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ArtShades of Utopia: Heike Weber’s Permanent Marker Art

Who knew Sharpies could look so sweet? Using permanent markers on acrylic paint and vinyl floor, photographer and artist Heike Weber has created these stunning drawing installations in the Villa Wachholtz in Germany. Born in 1962 in Siegen, North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, he has been displaying solo and group exhibitions for the last twenty years.
Here’s how it works:

“The perhaps most fascinating feature of Heike Weber’s work remains hidden from the exhibition visitor: namely the fact that to begin with at least, everything is white, immaculately white. Before the actual drawing act begins, before Heike Weber tackles the site with bright-colored permanent felt markers, the entire room has already been transformed into a three-dimensional sheet of paper.”
I would try to describe what I think of these drawings and how artsy awesome they are, but biographer Martin Engler already said it way better than I ever can: 
“With her unerringly orchestrated spatial creations between Minimal Art and the Baroque, between all-over and white cube , Heike Weber establishes a moment of performative dynamization: she circles around her picture plane – half minimalist hallucination, half a slow-motion Pollock – and simultaneously incites the picture plane to circle around the viewer.”
Hmmm…my wall is starting to look very bare right about now…
(Quote and info from Heike Weber. Pics from Bumbumbum.)