FashionBloggers Do it Better: Stud Edition

Here at Lulus, we love bloggers! Providing us with endless inspiration, bloggers show us how to work the latest trends with their own unique interpretations! It’s like eye candy for the fashion obsessed :) 
Below I have pulled together rad photos of some of the best bloggers out there to show you that whether your style is sweet and girlie, edgy and tough or somewhere in between, there is a studded look just for you!
Alice of AlicePoint
Sick, spiked loafers edge up this look.
Christine of Christeric
Studded jean cut offs are my favorite!
Perfect studded wrap bracelets make a great arm party!
Madeline of Jean Greige
Another way to stud your shorts-just up the sides!
A classic 70s style wooden sole with stud detailing!
Keiko of Keiko Lynn 
 Sweet and feminine with a studded purse to accent the look!
Laura of On the Racks
Amazing stacked and studded bracelets.
Keepin’ it americana with red, white, blue and studs!

FashionStreet Spotlight: Studs, Studs, Studs

Welcome to Day 3 of Stud Week. Didn’t you all just die over Brittany’s DIY: studded shorts? I know I did! Now it’s on to the street style world with this special edition of Street Spotlight. Get stud deep in our favorite stud-ly street style shots below!


DIYDIY: Studded Shorts!

Sometimes it’s easy to get bored with things in our closets, but before you start making a donate pile, consider studding! Studding is such an easy way to spruce up an old item. Almost any item can be studded but the trick is finding the best way to arrange the studs on whatever piece you use. I took this pair of shorts and arranged a pretty pattern of pyramid and heart-shaped studs to give them an edgy look while still keeping the feminine flair.  
Materials needed:
  • Various shapes/sizes of studs
  • Clothing item you’d like to stud (cardi, denim cutoffs, booties, etc.)

Here are some more in depth instructions just in case:
  1. Map out your preferred arrangement of studs on the piece you’re studding and take a photo of it. Use the photo as a guide to make sure that you keep the spacing/pattern consistent throughout the piece. 
  2. Press and attach studs according to your guide. Don’t forget to push the prongs in using a flat, hard tool like the end of a screwdriver or the end of a butter knife to make sure that they don’t poke out. 
Don’t be afraid to get really creative with your stud patterns. You don’t even have to limit yourself to standard pyramid studs. Use heart or star-shaped studs to make your piece extra cute or add spikes for a fierce Gaga-esque look.
Ready to try this DIY? Don’t forget to Instagram your studly creation #studweeklulus so we can check it out!

CelebrityHow Do We Like Our Muffins? Super Studded!

We’re all about rockin’ the studs on our duds, but who doesn’t love to sprinkle a few studmuffins into the mix? And because this summer is all about the superhero blockbuster, I’ve picked a few of the most superb, super-powered studmuffins for your viewing pleasure. So, ogle away! (And, for any comic book afficionados out there, for the sake of super simplicity, this list includes crime fighters, gods, aliens, and any other subcategory of “heroes” we may like to argue against).

The Good Ol’ Boys: They’re hunks. They fight for good, while looking good. Himbos….

Sensitive Genius Type: More substance than your average superhero studmuffin, and more IQ points too (but you wouldn’t like Bruce when he gets angry…).

Billionaire Playboy Genius: Hes got the brain, the brawn, and the big bucks!

Bad Boys: ‘Cause at the end of the day, Magneto is the baddest of the bad, Wolverine is the baddest of the good, and they’re both, hands down, the hunkiest of the hunks.
Now, shall we all go practice our damsel in distress acts?
(Images courtesy of Marvel, DC Comics)

FashionStyle Votebook: Studs vs. Sequins

It’s a battle of the embellishments today as we roll into the second day of Stud Week here at! Now I know we’re showcasing our studly little friends, but don’t let that sway your vote when it comes to your favorite froufrou. From embellished collars, to shoes, jackets or shorts, both studs and sequins can be a girl’s best friend, so show some love and vote for your favs!
(images courtesy of and stylesight)
So what’s it gonna be: Studs or Sequins?
Write your vote in the comments below!!!!