Need some cheer to brighten up your Monday? Don’t worry because I have some eye candy for you! Time for another round of my blog favorites! Meet Kelty, the artistic genius behind Steep Street, her site showcasing her multitude of talents! This “Jill-of-all trades” has many tricks up her sleeve including amazing photography, web design as well as printed goodies like books and stationary. She has many brilliantly shot photos including weddings, couples, portraits and famillies. While all her beautiful shots are breathtaking, my favorite are a weekly series called T.G.I.H. These are fun and fancy photoshoots where Kelty and her twin sister, Hannah, get together to create to perfect shots.

Hannah’s fiery, red hair and porcelain skin add the perfect edge to every photo while Kelty’s talented eye frames each photo brilliantly. Hannah is a chameleon of sorts and is able to play so many different, magical characters.


Make sure to check out this site! You can enjoy some beautiful imagery and appreciate the talent of the lovely Kelty! Also, make sure to visit her Etsy shop for some handmade goodies.  Next time you are in need of an amazing photographer in the Boston area, this is your girl!

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