BeautyCapital LOVE for the Capitol Colours Collection

The Hunger Games fever has officially set in here at LuLu*s, and with just two more weeks ’til the much-anticipated premiere of The Hunger Games movie, I think it’s about time to get all gussied up for the reaping. Lucky for us, Lion’s Gate and China Glaze have teamed up to bring us the “Capitol Colours” line of Hunger Games-themed nail polishes, inspired by the twelve districts of Panem, but clearly with a Capitol-worthy spin. Are you feeling the Hunger pangs, too?
Despite some serious controversy surrounding the production and the “original” names (which may or may not have been preferable), I think we can all agree that there are more than a few gems here.
Without further ado, allow me to introduce your nail tributes, ordered by district, with flawless applications by All Lacquered Up to show how they really look out of the bottle.
Luxe and Lush
Inspired by: District 1 (and The Capitol)
Industry: Luxury
Stone Cold
Inspired by: District 2
Industry: Masonry
(Okay, so I may have ordered this one for myself yesterday)

Inspired by: District 3
Industry: Technology and Mechanics
(….and this one too…)

Hook and Line
Inspired by: District 4
Industry: Fishing

Inspired by: District 5
Industry: Power

Fast Track
Inspired by: District 6
Industry: Transportation

Mahogany Magic
Inspired by: District 7
Industry: Lumber

Dress Me-Up
Inspired by: District 8
Industry: Textiles

Harvest Moon
Inspired by: District 9
Industry: Grain

Foie Gras
Inspired by: District 10
Industry: Livestock

Inspired by: District 11
Industry: Agriculture
Smoke and Ashes
Inspired by: Katniss’s own District 12
Industry: Coal Mining
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FashionGet Your Ne-on: Tanning Salon by Jamie Nelson

While I’m not usually a big advocate of the fake and bake, there’s a new kind of tanning salon that might have me changing my tune: a neon salon! Talented photographer Jamie Nelson is the genius behind this bright idea, using the backdrop of a tanning salon to highlight, well, pretty much everything.
Armed with a blacklight bed, glow paint, and some seriously eighties accessories, these suit-clad sirens sure know how to light up a (dark)room.
It’s like glowstick heaven!

Anybody else wondering if the models are actually tan?!

Once you’re done oo-ing and ahh-ing over this shoot, check out the rest of Jamie Nelson‘s work. All of her photographs incorporate unique uses of color, makeup, props, and accessories, and every shoot is different. I can promise you this:  you’ll never be bored! (One of them even has an alligator!)
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FashionThis Week in Instagram!

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ArtAmazing Bonsai Treehouse Sculptures by Takanori Aiba


“Bonsai reflects the Japanese traditional aesthetic sense of expressing the magnificence of nature in a small potted plant. However, the density of decoration and the rich stories of my works contain extraordinary times and spaces which differ from the bonsai world determined by plants physiology.”-Takanori Aiba
Takanori Aiba, Japanese artist, former architect, and maze illustrator crafts beautiful life-like bonsai sculptures that look as if they’ve been inhabited by very very tiny people!  He’s made a modern bonsai that portrays “the beauty of spiritual accordance between human and nature in miniature.”
Using materials that include stone clay, epoxy putty, copper line, plastic, and resin; Aiba creates magical worlds we wish we could live in! 
If only we could pack our bags for a vacation getaway at this pint-sized resort!
Be sure to check out more of Takanori Aiba’s amazing work! Like The Rock Island or Hôtel de Michelin!
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FashionTrès chic: Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012 Highlights




On the (high) heels of Milan, Paris Fashion Week has come to bring us fashion excellence on the runway—even in in the streets! So let’s take a look at some of our favorite styles of the week!
Fabergé egg-style dominated the Balmain runway with embroidered patterns adorned with beautiful pearls and crystals. The pieces were intricate, but were so cool and casual!
Christian Dior
Soft and ballet-esque silk tulle skirts made up the majority of Christian Dior’s collection. Paired with super high platforms, this show was filled with showstoppers!
Jean Paul Gaultier
It was to the streets for Jean Paul Gaultier with cool graffiti adorned dresses and constructed trench coats. The model’s roots were also dyed to match their graffiti style. It was street style chic at its finest! 
It was all about the waist at Lanvin with body-enhancing peplums and flared skirts in bright and beautiful colors. The jewel necklaces were stunning!
Paris Street Style
Now that you’ve enjoyed what the runway has to offer, let’s take some time to appreciate the gorgeous styles in Paris’ oh-so-fashionable citizens!
These ladies should have their own runway built for them!
What were your favorite Parisian looks?
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