FashionAdvanced Age: Proof That Fashion Only Gets Better with Time

A little over three years ago, photographer Ari Seth Cohen moved to New York and begin snapping pictures of the stylish men and women he saw meandering down the streets. From there was born Advanced Style, his blog featuring the fabulously fashionable of the more advanced years. And boy do these ladies and gents have some serious swagger.
Check it out:
 Advanced Style, he says, offers proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age.
These amazing women are both 80 years old and 91 years old (from left) and still looking great. 
80 years old
Seriously, how can you not love this couple? The pink and purple pants are so awesome!
That scarf! That suit! She’s 98 and way more stylish than I’ll ever be!
The beautiful dame on the left is 92!
Drool-worthy coat and turban envy.
Annndd . . .I just had to highlight my amazing grandmother as well, who is still rockin’ it at 97!
I can only hope I’m even half as well-dressed as these inspiring ladies! If you’d like to see more pics, head on over to Ari’s blog!
Any advanced stylistas in your life? Share a picture! We’d LOVE to see!

MusicArtist to Watch: Empress Hotel

Empress Hotel is like my perfect boyfriend, they love tacos and Jameson, have a love for awesome facial hair, a great sense of humor, and make me want to dance. No wonder they were a perfect fit for our Digital Album. This pop ensemble hails from New Orleans and are inspired by one hit wonders from the 70s (Ace and The Dwight Twilley Band, click, really, I dare you) as well as great such as Prince and Roxy Music.
Before you go on to read their interview below, check out their video for Mach Bach, the song featured on our digital album. It’s super rad, and it features glitter balloons. That’s right, balloons filled with glitter. Now watch!

“Mach Bach” by Empress Hotel from drew stubbs on Vimeo.


First, we have to say, we loved the “Mach Bach” video. All the balloons and glitter made us happy. What was the thought behind that video?
The video idea was originally us in a ball pit with New Orleans bounce booty clappers. However, director Drew Stubbs came up with a more economical method of conveying that same playfulness without having to rent out a Chuck E. Cheese.
Drew is the man. I blame him for that video being amazing. He was in that space at 7 a.m. blowing up balloons. ‘Twas a great idea and we look forward to working with him again. 


How do you hope to inspire your fans?


Through heartfelt lyricism, a personally affecting live performance and dope ass beards.
What do you want fans to get out of your music?
A peaceful, easy feeling.
What would you be doing if you weren’t (or when you’re not) making music?
Micah: Watching star trek
Ryan: Shaving
Jack: Playing golf
Hache: Bikram yoga
Eric: Big room yogurt
Fill in the blank, Empress Hotel is forever grateful for:
Responsive crowds filled with beautiful, well-dressed women. Also grateful for a bottle of Jameson in our green room. Cheap tacos are nice too.
You guys are based in an area known for its rich musical culture. How do you draw on this and make it your own?
We take the lessons we’ve learned from growing up in a musically rich city and apply those lessons to writing great pop melodies.
Do you have pre- or post-show rituals?
Bird watching, beer drinking and beard trimming.
Best show?
Nashville – 3rd and Lindsley on Sept 25, 2011 with Van Hunt.
Of course, then I need to ask … any disaster shows?
Once – we were the band on the Titanic.
How does fashion inspire you?
We all love great hats, and often you will notice more than two hats on stage. Goorin Bros hats are particularly snazzy.
What else inspires you? Other artists?
Jack is personally inspired by a great dish of spaghetti and meatballs, particularly those meatballs that are made with parmesan.
Favorite movie?
Micah: “Mulholland Drive”
Hache: “Serpico”
Jack: “Kenny”
Ryan: “Jurassic Park”
Eric: “Fargo”
Favorite artist?
Micah: Pablo Picasso
Hache: Ryland Cook
Jack: My aunt. She’s a painter.
Ryan: [Jackson] Pollock
Eric: [Salvador] Dali
Favorite musician/band?
Micah: The Kinks
Hache: Os Mutantes
Jack: Neil Young
Ryan: Michael McDonald
Eric: Floating Action
What’s next for Empress Hotel?
Europe, Japan, Australia. New full-length album in spring 2012. Tour, tour, tour!!!

As always, you can get more of Empress Hotel on our Digital Album, free with each order, no matter how big or small. Plus, the more you order the more you have a chance to win our golden ticket. And who doesn’t love having a real life Charlie and the Chocolate Factory moment? 


FashionHats Off to Stephen Jones’s “Hats: An Anthology”

If you know about Stephen Jones, then you’re probably already excited. If you don’t, then don’t worry, neither had I. And boy, am I excited now!
The hat has been making some bold statements lately, thanks to the Duchess Kate craze and Lady Gaga alike, and you can be sure that these ladies are no strangers to Stephen Jones Millinery. Millinery? What’s that you say? Not just plain old hatmakers, no! Milliners are far more fabulous than that! “Distinct from hat-making, with its large-scale production of standard hat types, millinery focuses on the creation and decoration of elegant, experimental and often whimsical hats.” Why, thank you for clearing that up, Victoria & Albert Museum.
As perhaps the most widely respected name in millinery, Stephen Jones is following in the tradition of the V&A’s first fashion show in 1971, Fashion: An Anthology by Cecil Beaton, and putting hats on the map as museum-worthy works of art, with his exhibition: Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones.

This amazing collection is currently on display here in the US, at the The Bard Graduate Center in New York City. So if you’re in the vicinity, you may actually have the opportunity to witness the evolution and life cycle of what Jones calls, “the cherry on the cake, the dot on the ‘i’, the exclamation mark, the fashion focus. Everyone from showgirls to dictators knows that by wearing a hat they will be the centre of attention.”

Carefully hand selected from the museum’s 17 centuries’ worth of headwear, Jones describes his process: “This is my very personal anthology of hats, a mish-mash of dates, places, stories and illusion that are squished into a sense of order by a mad hatter’s logic… It is my own viewpoint of where hats come from, how they are made, where they are sold and the extraordinary people who wear them.”

Also, check out Jones’s website for more amazing eye candy!
(Images courtesy of the Victoria & Albert Museum & Stylelist)

FashionReal vs. Steal: Reed Krakoff’s Yellow Purse

Color block purses are where it’s at these days, but there’s no reason to break the bank once you’ve discovered! Add a little sunshine to your look with a lemon yellow and off-white clutch . . . and save like $500.

This Reed Krakoff purse tops the chart for hot color combos, but tops out at $525.

Our Limoncello Ivory and Yellow Handbag for a mere $43. Keep the color scheme, save the dough.

GeneralThe Bergdorf-Goodman Windows 2011!

They’re back! The phenomenal Christmastime window displays have popped up at Bergdorf-Goodman in New York City once again. This year the theme is “Carnival of the Animals,” and it just goes to show that the display team really does spend 60% of their annual effort on their mid-winter extravaganza.