FashionTrend Alert: The Rise of the Midi Skirt

High, low, up, down, minis, maxis . . . can’t make up your mind?
Well, now you don’t have to because mid-length skirts and dresses (called Midis) are on the rise. Ranging from just above the knee to mid-calf, this length offers a little more coverage, but is the most versatile length from season-to-season. With tights or socks in the winter and stripped down with sandals for the summer, I can’t imagine a more compromising look. We’ve spotted them on nearly every fashion blog, and we’ve even been spotting them here in the warehouse, so it’s time for YOU to check out some of these hot Midi looks!


FashionBlogger Spotlight: Ariel of Faintly Masculine

Ariel, of Faintly Masculine, is this week’s obsession here at! This Blogger Spotlight was an obvious choice! Perfect menswear inspired looks, great accessories and the hair I only can wish for, Ariel’s blog is pretty much the best thing I have seen lately! Take a look below for my favorite photos from her blog!

Love this tough jacket and winter layers done right!

Printed blazer and colorful jeans= A+

It’s all in the details! Love the stacked jewelry and colorblocking. I am also obsessed with her print mixing! Fearless and fun, can’t wait to try it myself!

Edgy, dark color palette is perfectly offset with splashes of pink and red.

More awesome print mixing and slick menswear inspired pieces!
Make sure to visit Ariel’s blog, Faintly Masculine, for more awesome looks and to say hello!
Do you wear menswear inspired looks?

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FashionDream World: Costume Design by Eiko Ishioka

As a visual artist whose career spans several fields, Eiko Ishioka has created some of the most remarkable costumes of our time. Ishioka’s long list of credits includes an Academy Award in Costume Design for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, designs for the musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, and the costume design for the opening ceremony for 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. She even designed costumes for Grace Jones and directed Bjork’s Cocoon video
What Ishioka is best known for are her many contributions to movies, including the recently released Mirror Mirror. Unfortunately, Ishioka recently passed away in January, but her fantastic work continues to live on through film. So let’s take a look at some of her best moments on the big screen.
Mirror Mirror just hit movie theaters and the costumes are spectacular and over the top. All things we love about Ishioka!
The Fall is definitely one of the most visually stunning movies—with a great story to boot! The headdresses are my favorite. 
Eiko Ishioka really made herself known as the queen of dark costumes when she lent her work to Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’.  
The Cell, starring Jennifer Lopez, would not have looked as amazing as it did without Ishioka. The headpiece resembled a cross between a rigid neck brace and a forbidding bird cage. 

Want to learn more about Ishioka’s work? Learn more
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GeneralInterior Motives: How To Decorate Antique Eclectic

This week I’m celebrating my favorite style of interior design, Antique Eclectic, where vintage furniture and knick-knacks are mixed with modern pieces, and textures and color abound. One of the best things about this style is you can do it on a budget. Second-hand pieces can be brought to their full glory, and if you are at all crafty, you’ll have fun repainting furniture or making your own throw pillows or curtains.


Pick a Color, Any Color: Like any space, you’ll want to start by picking a color that is interesting but not overwhelming for you. You can take inspiration from a piece of art or decor that you already own. Below is a great example of working around an aqua blue. The color shows up on an accent wall, as well is in the painting, vase and throw pillows.

Create Space: You’ll want to start by adding interesting shelves and tables in solid colors. Feel free to choose interesting colors that tie into the room, maybe mint, red or cream. If you’re not sure, brown or white is a perfectly acceptable and neutral way to begin.
Containers and Trays: Now that you’ve got the big surfaces taken care of, you can start filling them in. Vintage apothecary jars and painted trays are great for storage as well as “layering” the eclectic appeal of your space.
Add a Granny Square!: Use the vintage color palettes in your favorite afghan to pull out other colors in your space, and don’t forget to add plenty of throw pillows!