ContestsName the Dress Contest#108!

The contest has ended. Be sure to enter again next week!

Winning Dress Name: Frilled to Be Here

Winner: Allison

FashionFashion Legends: The Emma Block Style Icon Series


I am pretty sure it’s impossible to be more darling than these adorable drawings. Created by London-based freelance artist Emma Block, who “is inspired by the people she meets in her everyday life, old photos, vintage clothes, travel, 1950s illustration and 1930s jazz,” these renditions of famous fashion legends highlight signature looks and styles that remain iconic even today. Starring even the Queen herself, this series, entitled the Style Icon Series, is just begging to be hanging in my dream boudoir (but my bathroom will do for now!)
Learn more about this talented Brit on her website, or head on over to her Etsy site to buy a print for yourself!
 (Pics courtesy of Emma Block Illustration and Trend Hunter. Quote courtesy of Emma Block.)

FashionGet in The Mix Event with Shout PR!

Last week, in beautiful and sunny Orange County, we met up with our friends at Shout PR for a blogger event full of fashion, fun and DIY! The event was held at the OC Mart Mix, which is an amazing showcase of vendors selling everything from trendy clothing and handmade jewelry, to gelato and artisan coffee. Shout PR put together a truly lovely evening of crafts and DIY’s, snacks and drinks, along with fashion and giveaways all for the area’s fashion bloggers to mingle and have a blast!
Lulus booth all set up and ready to give away some goodies!
Pretty clothes and prettier ladies! At the infamous spinning wheel, there are many prizes to be won!
Delicious macarons and tasty vegan cupcakes. 
Crafting bracelets and Peter Pan collars at the DIY stations!
Having a blast and looking cute while doing it! 
Will we see you at the next blogger event?

BeautyHow to Fill in Eyebrows: Two Looks! Eyebrow Tutorial

eyebrow tutorial
Eyebrow Tutorial
They say that the eyebrows frame the face, so even if you don’t have thin or over-plucked eyebrows, a little fill-in can go a long way!
Our models Kennedy and Grace have naturally stunning eyebrows, but nothing gives them a nicely defined “pop” on camera better than a bright lip and slightly darkened brows. To give you a better idea of the possibilities, we’ve created a nice arch on Kennedy, and have a done a simple fill-in on Grace that follows her natural brow lines. Our toolkit included the Brow Artiste Palette by Youngblood in Brunette, which actually works on ALL our models! The kit includes two shades of powder, a wax, a brow brush with spoolie end, and tweezers.

BeautyManicure Monday: Splatter Nails with Syl and Sam


Hey ladies, happy Monday! One thing we love about nail art is that there are so many new techniques to learn all the time. If you stop thinking of nail polish in those little applicator bottles and start thinking of it as “paint” there’s endless ways to put it on! This week we test out using drinking straws to get a splattered look. The fun part is that it’s different looking every time & it’s really easy to do. So check  it out & learn how to make your own Jackson Pollock on your nails this week :)

Here’s the look we’re going for:

What you’ll need:
– a base colour (we used grey)
– two splatter colours (we used neon pink and green)
– a top coat
– a straw
– some tape

Start with a few coats of your base colour. Make sure that it’s completely dry before continuing.

Snip your straws into a more manageable length. You’ll need one per colour that you’ll be splattering.

Then take three individual pieces of tape and cover your finger, taping as close as possible to the nail edges.

Do the same to all of your nails!

Now, drop some nail polish onto a flat surface covered with some scrap paper. Then dip in your straw!

Put the straw to your mouth & blow quickly to “splash” some colour onto your nail. 

Dip your straw & repeat with all fingers until you get enough coverage.

Do the same with your next colour! Drop & dip & blow!

Repeat on all nails again until you’re happy with the distribution of colours :)

Then carefully peel off all of the tape. This should have protected your fingers from all the excess nail polish flinging around!

Just top coat & you’re done! Choose your own summer colours & splash them on!