Need a little weekend inspiration? Me too! Luckily, I was super excited to find the prints and paintings of Ashley Goldberg! With saturated colors and moody expressions, her simple yet stunning work is sure to be the centerpiece in a room or collection. This Portland-based artist has been drawing and painting since a child and feels as though she is creating new friends with each piece. Her imagination shines through in her work, mirroring yet altering human emotion and expression. With a shop on Etsy, you can shop and check out some of the captivating works below.


Two of my favorites, shown above, make you wonder what these little friends are thinking. Their eyes seem full of stories worth telling! 

 I absolutely love the detail in the bear print and the warm browns with an accent of red. The turquoise and red combination, above, are simply captivating and draw you in, making you wonder what ails this poor child.

 The above print reminds me of souls traveling to a better place, safely enclosed in a cloud of pink warmth.

Named Gaggle of Girls, the above print seems to capture the jovial moment where you see dozens of children on a fieldtrip. All wearing matching bandanas or tee shirts and lead by their teachers, you can always catch the joy the children feel being out and about at a young age. I love this for reminding me of those funny moments.

Make sure to check out Ashley’s fabulous shop and show some love! At around only $20 a print, we can all make her beautiful artwork part of our lives. If you’re anything like me, this artist will inspire you to start a collection devoted to “new friends”!