FashionTrend Alert: Neon Brights!


Go Bright or Go Home!
I don’t think I’ve worn a single piece of neon anything since the ’80s, and yet a neon pink skirt has already crept into my closet in the anticipation of warmer weather and brighter days to come. It’s not that I feel like I’m being forced into the ebb and flow of this year’s trends, though, something in me is just ready to revisit those fluorescent flourishes of my youth.
If we take a peek at the spring 2011 runways, we’ll see the reemergence of neon throughout the whole of Christopher Kane, and neon yellow popped up in a single item for Lanvin. The rest is history, or should I say, history in the making.
Lanvin had a single piece of neon in their spring 2011 fashion show.
A single neon color-pop is a great way to test the waters.

BeautyDaytime Bronze Eyes with Pop Beauty

Here at Lulus, we are obsessed with makeup and beauty and we are always looking for a new technique or a favorite product. After we partnered up with Pop Beauty for our recent Fashion Week event, Style Studio, they sent over some awesome products for us! One of the products was a pretty and versatile palette; their Lid Bronzer. I am always looking for products that give me a finished and easy look for daytime and this palette was just perfect for creating a soft look.


Inside the palette there are these super handy instructions on how to achieve this easy and beautiful daytime bronzed look, which they titled “Pop Honeycomb Smoke”. I applied the shadow on Grace and her brown eyes were instantly brought out by the soft, violet-y browns and light pink highlights!

I love this look because it adds definition to her eyes without looking over the top. I paired her look with a soft berry shade on her lips and made sure that it was blotted to look really natural. You want to keep the eyes as the focus.

Have you tried Pop Beauty? What are your favorite products?

ArtThe Heidelberg Project

Frustrated with the run-down, abandoned neighborhoods that plague the streets of Detroit, artist Tyree Guyton decided to do something about it. The Heidelberg Project is two city blocks-worth of artwork, mainly from found objects, that has taken back a street full of empty lots and burned out houses. 26 years later, the project lives on.
“The Heidelberg Project offers a forum for ideas, a seed of hope, and a bright vision for the future. It’s about taking a stand to save forgotten neighborhoods. It’s about helping people think outside the box and it’s about offering solutions. It’s about healing communities through art – and it’s working!

“The HP works with neighborhood children to educate them on art, community and environment. These children walk to school past burned-out houses, rubble, debris, crime and decay. Our purpose is to offer them another view, another perspective – to positively change the environment the children see every day. In the process, we help build self-esteem, encourage cooperation and foster a sense of pride in their community.”

(Images courtesy of The Heidelberg Project & Urban Ghosts)

FashionHaruki Murakami Book Covers vs. Street Fashion

They say to never judge a book by its cover, but it’s hard not to want to reach for a book with a pretty cover. This is why I’ve found myself reading much of Haruki Murakami’s books. The covers, created by artist John Gall, are inspiring and match up perfectly with the surrealness of each story line, but I never thought the book covers could inspire an outfit!
Fashion blogger Sera Hur paired Murakami covers with a photograph from street style photographer The Sartorialist (a blog you should know about if you don’t already). Each outfit is meant to mirror the colors, tones, and mood of each book. Check them out!
Loving the colors!
Feeling inspired yet? What book covers would you draw style inspiration from?
(All photos courtesy of

CelebrityCharmed by Audrey: Life on the Set of Sabrina

If any of you have seen the 1954 Oscar-winning film Sabrina, you’ll know that Audrey Hepburn was her ever-timeless, beautiful self all throughout the film. When I stumbled upon this incredible stash of behind-the-scenes shots by photographer Mark Shaw, I thought, “Oh – maybe we’ll see what magic movie star looks like when they’re having a bad hair day.” Sadly, it’s not the case. I don’t think Miss Hepburn could have a bad day if she tried. 
Entitled Charmed by Audrey, these photos were originally shot for a feature in Life magazine to capture all her daily movements, from hair-washing to acting to studying her script. Surprisingly, most of the originals were lost for over fifty years and it wasn’t until 2008 that Shaw’s first wife found them hidden away in dusty boxes and had them published. I just love these pictures! Her mega-watt smile literally lights up everyone, and they give us some really neat insight to the Hollywood of the Golden Era. 
Thank goodness for inquisitive women! Enjoy!
Who knew superstars washed their own cars?!
I’m kinda diggin’ the flamingo bedspread in the background!
 Want more? Check out additional pictures from the collection here!
(Pics courtesy of China Daily.)