CelebrityBattleship: Will You Go See It?


Normally, I avoid action and adventure movies like the plague. I am unashamedly a lover of comedy and chick flicks, and I’m totally okay with that. However, exceptions can be made when there are super hot guys in said action and adventure movies, and the upcoming Battleship has not only yummy Taylor Kitsch (you might know him from Friday Night Lights or X-Men Origins:  Wolverine) but ALSO my all-time favorite vampire Alexander Skarsgard. Nom.
Based loosely on the classic board game Battleship, the movie is basically about a bunch of navy ships who accidentally stumble on an armada of alien ships and machines in the middle of training exercises. The aliens, known as the Regents, are hostile (duh, it’s a sci-fi film), and the rest of the movie is pretty much about everything getting blown to smithereens. 
Watch for yourself:
Also starring Rihanna, complete with her badass shaved haircut, the lovely Brooklyn Decker, and the talented Liam Neeson, this is actually a movie I’m looking forward to seeing. And of course, because I’m a stalker and I can, I decided to see what the actors themselves had to say about the film. The inteviews in the video are pretty hilarious if you’ve got an extra ten minutes. 
Are you sold? The movie comes out May 18th, so find me in the theater! I’ll be the one in the “I Love Eric” t-shirt.

FashionBlogger Spotlight: Rebecca of Thirty-Five Inch Inseam


Rebecca, from the blog Thirty-five Inch Inseam, is our blogger spotlight of the week! Her happy and bright style is undeniably feminine. I love the fun and carefree way she mixes patterns and colors. She is definitely a fan of circle skirts and cardigans and guess what, so are we! Without further ado, here are some of her best looks below!
 Polka dots and stripes are a yes, please!
I love the printed bag with the patterned cardigan. Mustard, cream and brown = perfection.
 I love the vintage inspired goodness of this shot; the ladylike pose, perfect plaid coat and dramatic cat eye frames. 
 Twirling with bows!
A firm believer in puppies making everything right, this photo is a fave! Love the leafy patterned skirt with a bright pop of orange!
Make sure to check out Rebecca’s blog for some girlie and fun fashion!

GeneralGood Eats: Fogcutter

As most of you may know, little ol’ Lulus is based out of Chico, CA, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from San Francisco. So I tend to spend quite a few of my weekends down there visiting friends, going to shows, and above all, eating. I wouldn’t really call myself a foodie, but I do love to eat and one of my favorite places to get some grub in SF is Fogcutter, a torta/brunch truck that is out of this world
Founded by Guillermo Perez, formerly of Matini House and Ame, and Caroline Hummer, former operator of The Chairman Bao food trucks, Fogcutter’s food is influenced by the melting pot of culture that makes San Francisco so great! The ingredients for their tortas are not only inspired by the tastes of Mexico, but also Japan, America, India, Italy, and Vietnam as well.
I went on the weekend (when they serve brunch!), where they were posted up at Proxy on Hayes and Octavia. As I am a vegetarian, I met up with my sister so she could tell us about their meat tortas. Below you can see Caroline chatting it up with one of her customers!
I ended up getting my go-to, The Baker Beach. It consists of tomato-braised butter beans, sauteed chard, white cheddar, and garlic aioli, and I added a fried egg to the mix for $1 extra. The sandwich was warm and savory, with a kick of garlic to give it that extra spice. Adding the fried egg is what really makes this sandwich for me. The yolk complements the rest of the ingredients perfectly.
The fusion of my two favorite foods, Italian and Mexican, will always win a special place in my heart, no matter what. Warning: you will definitely need napkins and be willing to get a little dirty, because these tortas (mine especially) are deliciously messy! Or you can always dig in with a fork and knife.
I’ll let my sister expand on her carnivorous adventures with her Torta Mi:
The Torta Mi is the Fogcutter take on Vietnamese bánh mì– and the perfect sandwich for a warm, late spring morning. I of course gravitate towards pork belly– put that on your menu, and I will order it (I sometimes fancy that I will turn into a pig ala Willow).
The pork was fresh from the grill and savory, tender delicious! A wonderful conterpoint to the savoriness was the crunchy, sweet, tangy, and midly spicy pickles (daikon, carrots, and cucumber). Inviting the perfect about of zest, the lime aioli completed the experience. All-in-all a refreshing sandwich, and optimal for the fantastic turn the Bay Area weather has decided to take these past few weeks. 
An important factor for both me and my sister: the bolillo had the perfect consistency for sandwich bread. Firm, almost crunchy crust and soft inside, but not so fine as to absorb all the sauces and become mush. There’s no greater sandwich turn-off than the bread getting soggy and disintegrating, making it impossible to pick up without a pulpy, drippy mess. Not so here!
We both decided to share the Sour Flour French Toast as a desert after our tortas. I am not a huge sweet person, but the french toast was the perfect conclusion to our meal (plus, my sister“requires” desert). The combination of the sour toast with the rich, buttery homemade whipped cream, and the slightly tart strawberry rhubarb compote, made the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and savory. It was a flavor explosion with every bite.
Besides the delicious food, one of my favorite things about Fogcutter is the amazing illustrations that cover the truck. Done by SF local artist Michael Jeter, he creates a badass scene of a pimp rooster, and mustached pig, and beautiful, SF style houses. 
You can follow Fogcutter on Twitter or their Offical Site to find out where they will be and what they will be serving!


FashionLead Head by Herring & Herring for Kurv Magazine

Photgraphy duo Herring & Herring do brights as they’ve never been done before in this color-packed shoot for Kurv Magazine.




Not gonna lie, I totally want to play paintbrush hair too!

 (Images courtesy of Design Scene)

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