FashionKarli Kloss for Numero #127

 Karli Kloss gets vamped posing for the camera of Tom Munro in bold winter hues, black cherry lipstick and a smoky eye so intense the fire department showed up. A boyish coif balances the feminine textures of fishnets and fuzzy jackets and the sensibility of stylist Charles Varenne seems remarkably accessible to the everyday fashionista.


ContestsThe Golden Ticket Is Still Out There!

Even better than a tour of the chocolate factory . . .

You heard us right! You still have a chance to WIN! We haven’t shipped out the Golden Ticket yet! 

Between now and December 31st, we will hide one golden ticket worth a $1000 gift card in a random package from an order on our site! For your chance to WIN, simply check the packages of any Lulus purchases you make to see if it’s in there!

Could it be in YOUR package?

ContestsWin Prizes Everyday In December

When: EVERY day for the rest of December we will have a contest where you can win!

Where: The daily contest will be on the Facebook page on the December Daily Contests tab to the left on our page.

Prizes: You could win a dress of your choice or one of multiple gift cards we will be giving away! Each day is different.

Want to participate? Be sure to check the December Daily Contests tab each day on our Facebook page and follow the instructions for each contest. Some will be 1 entry per person, and some will be unlimited entries! You must “like” our page in order to enter.

Oh, did we forget to mention, you might also win a $1,000 shopping spree?!!! We will be announcing details in the coming weeks about the BIG giveaway at the end of December where we will have multiple winners all day and a lucky $1,000 winner! Stay tuned for details.

Good luck!


BeautyBeauty How-to: What to Do with Broken Eye Shadows

Don’t you hate it when you drop your favorite eye shadow on the ground and see the pressed powder crumbling once you pick it up? Whenever I had this happen to me I would throw it in my makeup drawer and it would get buried amongst my other forgotten cosmetics. This was a regular occurrence until recently, I found a great way to use your crumbled polish to make awesome nail art. Using your broken eye shadows on your nails creates a matte finish polish that gives your nails a fresh look without breaking the bank.
1. Take the broken shadow and pour a little into a small bowl.
2. Drip about 20 drops of clear polish into the small bowl. If you are feeling creative, you can also add different colors of your choice to create inventive, new color choices.
3. Swirl the mixture together with a toothpick until the polish has evenly mixed with the polish. Add more polish if you need the mixture thinner, add a dash more powder if you need to thicken.
4. Once the mixture is complete quickly polish your nails since the mixture dries quickly.
I love the options of limitless variations with this nail art idea. You can even do this on the ends of your nails or some glitter to give a colorful remix to the classic French manicure. 

If you want to fix your eye shadow afterwards, here is an easy way how:

1. Dump the eye shadow into a small bowl and use an eye shadow brush to wipe the container clean.
2. Use the end of the brush and crush the remaining chunks into a fine powder.
3. Pour a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol into the small bowl. Mix well into a paste with a small spoon.
4. Scoop the paste from the small bowl and pour into the original containers. Spread evenly throughout container.
5. Place aside and let sit for about eight hours. After the eye shadow has set, your eye shadow will come back to life once it has dried! 
This should keep you all busy for a bit!

FashionMore or Less: Stunning Sculptural Knitwear

If you’re into chunky knitwear, then this blog is for you.
Crafted by Amsterdam-based textile designer Nanna van Blaaderen, “the sculptural handknitted collection ‘More or Less’ is inspired by organic forms, animal life and nature. Using thick woolen yarns in off-white colors, [she] experimented in combining knitting techniques with braiding techniques. This resulted in various expressive garments of voluminous structures and forms.”
Pretty sweet, huh? Plus, she’s really into nature, animals, and sustainability, so she gets extra brownie points.
Ahh . . . I just want to cuddle up with one of these creations and sip hot toddies by the fire! 
Check out more of Nanna’s amazing work on her website!
(Pics and quote courtesy of Trendland and