s-esque loose waves paired with the polka dot blouse. This is a great outfit for someone who wants to have fun with color but still dress professional and chic!

Mara looking super sweet in a striped top and a Lulus skirt, the

Perfect in primaries!

Such a great outfit! Ballet-pink skirt and a vintage inspired jacket and hairstyle!

Great closeup of details and accessories.
I love this seasonal and pretty combo!

This is another perfect outfit for someone who wants to have fun in a professional setting. This outfit would work greatin an ofice settting and with all the feminine details you would feel pretty and properly dressed. 
You must head over to Mara’s blog, M Loves M for some great outfit inspiration and general good reads!

FashionSophie Vlaming for L’Officiel December 2010

This one picture alone is enough to make me race out rightthissecond to stock up on red lipstick, red nail polish, and fair isle knits. Annnnd then, wear them every single day for the next three months. It’s just that dang adorable. But then again . . . so are the rest of these outfits:

Shot by the dynamic French photographer team Milo Keller and Julien Gallico, this lovely winter-themed shoot stars model Sophie Vlaming and a wardrobe styled by the talented Vanessa Bellugeon.

Run in the December 2010 edition of L’Officiel magazine, one of Paris’ oldest and most reknowned fashion publications, the looks here are as current this season as they were the last. Chunky knits, faux furs, and bright pops of color mix with a little vintage inspiration for a winter wonderland of timeless awesome!



 I officially want everything in the above photo. It’s like a big cozy heap of bohemian beauty.

Moon boots? And mittens?? YES PLEASE!!!! This outfit wins, hands down.
(Pics courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue and

MusicArtist to Watch: The Make

The Make is pretty much a Chico legend in the making.  Jeff Schneeweis & Trevor Sellers both come from the former local legend band Number One Gun, and Aaron Rodgers (oh, you know, just the QB of the Green Bay Packers and Superbowl champ) sought them out to be on his new record label. Add super hot Sarah Ann (See You Soon) into the mix, and you have music gold. And believe me, there is nothing not to love about these guys. 

We caught up with Sarah Ann to get some quality girl time and catch up on the deets about touring with the boys, video blogs, and being the only girl in the band. Check out her interview below!
How’d you end up hooking up with the guys [Jeff Schneeweis & Trevor Sellers]?
Last year Jeff produced a CD for me, I had a solo project I was doing, so I met him that way. He had his wife let me stay with them for a month [Sarah’s from Fresno] so I got to know the family pretty well and just stayed in touch since then.
The Make seems to really take advantage of social media. Why do you think it’s important to connect with your fans through these avenues?
There’s so many ways you can reach out to people online and contact people, it’s so easy now-a-days. That’s one of the things touring was really good for back in the day before you had all these ways to get out there and talk to your fans. That’s just one of the main parts of this band – we want to be connected to people who like our music and what we do because they are the ones that allow us to do it…. So we take full advantage of the Internet so everyone can see what we’re doing all the time. We are always videoing funny things, hilarious things seem to happen all the time.
What kind of funny things can we see in the future of your video blog?
Well, Jeff is a big coffee lover – he has it morning, noon and night – and the other night we were going to have some, it was all rainy … Jeff realized he didn’t have any more coffee filters … so he went into the trash and got out an old one and rinsed it off. This had to be documented, so I grabbed my phone. He’s really that much of a fan of coffee. I’m sure that’ll be one of the future videos we make.
How do you hope to inspire your fans? What do you want fans to get out of your music?
We just really like writing really fun music, it’s one of the things we’ve done a long time and we enjoy it, so we hope our fans can hear that in our music. And coming up on our tour, seeing us playing live onstage, we’re just so excited to see everyone. We are flattered they let us do what we love to do and we hope it inspires them to do something they love to do.
What would you be doing if you weren’t (or when you’re not) making music?
Lately I’ve been in Chico, hanging out and we’ve been staying really busy [with music]. On downtime, I would be back home in Fresno, mostly hanging out with my mom and friends and helping my mom, which is always fun. But right now music is keeping me pretty busy, it’s like 24/7.
Fill in the blank, The Make is forever grateful for …
… Fans. That’s our main priority with everything we do. We really do take everybody’s opinions and comments and when they give us awesome reviews – we thrive on that. If we didn’t have any fans, then we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing. That’s what we’re most grateful for.
What’s it like being the only girl in the band? Nervous about touring with all boys?
I’m not really nervous. I’m around these guys all the time …. I guess you have to have a little bit of a thick skin because guys are just goofy and think they’re funny a lot of the times, so you have to remember to laugh! It’ll be fun, we’re all really close and pretty much best friends.

How are you touring? Flying, then driving? Driving only?
Driving. From here to New York. The other day we asked, “Who came up with this idea?”
How does fashion inspire you?
Oh man, I‘m the first to say I’m not the greatest with fashion, but I love shopping and I like finding different looking things and things that kind of try to start trends, even if it might look funky. It definitely inspires me a lot. You can tell a lot about someone by clothes, like telling whether somebody is in a band or not. I hope we have awesome stage outfits, so kids offstage will know, “hey they are in a band.” Lulus has awesome clothes that I’ve seen…. I’m excited to be able to work with them.
What else inspires you? Other artists?
I go through musical phases; I’ll get super into country or slow, indie stuff. I’m a big ballad person myself so a lot of my music is acoustic and slow with romancy ballads. I’m not a daily inspired person; I can’t just sit down and … write 10 songs in one day. Life basically is what inspires me – something happens, good or bad, it’s really just things in my own life. Sometimes it’ll last longer than others, sometimes for one song or sometimes I can write a whole record. It’s the ups and downs of life.
Aaron Rodgers, QB for Packers, owns the label you’re on. Are you a football fan, or are you now?
I’m trying.
Favorite movie? 
I like when I can watch movies over and over again. I’d say one is “Finding Nemo.” On the other end of the spectrum, I really like “Braveheart.”
Favorite musician/band?
I really like Miranda Lambert. I like all her music, every album has been consistently good. I really like Rascal Flatts. I love them live. I’m a big country person I guess.
What’s next for The Make?
We have that tour coming up…. We are trying to think about getting a tour going on the West Coast, to Seattle and Oregon – a kind of mini-tour. We don’t get up to Seatlle on this tour and we have a lot of friends up there. After that, just working on our new album.
You can hear more about The Make over at their website, as well as being on our Digital Album, free with every order!!

GeneralDIY: Transform Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

When it was announced that we were having our very own ugly sweater day in the warehouse, I decided to do a little tinkering with this awesome “Mistle Toads” sweatshirt. In the style of some of the oversized, off-the-shoulder tops we carry here, I picked up my scissors and went to town. This method is easy, quick and no-sew, and will last at least a few wearings without hemming the edges.
If you want to get a little more advanced, you can create a matching bow from the leftover sleeves. With the sweater AND the bow, this project took me about 12 minutes. Serious.
So let’s start with another Xmas culprit:
1. Cut off one sleeve to desired length. Start long and work your way up if you have to.
2. Fold the sweater in half, match up the sleeves and cut the other sleeve using your first as a template.
3. Cut out the neckline. Start by cutting just below the ribbing or your neckline may get CRAZY BIG!
4. Rid yourself of that unflattering cinched waistband. Again, cut just above the ribbing; if you want it even more cropped, cut higher.
Now you have a cozy, more contemporary look.

To make the bow you will need to sew, but if you’re at all handy with your sewing machine, or nimble with your thimble, this won’t be a problem.
1. Cut out the following shapes by folding your leftover sleeve ends in half. You will need two of the bow shapes and one rectangle.
2. Place the bow shapes wrong sides out and stitch along the edge, leaving about 1 1/2 inches open in the very center.
3. Turn the bow to right sides out.
4. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise (wrong side out) and stitch along the side.
5. Turn the tube right side out.
6. With the seam facing you, wrap the tube around the middle of your bow and sew the end together. Twist so the seam is now on the inside.
7.Use bobby pins to pin this bow into your hair, or sew on a hair clip if you’d like!