FashionNorman Parkinson: Vintage Fashion Photography

“I like to make people look as good as they’d like to look, and with luck, a shade better.”-Norman Parkinson
Stunning. Breathtaking. Beautiful. All of these words and more can describe Norman Parkinson’s work.
Norman Parkinson was a British fashion photographer whose career spanned seven decades! Often called the godfather of fashion photography, Parkinson spun the industry on its head, taking models out of the stuffy studios into the real world where he captured their natural beauty. He loved to photograph his subjects in fun or feisty set ups and introduced storytelling to his photos. His photos were filled with a sense of adventure and made you want to be the women in his photos.
Parkinson is most famous for his work for Vogue between 1945 and 1960, where he snapped photos of Hollywood royalty like Elizabeth Taylor and supermodels of the day. So let’s take a look a look at just a smidgen (there was so many amazing photos to choose from!) of his work!
Can’t get enough of Norman Parkinson? Then check out more of his work here and here! Okay, the last link is in Russian, but it has lots of his photos for your viewing pleasure!

FashionThe Dream of the 90s is Alive… on Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2012 RTW Runway

The nineties are back in a big way, but I’d forgotten just how much the decade of my youth had to offer until my fellow blogger sent me the link to Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2012 RTW runway show. Oh-my-Lisa Frank! Mr. Scott brought back the nineties like a psychedelic time warp straight to the second grade, but for grown-ups. We’re talkin’ Lisa Frank, Bart Simpson, emoticons, smiley faces, bubble font, peace flowers, peace signs! (It took a lot of self control to not type all of that in bold, all caps, and followed by ten thousand exclamation marks). Ah, every look is like the turn of a long lost yearbook page, just a million times more awesome.
I ruined a lot of furniture with Lisa Frank stickers, but yeah, a corset covered in them? How did I not think of this before!
The smiley face tee. Didn’t we all have one? Computer keyboard pants? I wish…

You can just barely make out the hippie dippy flowers on this amazing metallic rainbow dreamcoat… I mean trench. And, um, holographic pink overalls? Yesterday, today, tomorrow, always. And yeah, there’s a rainbow peace sign tee under all that.
So, boo ya! Jeremy Scott. That was, like, all that and a bag of chips.
(Images courtesy of and Incredible Things)

FashionLove It or Leave It: J-Lo in “That Lady Is A Champ” for V Magazine

I have to admit…I don’t know how I feel about this shoot. 

When I first stumbled upon this spread (literally!) for the March 2012 edition of V Magazine, shot by the famed Mario Testino, I immediately thought “yuch!” and clicked off the page. For some reason, however, I kept coming back to it and finally sent it in to our blog manager extraordinaire, Cara, for her opinion. Lo, and behold, she had the same reaction.
So now we wanna know: what do you think?

(Outfit aside, how does J-Lo still look this hot?!)

Final opinion: Love It or Leave It? Tell us in the comments below!
(All pics courtesy of Before You Kill Us All.)

ContestsName the Dress Contest #91!


The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: Sangria Sunrise

Winner: LaKeisha

GeneralInterior Motives: Decorating with Live Plants

The quickest way to liven up your living space is to add a little greenery. But where to begin? In general, you’ll want to start by choosing the sunniest locations in your house and attaining healthy plants, know that the most common death for houseplants is overwatering, and (since plants need to eat too) be sure to fertilize at least once a year. Now let’s start designing!

Work with the height of your windows: The tall plants pictured below work beautifully against the sparse white walls and lengthy windows. Smaller windows can be treated with a row of low-growing plants. 
Clusters: Because one really IS the loneliest number, you’ll probably gravitate towards clustering your indoor plants. You can choose a variety of sizes and textures, or find a nice repetition with similarly sized pots filled with the same species. A healthy plant will often reach a point when it needs to be divided; an opportune time to create this look!
Non-Traditional Looks: Sure succulents are an all-time favorite for indoors, but this colorful succulent wreath adds a new shape and allows you to hang it in a variety of places. Below is an apartment windowsill with a few potted plants, a sprouting pineapple and a cluster of dried chili peppers. The casual assortment adds an interesting personal touch.
Add a Terrarium: You need absolutely NO green thumb to care for a terrarium, just be sure to buy or make one that has a lid, and the atmosphere will recycle its own moisture. If it ever seems too dry, give it a quick spritz with a spray bottle. Mosses are the hardiest, and require very little light, making them perfect for the office, or any non-sunny location.
Share YOUR best tips in the comments below!