FashionCiao bella!: Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012 Round Up

From sultry gowns that evoked pure Italian romance to innovative shapes and fantastic prints, Milan offered up some of the most visually stunning looks of this fashion season! So let’s treat ourselves yet again with a look back at this week’s favorite shows!
Models stomped down the Prada runway in platform mary janes and retro printed suits adorned with gorgeous gemstones and beadwork. Matchy-matchy prints have never looked so chic!
 Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli released the wild within with his collection of muted animal prints, sequins, and leather. Flared pants paired under matching billowy skirts evoked a sexy ’70s siren we’d all love to meet!
Jil Sander
It was Raf Simons final show for Jil Sander after seven years with the fashion label and it was also one of his best!  A soft pretty-in-pink palette dominated the runway with elegant car coats over silk gowns that were delicate, but strong!
Midnight romance was definitely the theme for Gucci, giving us lush printed silks, rich jacquards and plush velvets. Pops of yellow and green flowers were a new take on floral prints that we can easily wear in Spring or Fall!
Versace brought its usual extravagance, only this time in a much tougher package! Futuristic chain mail gowns and retro studded leather dresses showed us that the future of fashion looks bright and sexy!
Dolce & Gabbana
A modern day Italian renaissance took place before our very eyes at Dolce & Gabbana, with lavish black and gold, white lace frocks, and beautiful cherub-adorned dresses that were works of art! The fashion heavyweight brought some of the most exciting looks of the week!
Which Milan Fall/Winter 2012 looks do you need in your wardrobe?
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CelebrityWill and Kate vs Barbie and Ken

So she grew up and married Prince Charming, and now she gets to be a Barbie too?? So many childhood dreams are boiling over in envy right now… To celebrate the upcoming anniversary of the wedding of the century, Mattel has immortalized the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the most honorable way possible. Pssssh, wax figures are so passé…
So, Kate, (sorry, I forgot, we’re supposed to call her “Catherine” now), kind of just looks like a (very pretty!) regular ol’ Barbie, but rumor has it they made a custom mold for William. Dare I say, the smug royal grin and receding hairline are spot on?

BeautyBeauty Review: Clinique Pore Refining Solutions

Pores. I know, I know. You get what you get and you don’t get upset… but, smaller pores would be really nice. So I can’t actually shrink them, fine, but if some magical serum promises to make them look smaller, then really, what’s the difference? Enter: Clinique’s Pore Refining Solutions line. I’ve been using both the Correcting Serum and the Instant Perfector for almost two months now, and this stuff really works!

You’ll notice I brought a few friends. I cannot gush enough about my Clarisonic Mia cleansing brush. This gadget is magic. The cleanser is up to you, but I like to use something acne-resistant, since I’m just barely out of that heinous skin phase. Also, you’ll still need moisturizer, which I apply after the Correcting Serum and before the Instant Perfector. Now, on to the main event!

Clinique Pore Refining Solutions

The fine print: Clinique’s innovative solutions work in many ways to create a poreless appearance—instantly, with optics, and over time, with multitasking formulas. Both use smart technology to absorb oil only where needed. Both are dermatologist tested.

Correcting Serum

The fine print: Lightweight, oil-free serum with Pore Resurfacing Complex helps skin renew itself more efficiently, bringing healthier cells to the surface for a tighter, smoother, younger look. Gently clears pores of debris and rough, dead cells. Pores instantly look 30% smaller. And in 2 weeks, clinical tests confirm a 58% smaller appearance. To use: Spread over face morning and night after 3-Step. Can be layered with other treatments, makeup, Instant Perfector.

The verdict: After the very first use, my skin felt and looked much smoother, and almost two months later, my skin has only gotten better! FYI: I did run into a mild reaction about a week into use, so I had to cut ties with my salicylic acid spot treatment. So, a word to the wise: stick to Serum, moisturizer, and Perfector and you should be safe. Or whatever Clinique’s 3-Step system involves…

Instant Perfector

The fine print: Look smooth and virtually flawless—instantly. Pores seem to disappear. Natural-looking matte finish lasts up to 8 hours. Resists sweat, humidity. Two skin tone shades or Invisible Bright for subtle brightening. To use: Finger-dot and blend over pores—alone, over Correcting Serum, makeup, and for touch-ups.

The verdict: Awesome. This little tube is a lot like a makeup primer, leaving a smooth, matte finish that almost had me skipping the makeup. (Almost. I would never actually skip my beloved face paint). I used the “Invisible Bright” shade, but I’m definitely open to trying one of the tinted versions in the future. It’s super lightweight and though the tube is quite small, you only need to use the tiniest little squeeze for big results.

To sum it all up: The Correcting Serum is the diet and exercise, while the Instant Perfector is your Spanx. Use them together and your skin will be looking smooth and tight! Happy cleansing!

ArtIn Your Face: Watercolor Artist Marion Bolognesi

Watch out art class, there’s a new pastel in town. Marion Bolognesi, an illustrative artist in New York city, blends portraiture with rainbow paints and some serious soul-searching to create the incredible artwork you see below. Her trademark “tears” or drips of paint effect a definite minor chord throughout her work, while the intense clarity of the eyes is unshakeably unnerving. 
In the end, though, the combination of sadness and beauty creates works that are so personal and raw, you can’t help but be entranced.

Want to see more of Marion’s work? Check out her Facebook page or head over to her site, where you can view her collaborations with other artists, read her blog, or even purchase a surfboard like the one she’s holding below!

(All pics courtesy of Marion Bolognesi.)